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Building Middle Aged Muscle

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• Worried about losing muscle mass as you age?

• Think ‘middle-age spread’ and ‘weaker muscles’ is an inevitable part of ageing?

Well Think Again! Forget What The ‘Experts’ Say…

You Can Build Muscle And Enjoy A Healthy And Active ‘Middle Youth’ Starting Today…

Whether you like it or not we live in an image-obsessed society, where first impressions are all-important, and your physical appearance is vital (in many areas of life).

It’s not just an image-obsessed society. It’s also an AGE-obsessed society, where maintaining a young-looking body is the be-all and end-all for many people, both in your work life and social life.

Do You Suffer From ‘Middle-Aged Spread’?

In spite of this, more and more people are out of shape, functionally weak, and packing on middle-age spread well before their 40th, even 30th birthday. This is particularly true when it comes to your muscles which, if you don’t take steps to maintain them, will lose their strength and definition.

But developing your muscles in middle age and beyond isn’t just for vanity, or so you can look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.

In fact, maintaining and developing your muscles in middle age for greater health and leanness is vital for keeping your entire body fit and healthy – for both men AND women.

This is because muscle is metabolically-active tissue, the more of which you have the leaner you’ll be, because it helps you burn more calories.

However, due to work and other time pressures, you may be spending less and less time working out. This in turn leads to a lack of motivation and a body and muscles that (whether you like it or not) have seen better days and is ageing.

Now You Can Maintain And Build Lean Muscle After 40, 50, Even 60 And Beyond…

But despite what conventional wisdom may say, the human body need not deteriorate significantly between the ages of 30 and 60.

There’s no reason why you can’t maintain muscle for your chosen sport, strengthen and adapt them as you age, and even build more lean muscle as you age, provided you exercise correctly and maintain a healthy diet.

In fact, there are plenty of highly-effective exercise, lifestyle and diet strategies you can use to slow down, stop and even reverse the effects of ageing on your muscles.

This is your chance to discover them for yourself in a brand-new guide called Building Middle-Aged Muscle.

Building Middle-Aged Muscle is a downloadable guide designed around proven muscle-building exercises to rebuild your body’s lean muscle after 40 and beyond, regardless of your age.

In Building Middle-Aged Muscle , you’ll discover the wider benefits of exercising throughout life, before focussing on the factors and programmes which enable you to build more 40, 50 and 60 and beyond muscle.

Written by highly-respected sports trainers John Shepherd and Patrick Dale, it includes dozens of workouts and exercises specifically designed to build muscle, and include cutting-edge nutrition, diet and supplementation tips that will fuel, maintain and build your middle-age muscle.

You’ll find out about your body’s natural hormones, and how to boost those most likely to build muscle and turn back the ageing process.

You’ll get the best type of exercises for you, and how to avoid injury and strengthen your body’s muscles the right way, including a simple to follow 24-week training schedule to keep you motivated and on track towards your goals.

Give Flab The Boot And Regain Younger, Leaner Muscles…

Make no mistake. These are unusual workouts, designed to develop your lean muscles in all the right places in a variety of ways. So if you think it’s all about lifting huge weights to build massive muscle, or something similar, then you’re in for a shock – a good one!

Whatever your goals, John and Patrick give you schedules, to help you maintain your overall physique, by combining exercise, nutrition and recovery advice guaranteed to maintain your body’s all-important lean muscle.

One other thing… John and Patrick are middle-aged themselves, and have tried many of the workouts and other advice provided in this guide. So Building Middle-Aged Muscle is based on actual, successful experience on how you can turn back the tide of middle age, and keeping your muscles (and minds) as young as possible

Here’s What Else You’ll Discover In Building Middle-Aged Muscle

• Why you CAN blowtorch away your middle-age spread (and develop fitness and a body that someone twenty years younger would be proud of – page 1)

• How to build more muscle at 40, 50, even 60 years of age – and beyond (see the details on page 1)

Section 1: Exercise to Extend Life:

You don’t need to be a sports scientist to know that exercise – at any age – is good for you. But once you hit 40, you need to make sure you’re doing the right kinds of exercises, the best ones for you and your health and muscle development.

