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Action Hero Body Program

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“Now You Can Transform Your Body From ‘Flab’ To ‘Fab’ Thanks To The Action Hero Body Program, Your Ideal Fat-Burning Muscle-Gain Guide That:

  • Is Safe, Pain-Free And Easy To Use
  • Burns Off Excess Fat Like Butter In A Microwave
  • Helps You Bulk Up To A Toned, Muscled, Granite-Hard Action Hero Body In 4 Months – Or It’s FREE…

Read Below For Full Details…

It’s the question on the lips of everyone who wants to “bulk up” quickly, whatever their weight or level of fitness:

“How DO those skinny/bloated Hollywood actors suddenly transform their bodies within a few months to get in shape for their next Action Hero movie?”

You don’t have to look any further than the screen of your local cinema multiplex to find plenty of examples:

Robert Downey Jr piling on the muscle for his role in The Avengers

Will Smith – who put on 35 pounds of muscle for the boxing movie Ali

Christian Bale for Batman

Ryan Reynolds in Blade: Trinity

Chris Evans as Captain America

Even Charlie Sheen – better known for more ‘unsportsmanlike’ activities -managed to bulk up to a muscle bound Rambo lookalike for the spoof comedy Hot Shots Part Deux.

So how can they manage to do it so quickly?

As the saying goes ‘money talks’, and a $4 million dollar movie contract certainly helps pay for a crack team of celebrity personal trainers, dieticians and luxury gyms.

But even with the best personal trainers and dieticians money can buy, bulking up with the right kind of musculature is ultimately down to hard work, and following expert training and nutritional advice.

And you want this information NOW…

So How Can You Get An Action Hero Body, Just Like The Hollywood Superstars?

Faced with this dilemma, and desperate to gain muscles in all the right places, the majority of people grope for the latest quick fix solution.

It might be some sort of ‘miracle’ diet, or manic exercise routines including unstructured exercise programs, hoping to bulk up quickly.

Sadly for them, these quick fix systems are as ridiculous as they are dangerous, and not providing you with the best results..

Plus (and this is the crucial part)…

They tell you next to nothing about how to combine diet with effective workout and training programs for developing bigger and better defined muscles.

As the saying goes: "weight training is good for burning fat, but Action Hero bodies are made in the kitchen."

So where can you find proven, effective muscle-building information (as well as the effective nutrition plans to go with them) from a proven expert, to turn you from?

Someone who doesn’t ‘cut corners’ with injections and harmful drugs, but provides the strategies and techniques you can implement into your daily life, information provided in a simple to follow format ideal for all ability levels – at a price anyone can afford.

Fortunately, there’s now a reliable source of proven, practical and pain-free tips, techniques and advice you can use to tone up, build muscle and develop training programs which help you look fitter, healthier and younger in just a few months – just like Arnie in his prime, Robert Downey Jr and all the other Hollywood hunks and action heroes..

And it’s called The Action Hero Body Program

About The Action Hero Body Program Your Fast-Track To An Action Hero Body

The Action Hero Body Program is a structured 4-month plan, which uses both evidence-based Sports Science knowledge and proven, practical workout routines.

Written in simple to follow layman's terms by highly-respected sports trainer nutrition expert Patrick Dale, the program designed to develop and maintain bigger chest, back, shoulder, arm and leg muscles: the key muscle groups to help you achieve that bulked-up, ripped ‘Action Hero’ look.

The Action Hero Body Program is based on proven workouts packages (as used by Hollywood stars), and includes warm-ups, stretches, cool downs and the nutritional advice you’ll ever need to help carve out granite-muscle abdominals.

All thanks to Patrick’s expert knowledge.

After all, he works with elite sports teams, top-level athletes and private clients, and over the next 16 weeks will be your very own ‘A-List Hollywood trainer’.

He’ll show you exactly what to do to sculpt your own Brad Pitt body or Jessica Biel body.

He also reveals the secrets of attaining blockbuster biceps and pecs fit for a premiere on the Red Carpet, or an all-action scene in their latest box office hit.

It's the ideal program for people of all shapes and sizes looking to emulate the muscle-bound bodies of their favourite Hollywood stars.

About Patrick Dale, Co-Author The Action Hero Body Program

After studying physical education in college, Patrick Dale worked as a gym instructor and aerobics class teacher before quickly progressing to facility management.

He served in the Royal Marines for five years, during which time he saw active duty worldwide.

Patrick now runs Solar Fitness Qualifications, a company which provides courses for those wishing to become personal trainers and gym instructors.

Patrick competes in a wide variety of activities including athletics, rugby, rock climbing, weightlifting, bodybuilding, triathlon, martial arts, trampolining and gymnastics.

His main areas of interests are strength and conditioning for improved sports performance, nutrition, fitness psychology and weight management as well as family health and fitness.

