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Advanced Abs with Hardcore Training

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Have You Got Fully-Functional Rock-Hard Abs Like The Ones in this picture?

“Now You Can Enjoy Abdominal Muscles Like These Thanks To “Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training”, The New Book by Patrick Dale Which…

• Cuts through the myths of how to get cut
• INCLUDES: Proven, expert advice and all the latest advanced ab-building techniques, as used by world-class elite level athletes of all disciplines with easy-to-follow photos, step-by-step guidance and plenty of structured exercises for you to add to your training programmes
• Shows you how to strengthen and maintain this vital part of your physique using cutting-edge nutritional advice (how to eat your way to perfect abs, without steroids and other illegal drugs)

Read Below For Full Details…

You and I have never met but I do know one thing about you… You realise the importance of having granite-hard, fully functional abs, because they form the basis of all long-term athletic success – regardless of your sporting discipline. All with the added bonus of making you look fantastic when you take your top off…

Fundamentally though, the most effective way to get the abs you want is by working the main abdominal muscles. This in turn provides you with the strong core needed to boost performance, improve movement patterns and help avoid injury.

The long term consequence is that the right kind of workouts – together with the all-important nutritional advice - will build the muscles that are going to give you an athletic six-pack. You probably also know that the guys you see in the gym with stunning six packs aren’t the ones who lie around and do endless sit-ups. After all, athletes don’t have six packs because they do lots of ‘crunches’.

To lift up your vest and reveal advanced abs, you need to have been training more than just the abdominal wall
These athletes have six-packs and world-class abs because they understand how the whole body moves, and they deliberately work their core to improve muscle function.

And even though you might not be an Olympic sprinter (stars of the six pack sensation) you can train like one, and steal a march on your competition by doing more than just doing exercises that work your abs.
To do this you need specialist knowledge. The sort of knowledge usually only available to world-class athletes, and the elite level coaches who guide them to success.

So imagine for a moment how your performance would soar if you used the same ab-hardening workout and nutrition secrets.The same secret ab-building strategies used every day by top-level athletes such as Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, or Jessica Ennis.

What would happen to your abs – and your performances - if you knew what these athletes knew?
Simple. Your all-round sporting performance would catapult upwards, regardless of your age, ability level or athletic discipline. But where can you find the right information to combine the cutting-edge ab-building training programmes you need, as well as the vitally-important ‘body fuel’ – in the form of nutrition - to cement your gains in the short, medium and long term?

After all, not everyone can afford an Olympic athlete’s coach, or any coach at all. And if you don’t use the latest tips, techniques and technology to help you improve, it’s easy to get stuck in a training rut, not make any progress and lose motivation. Fortunately, there’s now a proven, practical and affordable training guide – based on the techniques and research used daily by the world’s top athletes to construct perfect abs.
And it’s called Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training. This is a fully-integrated guide, which uses both evidence-based sports science knowledge, proven, practical workout routines, and cutting-edge nutritional advice to develop and advance your abdominal muscles.

Written in simple to follow layman's terms by highly-respected sports trainer nutrition expert Patrick Dale, the programme is designed with one aim: to develop and maintain highly-developed rock-hard fully-functional abdominal muscles.

Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training is based on proven workouts packages, and includes warm-ups, stretches, cool downs and the nutritional advice you’ll ever need to help carve out granite-muscle abdominals.
All thanks to Patrick’s expert knowledge, based on works with elite sports teams, top-level athletes and private clients.

Design The Rock-Hard Abs YOU Want – WHEN You Want Them…

Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training provides top level training advice on strengthening your core abdominal muscles, with the added bonus of a stunning six-pack. Patrick also helps you understand the physiology of your abs, so you can maximise your ab-building programme (and do it faster). Everything is explained in practical terms, so that each exercise programme can be incorporated into your training routines.

There are more than 80 photos included in the programme, both to illustrate the exercises and show you what your new body will look like in just a short time.

The Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training also includes extended sections on the crucial yet often overlooked area of nutrition – feeding your body the right foods at the right time to get the right kind of abs.

And this guide isn’t just for men. If you’re a woman who also wants firm functional abs, then Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training could be the answer to your prayers.
There is one ‘catch’ though…

We can't do the hard work for you, but Patrick gives you all the expert advice you’ll ever need to develop your abs safely and naturally.

One thing is certain though: when you follow Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training, you’ll soon be the proud owner of a rock-hard set of abs ideal for sporting excellence.
Here’s what else you’ll discover in Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training

Part One: Introduction (including ab anatomy and physiology)

• On page 5 of Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training, you’ll see how you can improve how your core muscles function and improve the functional capacity of these muscles (the best part? You’ll even find out how to get a six-pack by default…)
• Why it’s vitally important for your sporting career to develop your abs (it’s much more than ‘just for show’, as you’ll discover with the SPS formula on page 6)
• One of the biggest problems with most people’s abdominal training (this flies in the face of conventional training wisdom – you probably won’t believe what you read – but this stuff works – find out more on page 7)
• How many reps should you perform during your workouts for optimum results? (the answer is a lot less than you might think, and will astonish you – page 7)
• The four key body-parts you must focus on to build up your abs (what they are, where to find them on your body, and best, most effective ways to work on them for maximum progress in minimum time – full disclosure on pages 8-10)
• The three simple ways to brace your gut (and build support for your spine – page 9)
• How your muscles work together and provide the engine for every movement you make (this is vital for building granite-hard fully-functional abs, so pay attention – page 10)
• How to increase the intensity of your workouts on a week-by-week basis (INCLUDES: comprehensive sections on overload, recovery and reversibility… pages 11-12), and much, much more…

