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Endurance Training for Masters

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Want to compete with athletes half your age and win? Written by a veteran athlete for veteran athletes, Bruce Tulloh reveals the secrets of his sixty years of success in this great new book that will help you increase your endurance and improve your performance!

Written by Bruce Tulloh, a long distance runner and award winning, record breaking athlete for 60 years, Endurance for Masters is the first sports book of its kind – the only sports reference to meet the specific information needs of masters-level athletes wanting to train effectively for maximum endurance. It is available exclusively in PDF format for your convenience! Have all the secrets at your fingerips immediately!

Through our special online offer you'll get 42% off the recommended retail price of $59.99. You pay only $34.99 (£21.69)!

If you want to compete with people half your age – and have a good chance of winning – you need to be an endurance athlete! The central importance of stamina is increasingly recognised in a variety of other sports, particularly those involving bursts of running (e.g. football, basketball and rugby) or lengthy matches (e.g. tennis). That’s because a lack of stamina not only hampers your physical performance, it can cause you to make technical or tactical errors, whatever your age, as increasing tiredness affects your mental alertness and reaction times.

You’ll discover a host of training tips and schedules for a wide variety of sports, not just the conventional so-called endurance sports like marathon running, road cycling and rowing, but also golf, basketball, rugby, football and a range of racquet sports too. Here is just some of what you will learn from this invaluable resource:

• Determine how much of your weekly training should be endurance-specific
• Find out what does you more good – a two-hour run or two one-hour runs
• Learn how certain types of endurance training can help you alter your muscle type
• Discover the right way to do strength training for maximum endurance
• Determine your optimal nutrition and hydration as a Master athlete
• Find out what type of endurance training is needed for your particular sport

Read Endurance Training for Masters and you’ll find out not only the right way to train for maximum endurance, and the principles behind the training, but also how training for endurance can improve your health and enrich your life.

Chapter by chapter, here is what you will find in this fantastic guide from Bruce Tulloh:

Chapter 1: What is endurance?

Chapter 2: Age and performance

Chapter 3: The role of endurance in sports

Chapter 4: Nutrition and endurance

Chapter 5: Training for endurance

Chapter 6: Endurance training by sport

Don’t miss out on these invaluable secrets from running guru Bruce Tulloh! Take advantage of this special online offer and save 42% off the recommended retail price! You pay only $34.99 (£21.69), a $25 saving off the original price of $59.99! Your exclusive PDF will be dispatched to you immediately!

Price: $34.99
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