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Building Better Buttocks

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“It doesn’t matter what your sport is – simply use the glute-strengthening strategies in Building Better Buttocks to gain the winning edge over your competition (and supercharge your core strength, power and endurance in the process)”

Inside Building Better Buttocks (written by elite coaches Patrick Dale and John Shepherd), you’ll discover…

  • Why a buttock-building programme is a ‘must-have’ for any serious athlete (and how to develop a personalised workout regime ideal for this vital area of your body)
  • The simple ways to strengthen your buttocks and help reduce the risk of injury (all thanks to building core muscles in this vital body area)
  • Proven, expert advice for building better buttocks (with the latest scientifically-proven techniques, including dozens of exercise routines with photographs for your buttock-strengthening programmes), and much, much more…

Read Below To See How To Claim Your Copy Of Building Better Buttocks Today…

Good morning,
It’s probably the most overlooked part of an athlete’s body, but one of the most important.
But ask most athletes about buttocks and their role in sporting success, and you’ll most likely get a few sniggers about ‘cute bums’.
However, ask elite level athletes and coaches about the importance of fully-functioning buttocks, and they’ll give you the same answer.
You see, they recognize that strong buttocks are essential for top-class long-term performance. They are the powerhouse that drives the rest of the body, playing a vital part in the overall balance, strength, and explosive movements of athletes in all sporting disciplines.
You only need look at the tight, perfectly-sculpted backsides of Usain Bolt, Jessica Ennis and a multitude of other world-class athletes to see the truth of this.
Most people don’t appreciate the role of their butt when thinking about sports performance, but it is very important. However, most people do crave a perfectly pert posterior which is both healthy and tight. It’s no coincidence that it’s sportspeople who often carry the most leered at, desirable bottoms.
Strong, powerful buttocks are also very important for any sportsperson wishing to avoid injuries of any kind, the bedrock of a strong healthy body.
So where can you find practical, effective buttock-building information from proven experts?
Easy to use information which provides simple strategies and techniques you can implement into your daily life, information provided in a simple to follow format ideal for all ability levels – at a price anyone can afford.
Fortunately, there’s now a reliable source of proven, practical and pain-free tips, techniques and advice you can use to develop effective buttock-building programmes to help you avoid crippling injuries and boost your performance levels – when you need it most…
And it’s called Building Better Buttocks.

Building Better Buttocks – Your Fast-Track To Fully-Functional Buttocks

Building Better Buttocks is a simple downloadable guide, one which uses both evidence-based sports science knowledge and practical guidelines to enable you to build strength and flexibility in this core area of your body.
Written in simple to follow layman's terms by highly-respected sports trainers Patrick Dale and John Shepherd, it's the ideal programme for people of all shapes and sizes looking to develop, sculpt and strengthen this key area of their body – regardless of their sporting discipline.
Maximise The Strength And Tightness Of Your Buttocks At Any Age…
Building Better Buttocks also helps you understand how your body’s muscle-groups interact, so you can maximise the strength and functionality of your buttocks (and do it faster), and everything is explained in practical terms, so that each exercise programme can be incorporated into your workout routines.
You’ll find out about the best type of exercises for you, and how to avoid injury and strengthen your glutes the right way.
Plus, you’ll receive in-depth explanations of the different workouts to follow over the 3-month programme, with photographs, diagrams and simple to follow tables to keep you motivated and on track towards your goals.
Here’s What You’ll Discover In Building Better Buttocks
With all this in mind, Building Better Buttocks (written by leading sports training experts Patrick Dale and John Shepherd) is your starting-point, and provides you with a unique 3-month exercise programme for building better buttocks to give you that all-important winning

Great performance and great-looking buttocks…
Whatever your goal, John and Patrick provide an advanced course in how to get your buttocks into great shape. Like the rest of the Solid Muscle Series, they provide weekly workout schedules, divided between specific butt workouts and general maintenance workouts to help you maintain your overall physique.
There are some great exercises in here that you might not have tried before, as well as plenty of butt-boosting combinations, including the Bulgarian Split Squat and Single Legged Dead Lift Complex to name just two.
In short, plenty of real ‘butt-burners’ ideal for not only shaping a great rear, but developing one which improves your overall sporting performance.
There aren’t many 3-month buttock-building programs out there. However, Building Better Buttocks will not only give you better buttocks, but also give you a chiselled backside if you stick with it.
Part One Introduction
You need to start somewhere, and where better than with the exercises, tips and workout programmes not only to shape a great rear, but develop one which improves your sports performance.