Part Two: Warm ups and cool downs

Every athlete knows that warming up properly is a ‘must’ before working out.
As well as getting you ready for exercise, it allows you to practice the movements you’ll perform in your workout and minimises the risk of injury while training.
But what’s the best way to warm up?
• On pages 13-14, Patrick reveals the right (and wrong) ways to warm up (and the ‘Holy Trinity’ warm-up techniques you must use before any workout)
• Not sure which warm-up routines to use? Then try Patrick’s 5-step ‘dome-for-you’ warm-up prescription (it’s designed to prepare you for a general gym workout, on pages 14-15…)
• Should you stretch between sets? (the answer may surprise you – pages 15-16), and much more…
You’ve warmed up properly. You’ve finished your workout. Now it’s time to bring your body back to its relaxed state with an effective cool-down.
• The two phases of cooling down (what they are and how they’re designed to bring your body back to a neutral state (called homeostasis) so the process of recovery and repair can begin – pages 16-17)
• REVEALED: the ‘Magnificent Seven’ tips for better stretching (these simple but effective stretching routine only take 10 to 15 minutes a day to practice, but the results for your abs and your body will be amazing – see details on pages 16-19), and much more…

Part Three: Weekly general fitness training plan

Regardless of your strength and fitness level or goals, Patrick’s comprehensive weekly general fitness training plan can help you maintain or improve your general fitness, and all around strength and general physical performance.
It’s not designed to be a bodybuilding routine, a weightlifting routine or prepare you for the rigours of any specific sports.
• That said, there’s something for everyone, starting on pages 20-24 with a weekly general fitness workout template, including routines for:
Back squats
Barbell bench-pressing
The right way to use dumbbells
Lunges, and more…
• The simple ways to incorporate CARDIO workouts into your routines (Think this has nothing to do with building abs? Then think again. See page 25 for details of why it’s vital to get this right…)
• The little-known ‘HRZ’ and ‘PPE’ methods you can use to monitor – and catapult - your aerobic exercise capacity (secrets revealed on pages 25 and 26…)
• Can LSD help you become a better athlete and develop your abs? (Don’t worry! LSD has nothing to do with ‘dodgy pills’ and everything to do with boosting your all-round fitness. Find out why on pages 26-27)
• The pros and cons of Fast Continuous Running (can it really help you? Or destroy your sporting career? See for yourself on pages 27-28)
• How to use Interval training to develop your aerobic or anaerobic fitness (page 28), and much more…

Part Four: Ab movement classifications

There are all sorts of muscle movements involved with every exercise routine you use.
To help you navigate this ‘muscle-movement minefield’, part four of Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training provides you with an exercise library designed to help you put exercises into the right category, so you can design your own core workouts specific to your exercise needs.
The aim of this section is simple: to show how to put your workouts together and then slot them into your weekly training schedule.
Pages 30-40 include detailed practical examples for how to perform (and the tips and adaptations for):
• Crunches and reverse crunches
• Medicine ball sit-ups and throws
• 3 different types of ‘planks’ (what these are revealed in step-by-step form)
• SBHCs uncovered (this little-known and highly effective workout technique could be the key to building rock-solid abs – see exactly what it is – and how to perform them - on page 34)
• Extensions and anti-extensions (great for building up back muscles)
• Dorsal raises and sky divers (wait ‘til you see these!)
• Lateral Flexion and anti-lateral flexion techniques (as used by Olympic athletes – details of how you can benefit on page 38)
• Two powerful side bends you can incorporate (pages 39-40)
On pages 42-46, you’ll also discover a series of carefully-designed rotation and anti-rotation exercises (ideal for developing your obliques), including:
• Cross-body crunches
• Cable and chest presses
• Lateral rolls (with an added twist – page 46), and more…
Bonus Section – Something A Little Different…
You know how important it is to perform core exercises. But sometimes, despite your best intentions, you might not be able to find the time to do them.
The good news is there’s a great way to get in the core ab work you need in just a few minutes a day with what’s known as The Turkish Get-Up. A word of warning – these exercises is harder than it looks, so make sure you follow the workout guide to the letter, on page 47.

