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The Ageless Athlete

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Introducing the Ageless Athlete…

The elite individual who doesn’t accept decreased performance as a symptom of age. Who doesn’t accept that he is past his personal best.

“Six years ago I thought I had reached the end of my running career. I was constantly suffering at the hands of a knee injury, and my times had dropped considerably. My body seemed like it was just giving up. I felt old and I’d lost the one thing that had kept me running for over thirty-five years: motivation.

Since reading the Ageless Athlete I have been able to pin point problem areas in my training and my body has started to recover. What’s more, my confidence has grown and I wake up everyday anticipating the day’s training. As a result I have reduced my 100m time by 0.7 seconds, my 200m time from 29.5 to 26.5 and my 400m time from 66.3 to 60.8…I’m now beating competitors half my age.”

Lionel Frost, Runner, 51 years old

Lionel Frost

This guy is special. His dedication to sport is not affected by his age. If anything he uses it as his motivation and not an excuse. 

He knows that knowledge, coupled with years of training experience, provides him with the power to reach the pinnacle of his sporting career even though he is entering his fifties. And he certainly isn’t afraid to compete with athletes half his age, because he knows he can match them step for step…knows that he can BEAT them.


Dear colleague,

I know that Lionel isn’t alone. There are thousands of you out there, for whom sport is as much a part of your life today as it was when you left school. But many of you just can’t seem to get the results you used to from your training programme. You acknowledge that with age comes decreased performance. It’s the body’s natural way of slowing down. Right?


Which is exactly why I'm writing to you today. When I heard about Lionel’s story I couldn’t wait to share the secrets of his success with you. We’ve put together a new bible, written for veteran athletes, by veteran athletes. The Ageless Athlete is a comprehensive online resource for masters crammed with cutting-edge sports science information that slices through the age old myths surrounding sports performance and the over forties.

It covers a comprehensive range of subjects with one principle focus: how to overcome the consequences of getting older and still produce winning performances, stay healthy and, most importantly, continue to enjoy yourself.

This is an invaluable resource for any sports enthusiast over the age of forty and I genuinely believe that it will help athletes like you shake off long standing beliefs that age is a debilitating illness that puts an end to a sporting career. After all, each volume contains case studies of real athletes who have committed themselves to sporting excellence throughout their lives and see age as no reason to quit.

When you order The Ageless Athlete you will receive a four part guide to staying fit and competitive for the rest of your life:

  • Part 1 - Training for Master Athletes - individual retail value $44.99
  • Part 2 - Running for Masters: Starting Out - individual retail value $44.99
  • Part 3 - Speed Development for Masters - individual retail value $44.99
  • Part 4 - Endurance Training for Masters - individual retail value $44.99

Collectively, each of the four volumes that make up The Ageless Athlete should retail at over $178 but I am offering them to you at a special introductory rate of only $44.99 (£27.89). So your getting four books for the price of one!

That’s a 75% discount!

If this isn’t enough, my offer comes with a full money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide The Ageless Athlete doesn’t deliver what it promises, let us know and we’ll refund your money in full, immediately and without question.

Yours sincerely,

Sylvester Stein
Chairman, Peak Performance


If you want to discover the true value of The Ageless Athlete read on. It will change your attitude towards the sports performance vs. age quandary forever.

How to Beat the Ageing Process

With recent leaps in research funding, great advances have been made in our understanding of the ageing process. And with this understanding comes the ability to counter its effects. Here is some background:

As we get older, the rate of cell division slows down and some tissues begin to perform less efficiently. There is a loss of elasticity, both in the skin and in ligaments. There is a decline in the maximum heart rate and in maximum power output. The questions answered in The Ageless Athlete include:

  • How early do these changes set in?  
  • What can we do to reverse the process?  
  • What performances should we expect at a certain age?

If this process is left unchecked, nature will take its course. However, with the right kind of training and nutrition it is possible to remain at international level to the age of 40 – as witness Eamonn Coghlan’s sub-four-minute miles, Al Oerter’s record in the discus and the victories of the 42-year-old Podkopayeva at 1500 metres in 1994.

In events involving pure endurance, the limits can be extended for longer. The world’s best for a marathon at the age of 50 stands at 2:11, a time that would win many international marathons.