Design The Kind Of Body YOU Want – WHEN You Want It…

Patrick also helps you understand the physiology of your body, so you can maximise your muscle-building program (and do it faster), and everything is explained in practical terms, so that each exercise program can be incorporated into your daily life.

There are more than 80 photos included in the program, both to illustrate the exercises and show you what your new body will look like in just a short time.

The Action Hero Body Program also includes extended sections on the crucial yet often overlooked area of nutrition – feeding your body the right foods at the right time to get the right body and muscles.

You’ll even receive daily, weekly and monthly meal plans, with full details of what to eat and when, as well as the muscle-wasting foods to avoid at all costs.

The Action Hero Body Program: Ideal For Men AND Women…

But this program isn’t just a ‘boy’s-only club’. Far from it.

If you’re a woman who wants to lose excess weight and add lean muscle in all the right places – but haven’t been able to - then The Action Hero Body Program could be the answer to your prayers.

You could want more muscle tone for sport, action, or just to look great on a night out or at the beach.


Or maybe you want to look like your favourite fermale Movie Star, perhaps someone like Angelina Jolie, star of blockbuster action-film roles in movies like "Tomb Raider" and the 2008 action-flick ‘Wanted", and is now known for her lean, sculpted figure.

There is one ‘catch’ though…

We can't do the hard work for you, but we can give you all the expert advice you’ll ever need to ramp up your muscle gains safely and naturally.

One thing is certain though: when you follow Patrick’s training program, you’ll soon transform yourself from a Z-list hump to a true A-list hunk.

Here’s What Else You’ll Discover In The Action Hero Body Program

There are several key parts to The Action Hero Body Program, each designed to complement the others to help you build well-defined ‘Action Hero’ muscles in just 16 weeks…

Effective Warm-ups – how to get started like the stars

  • On page 6 you’ll discover the golden rule of warming up (this could save you weeks or even months of time off training due to injury, so pay close attention…)


  • You’ll also find out about the 3-stage ‘how to warm up properly’ routine you can use for maximum progress in minimum time (all is revealed – including the little-known ‘insider’ training techniques the top trainers use - on pages 6-7)

Cool downs (so your muscles aren’t harmed after work-outs)

  • The right – and wrong – ways to cool down properly (you’ve done the hardest work in the workout proper, but now it’s time to stop – properly. Check out pages 7-8 for the two top strategies you should use for the ultimate cool-down – you’ll probably guess what one is, but NOT the other…)

Stretching (to eliminate your risk of injuries)

The best, most effective ways to vary your stretches for:

  • Warm-ups
  • Cool downs

If you think that all stretching exercises are the same, then think again. There’s a huge difference between warm-up and cool down stretches (and you risk serious injury if you mix the two).

On pages 8-9, you’ll receive the ‘Magnificent Seven Stretching Secrets’ guaranteed to keep you fighting fit, injury free and ready for action (the best part – you don’t need any expensive equipment or lots of time to make these work for you).

Once you know how to warm up and cool down, it’s time to move on to your 16 week Action Hero Training Programme

PART ONE: Weeks 1-4: The Belly-Busting Bootcamp Break-in program

Your ultimate success depends on building a solid foundation of fitness. That’s why this initial four-week period is designed to prepare your body so you are better able to reach new peaks on performance and appearance.

It’s absolutely vital you follow Part One exactly as written, even if you think you’re fit.

  • Which is why – on pages 10-11 – you get a full breakdown of your first four weeks of training, including:
    Which programs to follow (and when)
    The two types of cardio training to use (on which days of the week)
    The optimum rest periods (to reinforce your fitness foundation fast)


  • Plus, details of each exercise program (the reps, the sets, the recovery period and the training system – you get it ALL on page 11)


  • The progress you should you be making in these first four weeks (and the ONE key factor to make sure it remains constant – details on page 12)


  • How much CARDIO should you include in your initial workouts? (the answer on pages 16-17 may surprise you…), and much, much more…

PART TWO: Weeks 5-8: The C-list program – from start to intermediate gains

Congratulations! You’ve finished the first four weeks of your Action Hero program training.

Now it’s time to build on your initial work, and start to gain muscle mass, develop good exercise habits and widen that all-important base on which the final two parts of the programmes will be built.

  • On page 18 you’ll see exactly how to catapult your muscle growth (and the 10 key factors which guarantee you do this quickly)
  • You also get a full series of workouts designed to increase your anaerobic capacity and keep you lean. (on pages 18-20, INCLUDING:

    The two upper and two lower-body exercise programs to build on your foundation work in weeks 1-4 (PLUS: the sets, reps and recovery times)
    The 5x5 pyramid (a real killer, designed to make you look ‘ripped’ fast)
    The three types of ‘sets’ to use (for massive muscle-building gains…)
    The infamous ‘Finisher’ training system (not for the faint-hearted but well worth it!)

