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Cycling Training Secrets – ride faster, stronger and longer for winning performance

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“If you’re a TRULY Competitive Cyclist... Then You’ll Find These ‘Hot-Off-The Press’ Training and Conditioning Secrets’ Are Vital in Achieving New Levels of Success on the Bike...”

Whether you’re a committed roadie, triathlete or a regular participant in sportives, you’ll find much of value in this latest report from Peak Performance. It brings together ‘hot-off-the-press’ training and conditioning secrets from four professional practitioners to help you achieve new levels of success on your bike.

As huge amounts of advertising and sponsorship money have come into the sport over recent years, so the amount of sports science research into new training and conditioning techniques for cyclists has increased too. And quite dramatically so, with fresh insights emerging every year about better ways to precondition, to train, to recover, to avoid injury, and more.

These little-known ‘secrets of the pros’ are all shared with you in here. Get your copy of Cycling Training Secrets – ride faster, stronger and longer for winning performance and you’ll discover:

  • What’s the BEST pacing strategy for a cycling time trial?
  • What percentage of overall drag does the rider account for?
  • How can you achieve the most aerodynamic position on your bike?
  • Why are rider aerodynamics even more important for women riders than for men?
  • How much time can you save over 40km if you swap a round-tubed bike frame for one with aerodynamic tubing?
  • Which saddle design has been proved to be most comfortable for the majority of cyclists?
  • Which simple saddle adjustment eliminates lower back pain in most cyclists that try it?
  • How do you know if you’re pedalling at the right cadence – or should we all be turning the pedals as quickly as Lance Armstrong?
  • What’s the right way to add strength training to a cycling programme?

In a nutshell, this is 83 pages of essential information for cyclists, triathletes and coaches – and anyone else with a serious interest in becoming a stronger, faster, more successful cyclist in the years to come.

Price: $34.99
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