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4 Month Strength Training Program

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Who Else Wants To Make 2012 YOUR YEAR For Strength and Power?

“Get the All-Round Physical Development You’ve Always Wanted With This BRAND NEW Strength Training Program"

Dear Reader,

Physical strength can mean different things to different people – and take a number of different forms.

Which is why athletes and gym goers are so often disappointed with the results of their weight-training efforts.

Take these three simple scenarios: lifting a 50kg weight above your head, completing 50 reps with half that weight, or jumping as high as you can holding a 25kg weight in each hand. Each of them requires a very different type of strength – even though the same amount of weight is involved in each activity.

But athletes and coaches sometimes often overlook this fundamental point when training for strength and power. Equally, regular gym goers (and their trainers) don’t always have the specific training knowledge they need to systematically develop the strength and power they wish to have.

So they spend weeks, even months, lifting weights – with little to show for all that serious effort.

Just ask yourself:

  • Do you know which is the correct muscle fibre to target in the gym – and how to do so, exercise by exercise, for maximum effect? (Most strength training is done much the same way throughout an entire workout, with little regard to the different ways to train each muscle group depending on your strength training or competition objectives)
  • How familiar are you with the full range of different weight training systems – and when it’s best to use them? (Or do you rely much of the time on ‘simple sets’, with perhaps the occasional ‘split set’ routine for variation?)

Crucially, even if you do have some of this information, how expert are you at blending together all the necessary training ingredients into a systematic and progressive program that really works?

For example, would you know how to harness the body’s natural daily hormone production – no supplements required here! – to boost your weight training efforts.

This single training ‘secret’ can work wonders for your physique – and your muscular strength – if only it were more widely known.

It’s just one of the training ‘tricks’ we can show you, if you read on...

That’s why I asked John Shepherd – a former UK international athlete and regular contributor to Peak Performance – to construct a 4-month strength training program for our athletes to use. A program that gives you all the information you need to gain lasting muscle and strength – steadily, safely and without injury.

In this BRAND NEW ‘4-Month Strength Training Program’ we identify the different types of strength – and explain the best ways of developing them while – crucially – referencing these to your body type (because not everyone will respond to weight training in the same way). We also provide information on training systems, training variables and consider different strength training systems. Finally, we supply you with a 4 month training program that will develop your strength.

All you need do is follow the programs and complete the exercises (of which detailed descriptions and photographs of each are provided), and you’ll end up with a body that is balanced, stronger in every sense of the term and able to handle pretty much whatever is thrown at it.

NB: this is not a body building program, rather its aim is to develop all-round strength. At the end of the program you’ll very easily be able to direct that strength (and exercise and weight training system familiarity) into sports performance, outdoor pursuits or even bodybuilding, should you wish.

You’ll also have a considerable amount of knowledge that will enable you to construct your own training programs.

There’s a specific training goal each month to keep you on track, and all the information you need to complete the workouts is provided. So whether you’re an athlete or a coach, you’ll find the Peak Performance ‘4-Month Strength Training Program’ maximises your understanding weight training and conditioning, so you can build all-round muscle and strength – whatever your particular event.

What sets our strength training information apart from the rest – including all the ‘freebie’ stuff you’ll find on the internet? Simply this – our training advice is PROVEN to work, because it’s based on the very latest sports scientific thinking.

Our track record of helping athletes achieve their best goes back over twenty years. Because since 1990 we’ve been taking the very latest sports science research, as soon as it is published in peer-reviewed academic journals, turning it into plain English, and sharing it with our many thousands of Peak Performance members worldwide.

That’s why you can be sure every word of the Peak Performance ‘4-Month Strength Training Program’ program rests on a solid, proven scientific foundation – and that it’s safe for you to use.

The program carefully weaves together a number of advanced weight training strategies into a unique, 4-month program which will give you all-round strength development that makes you the envy of your friends...

The Peak Performance ‘4-Month Strength Training Program’ is available to you as a PDF download, so you can start putting the ideas it contains into practice within just 24 hours. So why not order your copy right away.

Where else can you find such reliable, cutting-edge advice in one place – all of it based on the very latest sports science research?

Get your copy of the Peak Performance ‘4-Month Strength Training Program’ TODAY What’s more, you’ve got 30 days in the convenience of your own home or sports club to decide whether or not you want to keep the program or return it for a full refund.

Make sure you order your copy TODAY.