  • The shocking truth about AEROBIC EXERCISE and muscle-building (this flies in the face of conventional muscle-building wisdom, and you’ll see why on page 18), and much more…


  • All the squats, curls, leg raises and lower-body exercises you’ll ever need to get that ripped, muscle-bound look you deserve (everything explained on pages 19-20)


  • The ‘CW’ and amazing ‘HS’ exercises used by world-class athletes and muscle-building actors (these workouts are guaranteed to develop your legs AND lungs so pay close attention on page 27…), and much, much more…

PART THREE: Weeks 9-12: The B-list program – Your Hollywood Action Hero body just around the corner

You’ve shed plenty of fat in Part One… You’ve built the foundations of your Action Hero Body in Part Two. Now it’s time to really get going and reap the rewards of the last eight weeks, as you transform your ‘C’ list body into a ‘B’ list – and beyond…

In this third four-week training block, you’ll discover the insider secrets of how to combine muscle and strength building exercises, with a fat-stripping muscular endurance building circuit in a unique ground-breaking workout style known to insiders as ‘CPT’

As well as ticking multiple fitness boxes, this workout is also great fun. Why? Simple, because you hardly ever have to repeat a workout, which means the workouts remain fresh and interesting.

  • On page 28 you get full details of the ‘Fantastic Four’ key exercises which provide the ultimate ‘bang for your buck’ for developing practical full-body strength (just like the bulked-up Hollywood stars you see at your local multiplex…)


  • The two types of ‘mini-circuit’ workouts which tick all the right fitness and muscle-building boxes [INCLUDES: details of all the exercises, sets, reps and the all-important recovery times to lock in your muscle gains every time you work out – page 29].


  • The infamous – yet highly-effective - “Finisher” exercise programs designed to catapult your full-body muscle fitness and strength (PLUS: what they include, when to use them and why they’re so effective – page 29)


  • The high-powered mini-exercises series designed to ‘pep you up’ 100% naturally and safely (these are great for working all the core muscle-groups, including:
    Chin-ups and pull-ups
    Bench and shoulder presses
    Deadlifts, and much more… (pages 30-32)

  • Five highly-effective cardio workouts to choose from to boost your muscle growth still further (The good news? You can do most of them in 20 minutes or less, and the results are fantastic…(page 33)
  • Your easy-to-follow weekly workout guide (when to work, rest and gym for maximum muscle-growth is all explained in a simple table on page 33), and much, much more…

PART FOUR: Weeks 13-16: In the ‘big’ league: your brand new A-list Action Hero Body

You’ve lost your ‘puppy fat’ in weeks 1-4…

You’ve build a solid muscle foundation in your C-list programme in weeks 5-8…

You’ve even got through the intermediate ‘B’ list program in weeks 9-12, and are starting to bulk up nicely and look the part…

This final block of training is all about developing lots of ‘go’ (stamina) to add to your 12-weeks worth of recently acquired ‘show’ (added muscle). By the end of this four-week period, you won’t just look like an action hero – you’ll perform like one too.

In addition to improving your physical performance, this program is designed to help you lose body fat so you look as lean (and mean) as possible.

No two ways about it: it’s going to be a tough month of training, but as the saying goes: “pain is temporary, glory is forever.

This A-list 4-week program includes:

  • Full details of the three contrast superset training systems you can user to develop explosive muscle power fast (just like superstar Hollywood actors – all on pages 34-35 - plus details of:
    18 different exercises (and how to combine them for best effect)
    How and when to use these sets (and the number of reps to follow)
    The all-important recovery times you need between each set of exercises (this is vital for you to make progress, so pay close attention)

  • UNCOVERED: The Hollywood A-list exercises essential for building your strength in (workouts plan on pages 35-39) including:
    Your muscles in the lower body especially the hamstrings and glutes
    The entire lower body especially hips and hamstrings
    The deltoids and triceps
    The upper back, lower back, biceps, glutes, and hamstrings
    And much more…


  • Patrick’s breakthrough Cardio ab-training workouts (a real eye-opener – and one to sort the men and women from the boys and girls, these ‘short sharp shocks’ are designed to melt fat from your body like butter in a microwave, and develop those all-important core muscles Find out what you need to make them work for you on pages 40-44…)

Nutrition: The All-Important Fuel For Your New Muscles

It’s all very well crunching, running and working out, but if you don’t fuel your body with the proper nutrition you’ll end up more ‘Weedy Dud’ than ‘Action Hero Stud.’

It’s therefore clear that to achieve action hero status you need to choose what you eat very carefully and as systematically as you train...

The best way to think about food is as fuel for activity. The more active you are, the more fuel you need to power you through your workouts and your daily life.

