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Body Fat and Sports Performance

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A BRAND NEW mini-report that explodes long-cherished myths about ‘fat burning’… optimal body composition… the proper role of body fat in sports nutrition – especially in the days leading up to competition

…and much, more…

Dear Athlete,

Body fat is a great, big no-no for the vast majority of athletes.

As far as we’re concerned, the less fat we carry the better. It’s undesirable, unwanted, and it undermines our sports performance by compromising our strength-to-weight ratio. So we spend a lot of time and effort trying to avoid accumulating it, and to getting rid of what body fat we have.

Yet the truth is somewhat more complex.

In fact, body fat is essential to optimal sports performance. The question is: do we have the right amount of it, in the right places – and at the right time?

That’s where the science come in… And why my latest mini-report delves into this confusing subject. In fact it takes the lid off the pandora’s box that is the fiercely-contested debate about the relationship between body fat and sports performance. And in doing so it reveals some rather startling ‘secrets’ about the correct relationship between adipose tissue and optimal sports performance.

If you’re an athlete (or sports nutritionist…), and you carry any fat at all, you’ll want to read it!

Let me introduce you to our expert panel of contributors – they’re particularly well-qualified to advise athletes, coaches and care professionals on the most effective ways to deal with nutrition in sport, particularly the correct role for body fat.

  • Andrew Hamilton BSc Hons, MRSC, ACSM is a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the American College of Sports Medicine and a consultant to the fitness industry, specialising in sport and performance nutrition. Andy is also the editor of our very own Peak Performance sports science newsletter
  • Asker Jeukendrup is professor of exercise metabolism at the University of Birmingham. He has published more than 150 research papers and books on exercise metabolism and nutrition and is also consultant to many elite athletes. There’s possibly no-one better placed to advise athletes and sports nutritionists on the issue of body fat and athletic performance
  • James Marshall MSc, CSCS, ACSM/HFI, runs Excelsior, a sports training company where he deals with such issues on a regular basis
  • Ron Maughan is professor of sport and exercise sciences at Loughborough University, no less.

All four individuals are highly experienced, sports conditioning professionals working with elite athletes across a range of different sports. So you can be sure their advice is informed, up-to-date – and highly pertinent to all athletes, no matter which sport they may play, as well their coaches and nutritionists.

When I commissioned Andy, Asker, James and Ron to write this special report, I asked them to do two things for me:

  • scrutinise all the very latest sports scientific research into the relationship between body fat and sports performance – not just the dozens of specialist academic journals that we regularly review for our Peak Performance and Sports Injury Bulletin specialist newsletters, but all the not-yet-published material as well. Findings that have only recently emerged – and have not yet made it into the specialist media.
  • NB: these are ‘secrets’ of sporting success that might never make it into the magazines you find on the high street news-stands. (Just because some of this stuff is highly technical, and therefore not easily understood by your average journalist or magazine editor.)
  • synthesise their findings into a concise, readable report. No impenetrable scientific jargon – only the facts about what athletes, coaches and sports nutritionists need to know about body fat composition in athletes… and how they can turn this information to their competitive advantage.

Here are just some of the fascinating facts they uncovered – and which you’ll learn about exclusively in Body Fat and Sports Performance:

  • Why is weight often a poor performance indicator in athletes? (p. 9)
  • Why are some popular methods of assessing body composition more misleading than they are helpful? (pp. 10-11)
  • What’s the most reliable method of measuring athletes’ body composition? (p. 13)
  • What techniques can you use to achieve optimal fat oxidation? (p. 18-20)
  • What’s the correct exercise intensity for optional fat oxidation? (p. 24)
  • Which nutritional supplements are effective in assisting fat loss – and which are a complete waste of your time and money? (p. 22)
  • How much body fat is good for runners – and what do you risk (both men and women) if you place undue emphasis on low body weight? (p. 24)
  • What’s the truth behind dietary ‘periodisation’ – is it as effective as people often claim? (p. 25)
  • What’s the most effective nutritional strategy for prolonging high-intensity endurance exercise? (p. 39)
  • Given the very different environment in which swimmers train and compete, should they be as concerned about body fat as many of them so obviously are – or are they unwittingly compromising their performance? (pp. 53-54)

and much, much more…

NB: your copy of Body Fat and Sports Performance comes complete with tables and diagrams, where needed, to supplement the explanatory text. In short, everything you need to put an end to any confusion on the subject.

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. Read on and you’ll see why.

My Personal Guarantee of Satisfaction

Order your copy of Body Fat and Sports Performance TODAY at the special price of $24.99 (£15.49). Postage and package included.

So you save 42% for a limited time only.

Read it from cover to cover (it’s a concise 59 pages, so won’t take you long…), then put our expert findings to work for you for a full 30 days. At the end of that time judge for yourself how much better an athlete you are.

If at the end of one month you don’t feel you’re fitter and faster – and that your performance has been enhanced as a result – then be sure to send the book back to me for a full refund.

I’ll return every penny you’ve paid promptly – and without question. It’s the least I can do in return, given you showed such commitment to your sport or your profession.

Yours sincerely

Sylvester Stein
Chairman: Peak Performance

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Price: $24.99
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