  • On page 3 you’ll discover the key muscle groups associated with top-level athletic performance (and the exercise programmes needed to keep them in tip-top condition)
  • You’ll also see how best to train your glutes (and the Holy Trinity of muscles you need to involve for the fastest progress)
  • Plus… the key workout strategies for producing androgen hormones (vital for plumping up your rear and other muscles – page 3)

Part Two Anatomy and Physiology of the Leg Muscles
Now that you have a solid base, you need to focus on the primary muscles that do the majority of the athletic work - the ones closest to the surface that you can actually see – in order to make maximum progress in minimum time, including:

  • The key terminology in this section a detailed description of the largest, most powerful muscle in your body (what it is, how it works and why it’s so important for your long-term sporting success (page 4)
  • Probably the most important muscles that contribute to both leg size and function (they’re particularly important for hip stability when squatting and running, and you can see what they are on page 4)
  • The three different types of thigh muscle essential for kicking, extending and overall development (and how the quadriceps, hip flexors and leg biceps combine to produce maximum sporting performance – page 5)
  • What almost every explosive activity in sport starts with (this is ‘must-read’ information, whether you’re a footballer, sprinter or cyclist – and it’s all on page 6), and much more…

Part Three Muscle Actions
You’ve covered the basics and gained an understanding of the key muscle groups, the ones affected by and which affect your body in general and your buttocks in particular.
Now it’s time to fuel your power zone and provide the boost for better sports performance. You can do this by shaping a great looking rear and make a more functional body for everyday life, thanks to a carefully-structured series of muscle actions.

  • You’ll see what the primary job of your muscles is (and how they can generate three different powerful actions essential for dynamic performance – pages 6-7)
  • How you can still control your chin-up descents (even when you’re exhausted – page 7)
  • The strongest of the three muscle actions (and the precise exercise instructions needed to ‘grow’ your bottom and other muscles – page 7), and much more…

Part Four Exercise Principles
The moment has come for the rubber to hit the road, and turn the proven theory into fully-functional buttock practice, why is why this section includes…

  • The principles and practice behind Hypertrophy (these can be your ‘signposts to sporting success’, but ignore them at your peril – otherwise you’ll never see any improvements on the size and strength of your glutes – details on pages 7-8)
  • What to cut down on and reduce when you follow the specialisation programme on pages 7-10 (this could make or break your career so pay attention)
  • How to avoid suffering from DOMS (no-one has ever died from it, but it can be quite uncomfortable – see what it is on page 8)
  • The proven ways to bully, badger, cajole, trick and force your muscles into getting bigger (and the progressive exercise programme guaranteed to increase their size – pages 8-10)
  • The keys to effective recovery and nutrition (these two crucial aspects of muscle-building are often overlooked – not in this guide. See what can also put a dent in your muscle protein… PLUS… what to consume after your workout to promote your bottom muscles – page 9)
  • How to train effectively regardless of your body’s makeup (and the guidelines for workouts, nutrition and sleep to maximise your results – page 9)

Part Five The different types of Resistance Training
Making your muscles bigger is done using an anabolic process called hypertrophy. To trigger hypertrophy you need to use very specific resistance training methods to develop your muscles, methods revealed in part five of Building Better Buttocks.

  • On page 10 there are details of possibly the perfect form of exercise (it’s also very convenient, as you need no or very little exercise equipment to work out…)
  • The versatile, portable and relatively cheap workouts ideal for home use (they’re also great for muscle lengthening and stretching, as you’ll find out on page 10)
  • The special exercise tool used almost as long as bodyweight exercises to develop fitness, strength and muscle mass (it’ll help you target on almost every muscle in your body, including the ones needed to tighten your buttocks – full disclosure on pages 10-11) – and much more

Part Six 12-Week Building Bigger Glutes Programme
Now we’re getting to the ‘business end’ of Building Better Buttocks, with a 12-week programme designed for intermediate and advanced exercisers who have plenty of experience and are already training regularly.
A word of caution: if you’re a beginner, you may find these workouts a bit too challenging. So if you’re new to exercise or are coming back post-injury, it might be best to follow a regular training schedule for a few months before using this specialisation plan, which shows you:

  • The one simple thing to do BEFORE working out to minimise your risk of injury, promote an effective workout (and minimise the amount of DOMS that you experience after training - see it all on pages 11-12)
  • A comprehensive workout programme for weeks 1-4, including:

    The 4-week EDT schedule (with specific cardiovascular work)
    5 glute workouts in phases one and two (with sets, reps and recovery times)
    The best lifting speeds (and how much weight to lift – where relevant)
    A cutting-edge maintenance programme (including pyramids, super sets and specific sprint workouts)
    All on pages 12-14…

  • Your perfect warm-up for the Better Buttocks sprint workouts (ideal for ‘confident’ sprinters – all details on pages 14-15)
  • The Phase Two glute-boosting workout programmes for weeks 5-8 (together with the schedule for sprints, maintenance, light cardio and the all-important ‘down’ time – details on pages 16-17)
  • The ‘six of the best’ maintenance workouts designed to preserve the rest of your muscle mass (all while you focus on developing your glutes – pages 18-19)
  • The Lazy Giant Glute Workout set (it’s designed to work your glutes from all angles to ensure maximum development v- a real eye-opener and buttock builder on pages 20-21) and much more...