Now we all know that stuffing chocolate bars and takeaways won’t give you the body you want, but when it comes to building muscle, there’s a lot more to it than that.

This section of the book is designed to give you a broad overview of the best types of nutrition for your muscle-building program, and give you an idea of how to put your own nutritional plan together, and includes:

  • The truth about weight loss and weight maintenance (there’s been so much rubbish written about how to manage your weight effectively – find out the medically-proven facts – and the do’s and don’ts of weight loss – on pages 45-46)


  • How to gain weight PROPERLY when you want to increase muscle mass (PLUS: the biological process for ensuring you gain muscle mass where and when you want it… page 46)


  • The ‘Holy Trinity’ of weight management (and what to look out for with these three core weight principles… page 46)


  • The three main food-groups you must be aware of to provide your superhero-muscled body with the optimum balanced diet with examples of:
    The recommended foods to eat in each group – and the bad ones to avoid Examples and case studies.
    The pre and post-exercise ‘windows of opportunity’ for nutrition consumption (and how these work to build your functional muscle mass…)
    All on pages 46-49…


  • How to harness the nutritional power of vitamins, minerals and water in your workout programs (what they are, where to find them, and the ‘Traffic Light’ approach you must take when consuming them… pages 50-51)
  • The Ten Commandments of Muscle-Building Nutrition the ‘superheroes’ use for the best and fastest workout results (and the one key approach to use when planning your workout diets. Some of these are obvious, but others slay some of the ‘sacred cows’ of muscle-building training – be prepared for some shocking findings on pages 51-52…)


  • And much, much more…

The Action Hero Body Program Try It For Yourself Risk-Free…

How much would you invest to have the perfect muscle-bound Action Hero body? One which helps you look great, makes your friends jealous and turns total strangers into instant admirers of your well-muscled, action-ready physique?

If you’ve tried looking for proven, practical information on fat-loss and muscle-building, you know how difficult it is to find. What’s more, when you do find something which may be valuable, it costs a small fortune.

That’s just for ONE of the elements. You hardly ever find a guide, any guide, which combines the two key elements essential for a genuine Hollywood-style muscle-bound Action Hero body – practical, integrated nutrition and exercise advice.

The Action Hero Body Program provides you with both nutrition AND muscle-building workout advice, and a lot more besides. Plus, it comes with an amazing money-back guarantee (more on this in a moment),

So how much would you expect to pay for this program? $250? $500? Even $1,000? That’s what a lot of people pay over a year for gym fees or personal trainers. The good news for you is you won’t have to invest anything like that for this programme.

In fact, your investment to receive The Action Hero Body Program is only $50, which works out at just 14 cents a day when spread over a year.

Think about this for a moment: where else will you find so much proven, practical and surprisingly easy to apply nutrition and muscle-building information for 14 cents a day? Peanuts when you compare it to what you’ll get. Only 14 cents a day for a program which could turn fat into muscle, and your current body issues into body confidence.

No Hidden Extra Charges – EVER…

Think of it as an investment in your future. Not only can you transform your body, health and all-round well-being by using it, you’ll also save money by avoiding other, less good products and advice. So you come out ahead both ways.

But wait…. There’s more…

Looking For An Even BETTER Deal? Get The Action Hero Body Program Today And You Save An Extra 40.02%...

I’m keen for you to at least try The Action Hero Body Program is. So much so, that when you respond today, right now, I’ll activate your special Charter Membership Rate, which gives you a $20.01 discount from the normal rate (40.02% off), bringing your investment way down to only $29.99.

One thing is certain. If you follow the plan, you will get hard abs. In fact, I'm so certain that you'll get the body you want with The Action Hero Body Program, that I'm happy to make you the following risk-free money-back guarantee... Yes…

You’re Also Covered By Our Cast-Iron 4-Month Money Back Guarantee…

Simply use the step-by-step plan in The Action Hero Body Program over the next four months. If, by the end of the four months, you have followed the program as outlined, and you haven't got the body you are craving, just let us know and we'll send you a full, unconditional and swift refund of your money. No questions asked.

The response for this will probably be enormous, because of our generous offer. So to make sure you receive your copy of The Action Hero Body Program, you’ll need to respond to our offer within the next 10 days, otherwise you’ll miss out and your name will be placed on our waiting list.

So please don’t delay and make sure you order The Action Hero Body Program today, while you’re still reading this letter.

Here’s How To Get Your Copy Of The Action Hero Body Program

Simply click on the link below and complete your details…

Once we receive your details, you’ll be able to access your copy of ‘The Action Hero Body Program’ in an easily downloadable PDF format.

I guarantee you’ll be delighted with The Action Hero Body Program, especially when you strip down at the gym, the beach or anywhere else – and you get plenty of admiring (and envious) looks at the ‘new you’…


Price: $29.99
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