Learning from the Masters

As we explain, there is no doubt that the average person (that is to say, an unfit person) can reverse most of the effects of ageing by using the right exercise programmes. The person who has kept fit will always be younger, in the physiological sense, than his real age.

Runners, for example, can maintain the times they ran as a 19-year-old.

On the other hand, a runner’s flexibility and muscle strength, apart from the leg muscles, will decline considerably if they fail to work on them.

The Three Lessons

What are the implications of this for the average sportsman?

First, there is no reason to stop purely because of age, because the decline is very gradual. The right kind of training and some good conditions can enable you to improve on last year’s times.

Second, one cannot train with the intensity of a young athlete because the rate of regeneration is not as fast. You have to find the intensity and the frequency of hard training that you can tolerate. We show you how it’s done.

Third, it will probably become necessary, if you seriously want to stay as fit and healthy as possible, to work on your weak points. Muscular strength, flexibility and mobility decline without the right exercise.

The Ageless Athlete combines four volumes that cover the entire spectrum of sports science for Masters. Please read on for an in-depth look at the four cornerstones of your future success.

Training for Master Athletes

This workbook belongs on everyone’s reading list, no matter what age they are. Readers will find it an effective and proven antidote to the ageing process.

Why this isn’t your usual off-the-shelf best seller!
All the examples given in this new workbook, and some defy belief, are based on scientific research.

As you know, this kind of sports and medical research costs a great deal of money. We have access to the papers, however, and have analysed and adapted them for the novice runner at a nominal cost. And they make fascinating reading.

The workbook has been prepared by the Peak Performance team of experts, including physiologists, nutritionists and master athletes.

It covers a comprehensive range of subjects with one principal aim in mind: how to overcome the consequences of getting older and still produce winning performances, stay healthy and, most importantly, continue to enjoy yourself.

‘I can’t perform as well as I used to’
Readers of this new workbook will discover this does not have to be true! We give a host of examples that belie these attitudes:

  • A 70-year-old weight-lifter is stronger than the average 30-year-old
  • The ballet dancer of 70 is more flexible than the average young adult
  • The 70-year-old marathon runner will easily outrun the majority of 30-year-olds.

Such people owe their achievements not to the fact that they were outstanding when they were younger but to the fact that they have continued to practise the activity that they enjoy.

They are determined, and have the knowledge. This gives them the ability to continue into old age.

Here is a breakdown of the subjects covered in Training for Master Athletes:

Chapter 1: How old is old?: A top sports scientist asks: ‘Is the ageing process inevitable – or simply the result of “detraining”?’

Chapter 2: Personal experience: ‘I am now running, at 59, the sort of times I was running as a 19-year-old National Serviceman’

Chapter 3:  Nutrition for older athletes: These are the best foods and supplements to protect your joints from age-related degeneration

Chapter 4: How to keep up to speed: The bad news is that speed declines with age; the good news is that you can arrest and even reverse this process

Chapter 5: How to stay flexible: A sports physiotherapist shows why flexibility is so important to keep ageing at bay, and explains the science behind it

Chapter 6: Nutritional supplements: Could ALA and ALC combine to form the Elixir of Life for ageing athletes?

Chapter 7: What the scientists say: How fitness protects the ageing brain...

Chapter 8: What the scientists say: ... and improves memory in mid-life

Chapter 9: What the scientists say: Power vs. endurance: what goes first in the ageing stakes?

Chapter 10: What the scientists say: Bone maintenance in older runners

Chapter 11:  What the scientists say: Older athletes actually reduce the risk factors for heart disease

Chapter 12: What the scientists say: This exercise regime will boost bone density and lean muscle mass

Chapter 13: What the scientists say: Why the muscles shrink with age – and what to do about it

Chapter 14 – What the scientists say: Do the young respond more effectively to aerobic training? Don’t you believe it!

Chapter 15 – What the scientists say: And finally, here’s a group of elderly hour-a-day exercisers who are aerobically 30 years younger

Speed Development for Masters

There are many athletes in their 40s, 50s and even older who are faster and can perform better than people in their supposed prime. These are incredible performances achieved at a time in life when the body may be protesting just a little bit and when there are often many competing demands on time. You need discipline, dedication and determination to keep going.

But it is a big mistake to train like a 20-year-old at 40. Speed Development for Masters is John Shepherd’s insightful guide to training for speed, written specifically for veterans, so you can get that extra edge against the competition.