Yours sincerely,


Jonathan Pye
Publisher, Peak Performance

About the Author

You can be sure every page of the Peak Performance ‘4-Month Strength Training Program’ is packed with high-level, practical information you can put to use right away because it’s written by John Shepherd – a former international athlete who competed for Great Britain.

He is the author of 8 books, including ‘101 Athletic Drills for Young People’ and ‘The Complete Guide to Sports Training’, and a long-standing contributor to Peak Performance.

John speaks from personal experience of elite level sports training and competition – he’s no ‘armchair expert’. Indeed, he coaches elite athletes across the UK – but right now you have the opportunity to access his expertise for a fraction of what you’d pay for just one morning of coaching input from him.

Building Strength Successfully – What You Need to Know Before You Start Training

Too many weight trainers seem to think that enthusiasm alone will get them results, when what they need is a greater understanding of what really works... and what doesn’t...

It’s simply not enough simply to hit the gym several times and week and start lifting weights. You need to know what to do, when – and, most importantly, why.

Which is why we devote the first part of the ‘4-Month Strength Training Program’ to giving you a concise, yet informative overview of the new science behind gaining muscle and strength.

So now you’ll be able to train smarter, not just harder – and get the weight-training results you deserve.

Here’s a taster of what you’ll find out:

  • What are the 4 different ‘types’ of strength – and how do you train differently for each one of them
  • How your body type (known as your somatotype) fundamentally influences what kind of training you should be doing (NB: this is very different from your body shape)
  • How to use the 13 different kinds of weight training ‘systems’ to get the maximum results from your hours of effort in the gym
  • How to target the right muscle fibre types, so that you get the appropriate physiological response during and after training
  • How to combine the six different training ‘variables’ so that your training program delivers the results you want
  • Knowing how to choose the appropriate exercises for you (there are literally hundreds of exercises to choose from... but most athletes and gym goers use only a tiny fraction of them) and what order in which to do them for maximum impact
  • Knowing what weight to lift – how much is right for you? (Too much weight and you’ll break down muscle... or get injured; too little weight, and your progress will be slow and difficult)
  • What you need to do to get your brain in ‘synch’ with your muscles (and boost your results accordingly!)
  • What speed to lift and lower the weight – this is a weight training ‘trick’ that can make a considerable difference to your performance on the day... and your subsequent muscle growth.

Our 4-month program weaves together several different weight-training systems – each of which is fully described in this section – to maximum effect.

So by the end of this section, you’ll have all the underlying knowledge about weight-training that you need to get the very best out of the exercise program itself.

It’s a veritable ‘Master Class’ in strength training!

How the ’4-Month Strength Training Program’ Works For You – Month by Month

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty: the step-by-step, week-by-week training program that contains everything you need to know to get the muscle strength and size you want – and without injury.

The previous section of our ' 4-Month Strength Training Program’ gave you the necessary understanding of how to get the best out of your time and effort in the gym. Now it’s time to take a close look at each monthly routine.

Each of your four 1-month programs outlines your training on a week-by-week basis, for example telling you how much weight to lift and which weight-lifting system to use. Descriptions and photographs of the exercises in the program then follow. (If you are completely new to strength training then we recommend that you add a further 2 weeks of the training to month 1.)

NB: While repetitions, sets and loadings (the latter as a percentage of 1 RM) are provided, these should not be viewed as prescriptive. It is important that you increase weights and reps to suit your strengths and weaknesses and your progression and even how you feel on a particular day. As has been indicated, for example, in the body types section – not everyone will respond to training in the same way. Thus where possible you should endeavour to refine the workouts in regard to your body type, adaptation to the stimulus and progression.

Warm up and cool down

To ensure maximum training adaption and recovery, and minimum chance of injury, be sure to properly warm up and cool down each session, as follows:

Warm up with some light CV activity (5min) before performing some functional exercises for all body parts, such as marching on the spot, travelling lunges, calf raises and squats. Then perform a light set of each weights exercise you are going to perform prior to performing the designated workout – go for 8-12 good paced reps.

Cool down after your workout with some further gentle CV work 3-5min and then perform some held stretches for all body parts to prevent muscle shortening and aid recovery.

So, here you have it. All the weight training information you need to build significant all-round strength in the next 4 months. And the full program is ready for you to access in the next 24 hours – once you’ve made your order.

Be sure to make 2012 the year in which you make the significant strength you’ve always wanted. Get your copy of the Peak Performance ‘4-Month Strength Training Program’ TODAY!

To order your copy, simply go to our secure site, which is administered and guaranteed by Worldpay, and enter your details.

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Price: $29.99
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