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The Elite Sports Performance Toolkit


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The world of peak sporting performance never stays still, and is an ever-changing one. There are always new and better tips, techniques and strategies being developed, ones you can use in your training programmes and competitive events to gain that all-important winning edge, regardless of your sport.

As such, we are delighted to offer you a brand new sports performance package. A package which provides you with the best of both worlds…

* The comprehensive training knowledge essential for long-term sporting success (which you can use before and after competitions and training), and…

* A wide range of proven, practical training accessories (sent to you in the mail, to help you perform at your best during your workouts and events).

And it’s called The Elite Sports Performance Toolkit...

The Elite Sports Performance Toolkit is a collection of 110 Sports Performance books from our library (fully downloadable online), together with six practical training accessories you can use to enhance performance and success levels during your workouts and competitions. It provides you with the best new training techniques and guidance available in every area of sports fitness, with plenty of practical, evidence-based facts to turn ordinary athletes into extraordinary ones.

Some of the books focus on specific topics, such as tennis, cycling, football, rugby, swimming, triathlon, and bodybuilding.

You’ll also discover synergies between many sports and the commonly-shared goals of all athletic disciplines. These include, but are not limited to, speed, endurance, strength, muscle building, periodisation/planning, psychology, injury prevention and rehab, and building core strength.

Each book contains proven information and dozens of simple, practical exercises suitable for sportspeople of all disciplines and ability levels. Exercise routines designed to can turn ordinary athletes into extraordinary ones.

Whatever your Sport, Whatever Your Sporting Level, The Elite Sports Performance Toolkit Will Make You Fitter, Faster, Stronger, And More Resistant To Injury…

You’ll discover the strategies, advice and training programmes of over 82 world-class health, fitness and sports-training experts (including sports scientists, professors, doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists), whose cutting-edge knowledge has advanced sports performance in all disciplines, The Elite Sports Performance Toolkit is based on materials which have helped over 7,126 athletes and coaches (many of them at world-class level) to benefit.

Together with all these sports books, you'll also receive SIX Bonus gift training accessories (Which You’ll Receive In The Mail And Are Yours To Keep Regardless…)

Bonus Gift #1 – Elite Sports Performance Toolkit USB Stick

As part of your welcome package, you’ll receive a special USB stick, which contains PDF copies of all 110 books available in the Elite Sports Performance Toolkit. Robust, convenient to use during your workouts (especially if you have limited internet connectivity where you’re training and need to find a specific workout or exercise routine – just plug into your laptop), and readily available when you need it most.

Bonus Gift #2 – Three Brand-New Free PDF Reports (accessible online immediately)

1. Secrets of Olympic Gold

The gold medal is still the most coveted title in world sport and the skills and abilities needed to win one (or more) demand the ultimate in performance levels. In Secrets of Olympic Gold, you’ll discover the training and workout tips to apply to your own training (or to those you coach). You’ll see how gold medals are won years in advance of the big day: in the gym, on the training pitch and through progressive competitive exposure and following a training programme that will get results. You’ll even get to see the insider training secrets of multiple gold-medal winning Olympic legends Daley Thompson and Ben Ainslie (a recent America’s cup winner as well), and how best to use them to become a gold-medal winner in your chosen discipline.

2. Supercharge Your Fitness

Being as fit as you can will add years to your life, with the added benefit that you’ll look better. Who doesn’t feel better in themselves and find someone more attractive when they exude health and fitness and are toned and shaped like a Hollywood A-lister? But using a specific fitness programme of this nature can be daunting if you don’t know how or where to start. With this in mind, and to get you started on the right track from day one, Supercharge Your Fitness has been written by renowned fitness experts John Shepherd and Patrick Dale (both regular contributors to numerous Sports Performance projects). This comprehensive report covers a wide range of fitness topics including flexibility training, body weight training, how to get flat abs, what you need to know about how to get stronger, tips on how to beat the ageing process and how you can develop your own A-list body.

3. 17 Additional Functional Workouts

Ideal for athletes of all ability levels, with plenty of exercises which can be performed anywhere (not just in the gym), and written by Sports Performance’s John Shepherd, 17 Functional Workouts includes full details of a powerful series of additional workouts you can include in your fitness programmes. The perfect complement to The Elite Sports Performance, all these exercises are fully illustrated, to show you exactly which ones to do and when for maximum athletic gain in minimum time.

Bonus Gift #3 - Elite Performance Sports Watch

Every order of The Elite Toolkit contains an Elite Performance Sports Watch, worth $50.00 in monetary terms but will prove far more valuable to you in each and every training session, thanks to several key features including:

-A Robust, streamlined design
-Chronograph and date display
-Waterproof to 50 metres
-Countdown stopwatch (to 1/1,000th of a second)
-Timer and alarm

Bonus Gift #4 – Sports Performance Gym Towel

As part of your comprehensive Elite Sports Training Performance package, you also receive a specially designed gym towel. It’s ideal for taking to the gym and either wiping down equipment after you use it (a regular requirement these days), or soaking up your sweat during and after workouts.

Bonus Gift #5 – Sports Performance Water Bottle

Staying properly hydrated during your workouts is essential. So to make this happen for you, and as part of your Elite Sports Performance Toolkit, you also get a state of the art sports water bottle. This sports water bottle contains an in-built ice device, designed to make sure your sports drink stays cool whatever the conditions. Strong, safe and hygienic (unlike constantly-reused plastic bottles) and the ideal way to take in fluids without having to buy water during practice.

Bonus Gift #6 – Sports Performance Kit Bag

You’ve finished your training session, workout or competitive event (measuring your time with your new Elite Sports Performance Watch), you’ve had a drink from your PP Sports Water Bottle, and used your PP Gym Towel to dry off, it’s time to pack up your sports gear and go home. To make this easier for you, and as part of the Elite Sports Performance Toolkit offer, you also receive a Sports Kit Bag to put all your clothes and sports equipment in. Large enough to carry everything you need, but compact and practical as well.

Included with this kitbag is a complimentary orange drawstring bag, the ideal place for putting wet or sweaty sports kit after a heavy workout (so it doesn’t stain or dampen your PP Sports Kit Bag when you take it home).

PLUS: All the postage and packaging is included on these BONUS Gifts at no extra charge!

Once you've placed your order, you’ll be sent an email containing a private ‘members-only’ link which allows you to gain immediate online access to ALL your Elite Sports Performance Toolkit books. Your BONUS GIFTS will also be sent directly to your door will via royal post.

You’ll receive full instructions on how to download all 110 books via PDF, and be up and running – and benefiting from these guides – All you need to do is take advantage of them, and keep on winning…

Price: $167.00
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