In Section 1, you’ll find out exactly how to do this, and also discover:

• The BEST type of exercise for adding extra years to your life (see what this 26-year Harvard University scientific study of over 17,000 men revealed – and how you can live longer as a result – details on pages 2-3)

• The four key reasons you must build muscle in middle-age (it’s not just a question of ‘keeping what you’ve got’ – as you’ll see on page 3)

• A simple ‘Middle-aged Muscle Training Tip’ you can use right away (HINT: using this will help you burn more calories, even while you watch TV! All is revealed on page 4)

• How to stimulate muscle-building hormones – even if you’re 90 years old! (If they can do it… Check out this amazing study on page 4 – and the simple way you can do this too – if you’re ‘only’ 40-60 years old)

• Two key areas of your body to train for middle-aged muscle building (these are vital for your overall health, as well as building muscle – see what they are on pages 4-5)

• Want to remain flexible in middle age and beyond? Then avoid this popular gym routine like the plague (this will cause havoc with your muscles, even though lots of men love doing this – see more on page 5…)

• Two simple ways to stop any drop-off from your sprinting speed (and even reverse the ageing process in sprint terms – pages 5-6)

• The right – and wrong – way to dramatically cut your risk of heart disease (they’ll slash your chances of getting diabetes, arthritis or becoming obese, and add years to your life – pages 7-10)

Section 2: Boost your Hormones:

It’s often jokingly referred as the ‘mid-life crisis’. But when your hormone levels decline as you age, altering your appearance, energy levels and the way you feel – and train – then it’s no laughing matter.

In Section 2 of Building Middle-Aged Muscle , you’ll see how to stop, stop and even reverse this process, and maintain your athletic ability even as you age. This section also includes…

• How to boost your body’s production of natural growth hormone (and why this is so important for your body and training programmes – pages 11-12)

• ATTENTION: LADIES – the truth about menopause and fitness training (how to affects your performances, and eight major health benefits of working out the right way – pages 12-13)

• ATTENTION: MEN – how to boost your body’s testosterone levels naturally, even as you age (INCLUDES: detailed workout routines you can use…PLUS… the testosterone-killing factors to avoid which lower performance levels – pages 14-18)

• Four everyday foods you can eat to boost your Testosterone levels (including one food you would never imagine! Details on page 20…)

Section 3: Training Principles:

You’ve seen how to boost your body’s hormones, and understand why a coherent exercise programme is essential for building middle-aged muscle. Now it’s time for the rubber to hit the road, and start training and working out correctly, in order to gain muscle in middle age and beyond.

In this section, you’ll discover:

• The two schools of training thought for muscle-building (and why you should only follow ONE of them if you want to reach your fitness goals – pages 20-21)

• The highly-effective S.A.I.D. fitness principle (what it is, why it’s important, and how using it correctly which increase your muscle and fitness gains enormously – page 21)

• The 8 key resistance training variables, and the 7 aerobic training variables to include in all your workouts for maximum muscle boosting (PLUS – full details of progression and periodization routines to apply for best practice – pages 21-22)

• How often should you change your workouts? (The answer to this key question may surprise you, and is on page 22)

• The ‘Holy Trinity’ of muscle contractions (and which ones are most important for faster muscle growth – pages 23-24)

• WARNING! Super-tough training systems designed to increase the intensity of all your workouts (You’ll feel sore for a few days after them, but they’re great tools for busting you out of a rut and taking your training to a new, more intense, level – PLUS: the systems, the lower and upper body sets, the reps, the pyramids, heart action training – you get them all on pages 24-27)

• EDT Training, and the key development principle it focuses on (this is crucial to muscle-building and ideal for building muscle at any age. The best part? You only need two exercises – and one cheap and simple training tool - to make it work – pages 28-30)

Section 4: Workouts, planning, testing

Now that you have a good understanding of how to build muscle in your middle age, it’s time to bring it all together. You can do this by following a carefully-selected and detailed 24-week workout and training progression

And that’s exactly what you get in Section 4 of Building Middle-Aged Muscle , which shows you…

• How to measure yourself, set challenging goals and make maximum muscle-building progress (PLUS: a quick table guide to optimum body-fat levels, for all levels of male and female athlete – pages 31-32)

• The three main body types - which one are you? (And how to modify your training programmes for faster gains, depending on which one you are… page 32)

• CASE STUDY: a 12-week training programme perfect for a middle-aged person, who is new to weight training or returning after a long lay-off (It's a complete programme that should produce great results, and you can find it on pages 32-35 – INCLUDES: getting fit, strong and ready, the second growth phase and much, much more…)

• The all-important growth phase 2 of your muscle-development programme (and the TWO key elements guaranteed to have the greatest effect on stimulating muscle-growth hormones and building larger muscles – pages 35-37)

• The home stretch - weeks 18-24 of the resistance training workout programme (and the sets, supersets, dropsets and the all-important PHA workouts essential for consolidating your gains – you’ll fee sore after these, but they’re well worth the effort! Pages 37-39)

Section 5: Nutrition

When it comes to building muscle, it’s vital you fuel your body with the right nutrition, otherwise you’re doomed to fail.

