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Female Athletes - Training for Success

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Many coaches have traditionally taken a different approach to aspects of training female athletes where the sex of the athlete should make no difference whatsoever. By dispelling those myths, Female Athletes – Training for Success is the starting point for all female athletes looking to achieve their maximum performance potential.

Female Athletes - Training for Success has been published for athletes, parents, coaches, athletic administrators, training staff, and doctors. The recommended retail price of this workbook is $59.99, but we are offering it here for only $34.99 (£21.69)! You save 42%!

Here is a chapter by chapter break down of what you’ll get:

Knee problems: Two surgeons explain why female athletes suffer so many ACL injuries

Performance and the pill: The Pill may be the most effective contraceptive and the best way to manipulate your cycle for important events, but are you aware of its physiological effects and their impact on performance?

Eating disorders: Female athletes who are obsessed
by food and body weight can develop anorexia athletica

Nutrition: A sports physiologist explains why iron and calcium are essential for female athletes

Strength training: A fitness specialist shows why this training is vital for female athletes – but you must choose the right programme for your event

Menstruation and exercise: A sports therapist explains why ‘the curse’ is often lifted for female athletes

PMT: A leading (male) running coach shows how PMT can affect athletic performance, and what to do about it

What the scientists say: Should males and females train differently?

What the scientists say: To keep your fat furnace working, concentrate on building muscle mass

What the scientists say: How to iron out the problems of anaemia

What the scientists say: How sport improves the body image of adolescent girls

What the scientists say: How training helps women keep their weight down

What the scientists say: How menopause limits women’s response to weight training

What the scientists say: Women suffer most after strenuous exercise

What the scientists say: There is no major sex divide in sports injuries

What the scientists say: HRT maintains muscle after menopause

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Female Athletes - Training for Success is published by Electric Word plc, publishers of the Peak Performance newsletter, Sports Injury Bulletin and Successful Coaching

Price: $34.99
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