Part Seven In-Depth Exercise Descriptions
With the foundation laid, you can now press on and target the key areas essential for creating rock-hard glutes, with a carefully-combined series of in-depth workouts for your:

  • Quadriceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Gluteus maximus
  • Erector spinae
  • Middle trapezius
  • Rhomboids
  • Calf muscles
  • Posterior deltoids
  • Forearm flexors
  • Glute medius
  • Adductors
  • Abductors
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Biceps brachii
  • Triceps brachii
  • And much more (with details of how to perform them and when – all is revealed on pages 22-34)

Part Eight Tips and Hints
Congratulations! After all that work and those workouts you’re in the home straight – or are you?
After all, working out is only one-third of the glute=building equation, because your body has limited resources to devote to making your muscles bigger.
If you sleep too little, eat lots of junk food or are under too much stress your body will just run out of resources. The result? Hardly any or even no noticeable positive results from your training programme.
Fortunately, part eight of Building Better Buttocks contains the ‘missing links’ essential for boosting the effectiveness of your workouts, and includes:

  • What you’re going to have to make to get the maximum benefit from this programme (probably the most important part of the entire guide – find it on page 35)
  • The hormone you must avoid at all costs (and what to do to maximise your results without any extra workouts – page 35)
  • The best all-natural way to reduce muscle soreness FAST (steer clear of pills, potions and lotions and instead use one of Mother Nature’s oldest free ‘inventions’ – ideal after a hard training session – page 36)
  • How often should you eat for optimum performance? (The answer flies in the face of conventional medical wisdom – but it works – with details of:

    What to eat and the amount of calories to take in
    How much water to drink – or not
    The right – and wrong – way to supplement
    Something you should also do when eating to boost your glutes
    And much, much more… All on pages 37-38

Part Nine Two Post-Programme Bonus Workouts You Can Use For
These bonus workouts are ideal if you’re looking to take your buttock muscle development to an elite level, are designed to keep your glute-building on track after you complete the programme, and includes:

  • The all muscle movement complex workout #1 (made up of four component parts with sits, squats and jumps)
  • The BWO bonus workout #2 (with specific leg extensions, lifts and advanced squats)
    And both workouts can be found on pages 39-40

And much, much more…
Building Better Buttocks - Try It For Yourself Risk-Free…
How much would you invest to create rock-hard perfectly-sculpted buttocks?
Ones which not only look great, but also provide you with the solid all-round body-strength, based on the foundation of rock-solid buttocks essential for long-term sporting success?
If you’ve tried looking for proven, practical information on buttock fitness training, you know how difficult it is to find. What’s more, when you do find something which may be valuable, it costs a small fortune.
That’s just for ONE of the elements. You hardly ever find a guide, any guide, which combines the two key elements essential for a lean, fully-functional glute region – practical, integrated nutrition and exercise advice.
Building Better Buttocks provides you with both nutrition AND workout advice, and a lot more besides, specific to the unique requirements of this crucial body area.
So how much would you expect to pay for this programme? $250? $500? Even $1,000? That’s what a lot of people pay over a year for gym fees or personal trainers. The good news for you is you won’t have to invest anything like that for this programme.
In fact, your investment to receive Building Better Buttocks is only $50, which works out at just 14 cents a day when spread over a year.
Think about this for a moment: where else will you find so much proven, practical and surprisingly easy to apply training and nutrition information to help you build better buttocks, for 14 cents a day? Peanuts when you compare it to what you’ll get. Only 14 cents a day for a programme specifically tailored to the fitness and nutritional needs essential for building better buttocks?
No Hidden Extra Charges – EVER…
Think of it as an investment in your future. Not only can you transform this key area of your body (vital for peak sporting performance), you’ll also save money by avoiding other, less good products and advice. So you come out ahead both ways.
But wait…. There’s more…
Looking For An Even BETTER Deal? Get Building Better Buttocks Today And You Save An Extra 40.02%...
I’m keen for you to at least try Building Better Buttocks. So much so, that when you respond today, right now, I’ll activate your special Charter Membership Rate, which gives you a $20.01 discount from the normal rate (40.02% off), bringing your investment way down to only $29.99.
One thing is certain. If you follow the plan, you will get hard abs. In fact, I'm so certain that you'll get the body you want with Building Better Buttocks, that I'm happy to make you the following risk-free money-back guarantee... Yes…
You’re Also Covered By Our Cast-Iron 3-Month Money Back Guarantee…
Simply use the step-by-step plan in Building Better Buttocks over the next four months. If, by the end of the three months, you have followed the programme as outlined, and you haven't got the body and fitness-levels you are craving, just let us know and we'll send you a full, unconditional and swift refund of your money. No questions asked.
But you’ll have to hurry…this offer closes in 10 days…
The response for this will probably be enormous, because of our generous offer. So to make sure you receive your copy of Building Better Buttocks, you’ll need to respond to our offer within the next 10 days, otherwise you’ll miss out and your name will be placed on our waiting list. So please don’t delay and make sure you order Building Better Buttocks today, while you’re still reading this letter.

Price: $29.99
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