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Carbo Loading For That Extra Edge

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Get that extra edge for maximum performance with the Energy Diet.

If someone claimed you could gain an immediate increase in energy and performance simply by altering your daily diet, would you believe him? Well, if it were me, I’d ask for more details.

Suppose he offered to back his claim with scientific evidence from Scandinavian clinicians and physiologists? What if this diet was tested by several groups of Swedish cross-country skiers who used it to trounce other teams in the winter Olympics? Wouldn’t this ‘energy diet’ be worth a try?

The energy diet has been scientifically tested and verified in an exclusive book Carbo Loading for that Extra Edge, now available from Peak Performance publishing. The recommended retail price of this ground-breaking dietary guide is $59.99. But with our special 42% discount, you pay only $34.99 (£21.69)!

This special report on high carbohydrate intake and carbo-loading has been written by Peak Performance’s team of specialists and looks at many of the ways in which diet can improve performance. It’s wide in its research and in the practical advice it offers.

Discover that extra edge
Whatever your activity or sport you’ll find the energy diet the easiest and most enjoyable way to extra stamina and speed.

Our 85 page book Carbo Loading for that Extra Edge explains how you can improve competitive performance over and above what you previously imagined possible -- simply by eating the right food at the right time. The book also blows away some current fads, including the highly popular protein diet.

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Chapter by chapter, here is what you'll find:

CARBO-LOADING RESEARCH - A revolutionary new way to slam 20% more glycogen into your muscles!

ACTION PLAN - Ignore any claims to the contrary – high-carbs are by far the best fuel, as this evidence shows

TEAM-SPORT ATHLETES - This new study shows that extra carbohydrate can boost performance in elite team sport athletes as well

PRE-COMPETITION CARBS: SPORT BY SPORT - How to get the best out of yourself by putting the best into yourself

CUTTING INJURIES - Eating in a way that keeps your body primed for peak fitness can also reduce your risk of injury

FAT-CARB RESEARCH - This study looked at the effects of an unusual type of loading on endurance cyclists

MUSCLE SORENESS - But extra carbohydrate intake doesn’t appear to alleviate muscle pain

OTHER FORMS OF LOADING - Can phosphates as well as carbs fuel your exercise?

OTHER FORMS OF LOADING - Endurance athletes may love ice cream, but surely ‘fatloading’ is ridiculous... isn’t it?


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Price: $34.99
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