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Fighting Fit: Royal Marines Fitness Training

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Forget any 'rippling pecs in two-minutes-a-day' scams and stupid workout videos fronted by z-list celebrities.

If you want to guarantee fitness levels up to the elite level of a Royal Marine Commando and a body others would kill for this what you’ve been waiting for…

Fitness Is
MY New

Patrick Dale – Former Royal Marine Commando and Top Coach to Elite Personal Trainers

This Brand New, 12-Week Marine-Fitness Programme Is Guaranteed To Make You “Survival Fit” And Looking Better Than You Dare Imagined...

Test drive this programme,
risk free, by clicking here

Dear friend,

Let’s start off my getting a few things straight.

Number 1. The intense 12 week training programme I’m about to invite you on to is tough. If you don’t already have a basic level of fitness and a desire to be the absolute best you should stop reading this now.

Number 2. I’m not going to pad out my advice to you with senseless fluff just to flatter your ego. This is serious. If you think running on a treadmill for twenty minutes a few times a week and a tasteless, restrictive diet is ever going to make you truly fit then this really isn’t for you.

I’m looking for people who want to gain a powerful advantage over your average Joe-in-the-gym. Stick with me and I’ll show you how your body can become your gym. Screw expensive fancy equipment and quick-fixes that under-deliver. It’s all a waste of your time and money.

I want to get you to where you want to be. I like to call it ‘fit for anything’. So whether you need to get your fitness levels up to a new level for a life in the military, or if you just want biceps bigger than ‘that guy’ you train with at the gym, my programme will ensure your fitness and body goals are reached. And fast.

Maybe you want to be the fittest athlete on your team – the guy who never ever lets his side down. Or maybe you want a body so sculpted that members of the opposite sex will score you a perfect ten.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to be the best, follow my step-by-step instructions and you will feel and look better than you ever have in your life. Nothing will stand in your way.

This programme is like no other. Borne of my years at the pinnacle of my career as a Royal Marine Commando, a time in my life where being ‘looking good’ fit just didn’t cut it, this is about getting fit for anything life throws at you.

I am very serious about this programme’s power. I'm proud of it. So I only want people to take part if they can take that on board and commit to achieving a level of fitness usually the reserve of the ‘Secret World’ of the British Royal Marines.

Still here? Good. I like you already.

Now let me tell you more…

You have been selected to take on my 12-week-programme and see for yourself what Marine fitness is really all about…

Think you’re committed? I started training hard aged FIVE. And I’ve never looked back…

I’m not like all those so-called fitness ‘gurus’ you find lurking online who used to be pale, emaciated nerds until this ‘secret six pack sculpting advice’ changed everything. ‘Look at them now’ with their biceps and pecs, beefed up with supplements and weights. Most of these guys make me sick…

Fitness is in my blood. My earliest memory is running to the park to ‘train’ for my school sports day aged 5. Over the past 37+ years I’ve learnt a lot about what it means and what it takes to be fit. And I am passionate about teaching you the same thing. The only difference is you can get there in 12 weeks. I’m giving you everything I know.

Here’s a message to those ‘gurus’. Big biceps are no use if you can't run for miles to reach the enemy. Being a good long-distance runner is no help at all if you can't "lift and shift" large amounts of equipment at the end of a long run.

You can see why all those so-called experts and their quickie programmes have huge voids in their advice. They have simply never even been this fit. And I'll tell you something else: they've never looked this good either.

Calling anyone looking for a "no-frills" approach to fitness who is ready to TRAIN rather than just exercise.

If you commit to this, my promise is to make you "Marine fit" and looking better than you ever have in your life in just 12 weeks.

Each and every workout on this Marine Fitness Programme is a benchmark towards your success. Many of my workouts I have ready for you are against the clock and have a measurable performance indicator built in (e.g. distance covered or repetitions performed) so you will see first-hand your improvement week on week.

Combined with a good diet (and I’ll tell you exactly what that really is too) I would expect to see measurable improvements in your level of fitness, muscle tone and body fat by week 4.