Among the invaluable knowledge you will take away from this book is:

  • Learn how speed naturally declines with age and what you can do about it
  • Determine the specific dietary requirements for older athletes
  • Find out ways you can reduce your chances of injury through pre-conditioning techniques
  • Understand the role weight-training and plyometrics play in building speed
  • Learn the best ways to hone your sprinting technique for optimum performance
  • Uncover the secrets of mental training for athletes who compete at Masters level

Speed Development for Masters is a rare opportunity to assess the latest speed training thinking for yourself and decide how best to integrate it into your daily and weekly routines.

Want to know more? Here is a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of everything you will find in this essential resource:

Chapter 1: How speed declines with age

Chapter 2: Preconditioning against injury

Chapter 3: Warming up and stretching for speed

Chapter 4: The role of weight training

Chapter 5: Plyometric and agility training

Chapter 6: Optimum sprinting technique

Chapter 7: Boost your speed with mental training

Chapter 8: The best diet for speed

Chapter 9: Your speed-training plan

Endurance Training for Masters

Written by Bruce Tulloh, a long distance runner and award winning, record-breaking athlete for 60 years, Endurance for Masters is the first sports book of its kind – the only sports reference to meet the specific information needs of masters-level athletes wanting to train effectively for maximum endurance.

If you want to compete with people half your age – and have a good chance of winning – you need to be an endurance athlete! The central importance of stamina is increasingly recognised in a variety of other sports, particularly those involving bursts of running (e.g. football, basketball and rugby) or lengthy matches (e.g. tennis). That’s because a lack of stamina not only hampers your physical performance, it can cause you to make technical or tactical errors, whatever your age, as increasing tiredness affects your mental alertness and reaction times.

You’ll discover a host of training tips and schedules for a wide variety of sports, not just the conventional so-called endurance sports like marathon running, road cycling and rowing, but also golf, basketball, rugby, football and a range of racquet sports too. Here is just some of what you will learn from this invaluable resource:

  • Determine how much of your weekly training should be endurance-specific
  • Find out what does you more good – a two-hour run or two one-hour runs
  • Learn how certain types of endurance training can help you alter your muscle type
  • Discover the right way to do strength training for maximum endurance
  • Determine your optimal nutrition and hydration as a Master athlete
  • Find out what type of endurance training is needed for your particular sport

Read Endurance Training for Masters and you’ll find out not only the right way to train for maximum endurance, and the principles behind the training, but also how training for endurance can improve your health and enrich your life.

Chapter by chapter, here is what you will find in this fantastic guide from the veteran running guru Bruce Tulloh:

Chapter 1: What is endurance?

Chapter 2: Age and performance

Chapter 3: The role of endurance in sports

Chapter 4: Nutrition and endurance

Chapter 5: Training for endurance

Chapter 6: Endurance training by sport

Running for Masters: Starting Out

Running for Masters: Starting Out tells you everything you need to know to get the best out of your running. Designed for all ability and commitment levels, from those taking up running from scratch, to the more experienced runner looking to looking to increase your weekly mileage in anticipation of running your first sub-4.30 marathon! This is a concise, to the point 117-page guide that you can read in an evening, yet it encapsulates everything you need to know about achieving your athletic best as a Masters runner! Here is just some of the knowledge you’ll take away from this invaluable guide, exclusively available in a convenient PDF download:

Find out a foolproof way for newbie runners to shed those excess pounds safely and permanently

  • Determine which running style is right for you
  • The thirteen most effective techniques to help Master athletes avoid sports injury
  • Vary your training while working different aspects of fitness
  • Get tips on what to do when life gets in the way of your training schedule
  • Find out some DIY check-ups for your pulse rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol level

Here is a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the information in this fantastic guide:

Introduction - What running can do for you

Chapter 1 - How fit are you?

Chapter 2 - Your life as a runner

Chapter 3 - Your pre-running programme

Chapter 4 - Kit and equipment

Chapter 5 - Running for beginners

Chapter 6 - Running faster

Chapter 7 - Basic seasonal running programmes

Chapter 8 - When injury strikes

Chapter 9 - Moving up and moving on

Appendix 1 - Sprint drills

Appendix 2 - Weight training

Appendix 3 - Core stability exercises

Appendix 4 - Loosening and stretching

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