Part Five: Putting it all together

In this part of Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training, you get full access to a comprehensive list of exercises, all ranked according to their primary movement pattern.
This section also shows how you can put all of the exercises together to help select the best workout pattern for you. Each exercise is described with photos and sorted by classification. You then pick and choose the areas you want to focus on to achieve your goals.
Now it’s time to see how to slot a selection of these exercises into your workout routine, and tackle some fundamental training issues, such as…
• Should you do your ab training before or after your normal cardio or strength training? (The ‘experts’ say one thing, but Patrick says the complete opposite – because it works. See exactly what the right answer is on pages 48-49)
• The two options you have for dividing up your core ab-building work (the workouts, the reps, the intervals, you get it all on pages 50-51), and much more…

Part Six: Nutrition (how to eat yourself fitter)

Having a lean midsection, so your abdominal muscles show through your skin, is one of the most important goals for many athletes. That, and having strong, functional and flexible abs as the bedrock of your long-term sporting success.
However, and contrary to popular belief, developing a six-pack has a lot less to do with exercise than many people believe. In fact, it’s largely down to the food you eat.
In this section, Patrick provides a full explanation of how to plan your diet to work towards your goal of a sliced six pack, with full details of:
• The JIJO Formula most amateur athletes follow (just one problem: it guarantees they’ll never get granite abs - see what it is on pages 53-54)
• The main macronutrient food groups and their effect on your training (INCLUDES: full details of :
Exactly what they are (and why they’re important)
The ‘Fast Five’ bullet-point guidelines at the end of each section for you to follow (and be energised by…)
How this priceless knowledge makes it easier to know which foods to choose and when – full details on pages 54-65)
• The current mainstream medical advice which could prove fatal to your athletic career – even your life (you have to see what this is – before it’s too late - on page 58…)
• Are saturated fats as bad for your body as everyone says? (Yes and no… See what Patrick thinks on page 61)
• The ‘wonder nutrient’ shown to add three to five years to your life expectancy (it’s also great for your heart health and ab development – see what it is on page 62…)
• The cooking oil with an undeserved bad reputation (and why taking it – in moderation – can boost your performance levels – and ab-development – fast – page 63)
• The one food type you should avoid at all costs (page 64)
• How much fat should you eat each day? (A lot more than you might think – see exactly how much you need on page 65)
• The best ways to harness the joint healing power of vitamins and minerals (and the third group of nutrients essential for increasing your athletic gains – details on pages 66-67)
• The 10 ways to make sure you get enough micronutrients (vital information you can find on page 67)
• How much water do you need each day? (It depends on your training schedule. PLUS… there’s a right and wrong way to regulate your water intake, explained in full on pages 68-69)
• A typical day’s food and drink intake – IN DETAIL (how many meals a day, what snacks you can have, and the correct amount of water to drink – on page 69)
• The facts about Weight Management and losing weight (what you really need to know to shed unwanted fat (and the 5 ‘Golden Rules’ to follow in order to unleash your inner six-pack – pages 70-72)
• And much, much more…

Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training Try It For Yourself Risk-Free…

How much would you give to have fully functional granite-hard abs? Abs which not only help you look great, but also form the bedrock of enhanced sporting performance for your chosen discipline? Advanced abs based on the latest cutting-edge nutritional advice you won’t find elsewhere?

If you’ve tried looking for proven, practical information on hardcore ab-building techniques based on optimum nutrition, you know how difficult it is to find. What’s more, when you do find something which may be valuable, it costs a small fortune.

You hardly ever find a guide, any guide, which combines the key strategies essential for developing and benefiting from ‘advanced abs’ and the practical, integrated nutrition and exercise advice.
Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training provides you with both nutrition AND elite-level advanced ab-development advice, and a lot more besides. Plus, it comes with a money-back guarantee (more on this in a moment).
So how much would you expect to pay for this guide? $250? $500? Even $1,000? That’s what a lot of people pay over a year for gym fees or personal trainers.
The good news for you is you won’t have to invest anything like that.
In fact, your investment to receive Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training is only $50, which works out at just 14 cents a day when spread over a year.

Think about this for a moment: where else will you find so much proven, practical and easy to use ab-building information for 14 cents a day? Peanuts when you compare it to what you’ll get. Only 14 cents a day for a programme which could turn fat into muscle, and your current body issues into body confidence.

No Hidden Extra Charges – EVER…

Think of it as an investment in your future. Not only can you transform your body, health and all-round well-being by using it, you’ll also save money by avoiding other, less good products and advice (especially when it comes to the best nutrition for building your abs). So you come out ahead both ways.

But wait…. There’s more…

Looking For An Even BETTER Deal?

Get Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training Today AND You Save An Extra 50%...

I’m keen for you to at least try Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training is. So much so, that when you respond today, right now, I’ll activate your special Charter Membership Rate, which gives you a 50% discount from the normal rate, bringing your investment way down to only $25.00.
One thing is certain. If you follow the plan, you will get hard abs. In fact, I'm so certain that you'll get the body you want with Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training that I'm happy to make you the following risk-free money-back guarantee... Yes…

You’re Also Covered By Our Cast-Iron 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…

Simply use the step-by-step plan in Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training and if, by the end of the 30 days, you have followed the guide as outlined, and you haven't got the advanced abs you expected, just let us know and we'll send you a full, unconditional and swift refund of your money. No questions asked.
So please don’t delay and make sure you order Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training today, while you’re still reading this letter.

Simply click on the ‘Add to cart’ button and complete your details …Once we receive your details, you’ll be able to access your copy of Advanced Abs With Hardcore Training in an easily downloadable PDF format.

Price: $25.00
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