Each and every one of the workouts on this programme is scalable – you have to have a basic level of fitness to start but it can all be tailored to your unique starting point.

Rock-solid information is included on how to adapt workouts based on your level of fitness. All you need is a basic proficiency in bodyweight exercise such as press-ups, squats and pull ups. I will show you the rest.

A Practical Fitness Programme Free of Pointless 'Fluff!'

One of the things I knew I had to achieve with this programme was to make it simple to follow even if you have limited access to gym equipment.

The program demonstrates that you can achieve a high level of fitness without relying on exercise equipment. "Your body is your gym".   

About Your New Coach

Born in Bristol, England, in 1968, Patrick Dale realised very early that sports and
fitness were his world.

He studied hard at physical education at college, before working as a gym instructor and aerobics class teacher before. His commitment saw him quickly progress to management level.

Not long later he began personal training an elite group of clients - long before 'Personal Trainer' became a recognised job title.

Needing a new challenge he took a 5 year break from the Health & Fitness industry to join the Royal Marine Commandos – one of the most elite fighting forces in the world.

The British Royal Marines have a reputation for “training hard and fighting easy” and Patrick’s high level of fitness was tested to the extreme during his service. He saw active duty in many parts of the world including Northern Ireland.

He now has his own company in Cyprus called Solar Fitness Qualifications which provides courses for those wishing to follow in his footsteps.

As an enthusiastic sportsman, Patrick has been involved with and competed in a wide variety of activities including athletics, rugby, rock climbing, weightlifting, bodybuilding, triathlon, martial arts, trampolining and gymnastics.

Patrick's own methods mean he enjoys fitness levels most people can only dream about.

But today he's ready to pass on this unique approach to fitness to you.

If you're ready to test Patrick's exclusive brand-new training programme today click here.

This is a simple, effective and challenging approach to developing all round fitness. The programme will leave you fit for anything and looking amazing.

No, it’s not easy, but the workout grows with you.

It's based on a linear periodisation model in that it gets tougher week by week but, as you will see, it’s a model that gets results.

Sign up and you’re also in for a very big surprise.

These workouts are unusual - not the normal gym-based fare.  

Why I Love Being THIS Fit and Why You Will Too

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I look a lot better than many people half my age. And I like that. It feels good.

It’s something special to have the confidence that this level of fitness brings to every aspect of life.

But probably the best thing about being ‘Marine Fit’ is being able to eat properly. I eat well and often. I have never been on a restrictive diet. And with my advice you won’t have to either.

This 'Spartan Approach' to Fitness Is Like No Other

Although well equipped gyms are the norm in most Royal Marine and Royal Navy establishments, most Marines, me included, prefer to stick to a more Spartan approach to exercise and not be reliant on a gym.

This streamlined approach means that no matter where they are deployed, the Marines always have the resources to train, as they have no reliance on specialist exercise equipment.

Imagine the money you can save on expensive gym memberships and equipment with this programme.

Borne out of necessity, many of the training systems and workouts performed by the Marines, and carried through in to this book, are stripped down to the bare bones.

But what they lack in complexity, they more than make up for in intensity!

Physical fitness is more than just a job requirement in the Royal Marines – it’s a matter of personal pride. That sense of pride in your amazing new level of fitness will quickly pass to you when you get in on this programme. 

For a marine, knowing that a lack of fitness could have serious consequences on active deployment – not only for the individual but for also his fellow Marines – means that all ranks are virtually ‘religious’ about maintaining a high level of all-round fitness.

Let me show you what it feels like to be 'Marine Fit.' You'll feel and look better than you ever have in your life. The adrenaline you'll feel when this 'religious' impulse to stay as fit kicks in is something everyone serious about looking and feeling super-fit deserves to experience.

Are you willing to test it out completely risk free? Click here. Or read on to find out more about what you can achieve with my programme.

Get Results You’ve Only Dreamed of Without Endless Boring Repetition…

The variety of workouts on my Marine Fitness Programme is vast.