You also know that eating deep-fried Mars bars and pizza won’t boost your muscle-growth – and will only grow your belly! But what you think are ‘good’ foods may in fact be harming your muscle growth and your overall health.

With this in mind, Section 5 of Building Middle-Aged Muscle focuses on the all-important nutritional side essential for muscle development, reversing the softness in your middle areas and transforming your natural fitness, and includes full disclosure on:

• What you must base your meals on if you want build a lean, muscular physique and fight back the years (this is common knowledge amongst ‘pro’ athletes, and you can find out too on pages 40-41…)

• Why you should be careful about supplement shakes and energy bars (some are good, some are bad and others are downright dangerous. See for yourself on page 41…)

• How much protein – and how much carbohydrate – do you need for your muscle development? (See the key numbers – how much to eat and when, the types of carbohydrates to eat, and why you should increase your intake of a so-called ‘bad’ food – on pages 41-44…)

• What a rainbow can tell you about proper nutrition (Don’t worry! I haven’t lost my mind, but you could lose your muscle and fitness if you don’t follow the advice on portion sizes and the best ‘bang for your buck’ foods to eat for muscle gain - pages 44-46…)

• The Truth about WATER – how do you know if you’re properly hydrated, and how should you stay hydrated? (INCLUDES: the facts about sports drinks – are they everything they’re cracked up to be? See my shocking conclusions on pages 47-48)

• How frequently should you eat? (Follow the advice on pages 48-49 to melt fat out your body like butter in a microwave)

• SUPPLEMENTS? Yes or no? (See the pros and cons of the main nutritional supplements – and the ones we recommend - on pages 49-50)

• How to fight – and get rid of – the dreaded ‘middle-aged spread’ (and make sure it happens to other people and not you – pages 51-52)

• The ‘Magnificent Seven’ simple fat loss rules you should follow for maximum weight loss and muscle gain (an easy to follow step-by-step guide on pages 54-57)

• How to eat correctly for hormonal optimisation AND recovery (following the advice here will help you lose fat, build muscle and stay healthy – full details on pages 56-58)

• Not sure what to eat and when? Then check out these Sample Menu Plans on pages 59-60…

• The 10 exercises you should AVOID in middle age (see why you should avoid them, and which ones to use instead for your all-round health – chances are you’re already using these, so make sure you check them out on pages 60-63…)

• “Old man” warm ups and cool downs (many middle-aged athletes are still doing both just like they did in their 20s – even though their bodies are very different. See how to warm up and cool down in the best way for your age on pages 63-64…)

• The four key elements of middle-aged warm-ups (what they are and how they work together are outlined in detail on pages 64-66…)

• Four simple ways to get the most from a strength training exercise (easy when you know how – pages 66-67)

• How to cool down at the end of your workouts (INCLUDES: how long you should wait before stopping your cool down, and what kind of warm-down exercises to use to relax all your major muscle groups – pages 67-68)

• Your Personal Stretching Programme (and the 12 body-areas you must work for an effective stretching routine – pages 68-71)

• Another type of activity that can really enhance your fitness gains and workout experience (this one has an unusual name, and an even more unusual workout routine – but the health benefits are amazing – all is revealed in a 19-point success programme on pages 71-73…)

• AND FINALLY: “a letter to your younger self” (this is a list of the things to tell yourself to do or not do to ensure that, in your forties, fifties and beyond, you can continue to enjoy a life full of energy, health and muscle. A gripping read and full of great health and exercise advice – pages 75-77), and much, much more…

All this in Building Middle Ages Muscle will cost you only $29.99.

One thing is certain. If you follow this muscle training, nutrition and fitness plan, you will get the musculature you want.

Price: $29.99
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