This is like having your very own World-Class trainer guiding you through workouts, producing big results while never becoming boring.

I use the workouts described in the book myself and also with students who I now train up to be personal trainers…

What You Can Expect To Achieve On My Programme

Sign-up today and stick with me as I guide you through the programme and you'll develop a lean, functional physique that will not be all show and go - a truly functional body.

This could prepare you for a life in the Royal Marines, whatever your age, but the important thing to me is that you will develop the sort of fitness the military prides itself on - a very rounded level of fitness that will make you fit and ready for anything. Sports, day-to-day living, survival challenges - you'll be able to take them in your stride. Effort-free.

Components of fitness – the making of a Royal Marine Commando and soon to be the making of you...

Survival and success in the Marines requires a broad range of physical fitness. Strength without aerobic fitness or vice versa is of little use, especially when your survival may depend on your ability to push your body to the maximum.

Both recruit training and subsequent physical training within the various units of the Royal Marines Commandos places emphasis on a variety of fitness components to ensure the men are truly fit for anything.

Royal Marine physical training means being ‘fit for a purpose’ so it’s very much the case of not training for ‘show’ but training for ‘go’.

So yes, Marines look extremely fit, but this is a by-product of the type of training they undertake as opposed to the aim.

This is what we will be working on if you join me to test this programme out today:

Muscular strength – defined as your ability to generate maximal force, strength is important for the performance of numerous difficult physical tasks such as carrying an injured comrade, manhandling heavy equipment and climbing ropes or rock faces.

As important as strength is, mobility and athleticism must be maintained, so strength training without excessive weight gain is vital. This leads to lean, muscular bodies unlike no other you'll have seen or experienced.

You can develop your strength by working out with weights and/or performing more challenging bodyweight exercises such as chin ups, single leg squats and single arm press ups.


Muscular endurance – your ability to perform multiple sub-maximal movements without undue fatigue is called muscular endurance.

Performing high-rep sets of bodyweight or weight training exercises, the repetitive leg action of running or cycling or throwing punch after punch when boxing are all examples of muscular endurance.

Muscular endurance is developed by performing circuit training and high rep (15 to 20+) weight training exercises. I will show you the workouts you need, in plain English with all the detail you need, to achieve the level of muscular endurance I have achieved as a Marine and beyond.


Muscular power – power is strength expressed at high speed and is an important factor in sprinting, running, jumping, throwing and punching. Sometimes called ‘explosive strength’, power is all about generating maximal force in minimal time.


Core strength – your core is the collective term used to describe your abdominals, waist muscles and lower back. Essentially your ‘natural girdle’, your core muscles support your spine and are important for both spine health and performance.

A strong core allows your body to transmit the efforts of your arms and legs through your midsection, eg keeping your body aligned while performing press ups. I will show you how to achieve levels of core muscle strength most people can't even imagine. And as an added bonus you’ll get the six pack that often comes with this sort of training!


Aerobic fitness – defined as your ability to take in, transport and utilise oxygen while exercising, aerobic fitness is important so that you can walk, run, jog, cycle, or swim for long periods of time.

The workouts in my programme focusing on your aerobic fitness are all about conditioning your lungs, heart, blood vessels and their ability to work together to keep your muscles supplied with essential oxygen.


Anaerobic fitness – anaerobic fitness describes your capacity to work very hard but for short periods of time, eg when sprinting, playing ‘stop-start’ sports such as squash or during bouts of unarmed combat.

Anaerobic activities produce lactic acid – the stuff that causes the burning sensation in your muscles. Anaerobic fitness is all about minimising the build up of lactic acid, learning to tolerate its effects and then clearing it quickly so that you can resume your chosen activity as soon as possible.

Anaerobic fitness also benefits your aerobic system as it must work harder than usual to help you recover between bouts of relatively short-lived activity. Anaerobic fitness is best developed by performing interval training and circuit training. This sort of workout is, of course, included in your programme.


Flexibility – defined as the range of movement available at a joint or group of joints, there is more to flexibility than your ability to touch your toes or perform rubber-limbed yoga poses.

Being adequately flexible will reduce your risk of injury – both acute and chronic – and allow your movements to be relaxed, fluid and economical.


Coordination, balance and proprioception – this final group of physical fitness characteristics describe how your body moves – you will  be taught how to master all of these skills on my programme:

  • coordination is your ability to move multiple limbs in a smooth and harmonious fashion
  • balance is your ability to keep your centre of mass over your base of support
  • proprioception is your innate sense of position awareness, ie being able to maintain good posture even though you cannot see the position of your lower back.

Each and every one of these core elements of fitness are covered on this programme, each and everyone is maximised to 'Marine Fitness' levels.

You will look and feel better than you ever have with noticeable improvements all around by week 4.

Ready to test this programme out? Click here now.

A quick look at one of my more unusual workouts - got a pack of cards?
You'll love this...

The deck of cards workout

Equipment: Deck of playing cards, exercise mat, skipping rope, stopwatch.
Duration: Against the clock.
Purpose: Whole body muscular endurance, aerobic conditioning.
Method: Take your deck of cards and give them a good shuffle. Turn the pack face down.

Turn the top card face up and perform the exercise allocated for the value of the card, eg 6 of hearts = 6 burpees, queen of clubs = 12 sit ups.

Work through the entire pack as fast as possible but only move on to the next card when you have completed all of the reps of your current card. If you get a run of high cards or same colour cards... well, sorry, that's bad luck!

Hearts = burpees
Diamonds = lunges
Spades = press ups
Clubs = bent leg sit ups
Jokers = 300 reps of skipping

Remember, this is just one small example of the sort of workout you can expect from this programme. I will tell you when to do what, how frequently, for how long and exactly why you're doing it as we work our way through each.

I hope that short example is showing you that, no, this isn't easy, but, yes, it is simple to follow, needs little in the way of equipment and isn't your average boring repetitive workout either!

Are you ready to test it out? If you're even slightly curious if this would make you look and feel better than your ever have before, I urge you to give it a try... and if you respond to this message today you can try this completely completely risk free.

Let me tell you more...

>Let me prove to YOU how good you will feel within 4 weeks of starting my programme - don't decide until you're 100% convinced!

Look, I know this works. I know this can make you feel fitter and look better than you ever have in your life. So do countless elite personal trainers and coaches I've trained already.

But the best way to prove it to you is simply to show you - so you can see for yourself.

That's why I've arranged for you to have a full 30 days to have my marine fitness training programme 'Fighting Fit' and test it out.

As I've said, you will feel and see the results within 4 weeks, so you can take that whole period to follow the programme and get yourself well on the way to marine fitness levels. Without committing to anything.

In other words commit to nothing now!

Both I and everyone at Peak Performance, who are publishing my programme and underwriting my guarantee,want you to be 100% convinced that you can make a life-changing difference to your fitness levels with this information.

And we don't want a penny off you unless you are completely happy.

So, if for any reason whatsoever, you feel Fighting Fit isn't right for you, simply let us know within 30 days for a full, unconditional refund - no hard feelings, no question asked.

But I am confident you will discover the workouts you are about to gain access to will make a life changing difference to your fitness levels, appearance and confidence.

Click the 'add to cart' button below to order your copy of Fighting Fit for just $34.99 (£21.69)!

The complete programme will be available to you right away and is in a digital format.

I really cannot wait to hear about how you feel when you are as fit as me.

Yours in sport,
Patrick Dale

Order Now

PS - This programme will give you a high level of all-round conditioning, which will result in you being ‘fit for anything’, feeling and looking better than you ever have in your life.

Combining many elements of Marine training, for example, a simplified stripped down approach to exercise and the bootneck workout ethos or ‘train hard, fight easy’, this programme addresses the major fitness components including your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscular strength, power and endurance, flexibility and coordination.

Remember it's totally risk free to give it a try.

Cards photo © Adrian van Leen for CC:PublicDomain.

Price: $34.99
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