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The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit

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Are you functionally fit? Go on, be honest. It’s just you and me here…

You see, there are two kinds of athlete in this world.

The first ones are the ‘gym fit’ athletes. You know, the ones who stroll around the gym looking good and giving the impression they’re very fit, even when they’re on the treadmill and talking to their friends on their mobile phones.

Well I’m telling you now… Forget about being ‘gym fit’. In certain cases it can be useful for building fitness, but it won’t give you the essential strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and all-round power you need when it really matters.
So if you want to be really fit, and by that I mean having all-round fitness (speed, strength, power and flexibility throughout your body – in other words, functional fitness), then you need to follow an unusual but highly effective workout programme that’s taken the world by storm.

The name of this remarkable programme? CrossFit, probably the most effective way to achieving all-round fitness available today.

What Exactly Is CrossFit? And How Can It Help You Enjoy Full-Body Fitness?

CrossFit is a strength, conditioning and overall physical fitness-boosting programme based on constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.

CrossFit includes a mix of aerobic exercise, gymnastics (body weight exercises), and Olympic-style weight lifting, and as such is the ultimate fitness programme.

The aim of CrossFit training is to create total body fitness, and the skills to give you maximum performance advantage, whatever you need them for (and when you need them most).
In layman’s terms, making sure your body is prepared for any physical challenge, not just the unknown, but also the unknowable.

But I Have To Warn You… CrossFit Training Is Hardcore, not for the faint hearted

CrossFit training is intense – very, very intense – and is not for everyone. You need to have a decent level of fitness before you start doing it, and plenty of guts and courage, because if you don’t do it right you could be seriously injured.

This makes it vitally important to follow best practice, and use the right training methods at the right time for the right results.

Which Is Why The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit Will Help You Get It Right And Get Functionally Fit…

The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit (written by leading sports training expert John Shepherd) is your ideal starting-point, a downloadable guide that provides you with a unique exercise programme for fully functional training, and designed to get your body fighting fit.

In The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit you’ll find sections on the fundamentals of functional movement and functionally integrated exercises for your upper and lower body, as well as plenty of core and plenty of CrossFit inspired workouts.

The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit Taking You To Your Limits And Beyond

The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit is the ideal programme for serious athletes looking to re-engineer and strengthen their body so it’s ready for any action or movement when you need it to be.
This is because functional training works your entire body in synergy to complete a movement or a series of movements.

These exercises will help you climb and negotiate obstacles, develop great upper body strength and total body awareness. You’ll find sections on the fundamentals of functional movement and functionally integrated exercises for your upper and lower body and core and plenty of CrossFit inspired workouts.

With numerous exercises and functional workouts The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit will catapult your body from a fit to a functional state – and ready for anything.
These are tough demanding workouts. So if you think it’s all about lifting huge weights to challenge your body, or something similar, then you’re in for a huge shock – and a life-changing workout experience.

Here’s What Else You’ll Discover In The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit

How ‘Coach’ (the father of this unique programme) developed this breakthrough CrossFit exercise system (who ‘Coach’ is, what he studied, plus the ‘X Factor’ he added to create the workout system used by hundreds of thousands of committed athletes worldwide – pages 5-6)

The revolutionary ‘WOD’ body-shaping workout (what it is, how it works and why this ‘calling-card system’ designed to make you fit for everything and builds your core fitness fast… INCLUDES: a sample 7-point daily workout plan on page 3…)

The integral and dynamic part of all CrossFit workouts (but be careful! This is not easy to learn safely, although well worth the effort, as it tests your entire body and all its energy systems. See what it involves and how to train with it safely and effectively on page 4)

What’s the best DIET for maximum athletic gains with your CrossFit training programme? (INCLUDES: which food group you should consume more of than in other training programmes – a real shocker but fantastic for power athletes in particular – full details are on page 4…)

The Ten Commandments of CrossFit according to ‘Coach’, and how you can apply them to your daily training programmes for maximum gains (PLUS: which athletes are the fastest at learning new sports, which athletes are stronger than others, and what the world’s most successful athletes – including Usain Bolt – rely on in their exercise science training programmes – all is revealed on page 5)

CROSSFIT – Your Questions Answered – by Andrew Stemler, a top London trainer (INCLUDES: advice for anyone taking up CrossFit, how to start training the right way from Day One, is CrossFit dangerous for your health, and much more… pages 5-6)

Time to get started: Andrew Stemler’s ‘Cindy’ CrossFit workout – IN DETAIL…Are you tough enough to handle it in one hit? (the reps, the rounds, the rest periods, the timings, the muscle groups worked – it’s all on page 6)

John Shepherd’s 12-part 'Paula' CrossFit Training Routine (This will test every part of your fitness, strength, power, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, and leave you ‘fit for everything’ – details on page 7…)

Getting functional – what is and what is not ‘functional’? (and the key exercises essential for your ‘functional training armoury’ with how to develop your leg size – pages 8-9)

What not to do when training for a sport of specific goal (this flies in the face of ‘conventional training wisdom’, but it works! See for yourself on page 10)
Want to build up your speed? Then check out the detailed 10-day training schedule on pages 11-12

Why you should dump this ‘waste of time’ training routine, especially if you want to build a 6-pack (and what you should do instead to get that ‘ripped’ look – pages 12-14)

KEY EXERCISE PROGRAMMES to follow in your daily workout which work all your muscles and energy systems (also included in this section are combined aerobic and anaerobic workout options, with squats, dips and deadlifts – all illustrated, all easy to follow, all VERY effective – pages 15-20)

Two simple tips to develop chin-up and pull-up strength (what you should aim for in these workouts, and develop your eccentric strength in the process – page 19)

The major feature of CrossFit workouts (CLUE: this can be performed using a bar or, if you’re feeling strong, gymnastic rings – see what it is on pages 20-22…)

A powerful gymnastic style exercise to get your lower abs and hip-flexors firing on all cylinders (the best part? You don’t need any gym equipment to use this… pages 22-23)

The best of both worlds – how to combine aerobic AND anaerobic options in your workouts (these are vital to turn you into a fully-functional CrossFit athlete, with sample ‘CV booster’ workouts combining running tracks and flat surfaces – details on pages 23-24)

The all-important Resistance Exercises, the ‘Holy Grail’ of CrossFit training (swings, clean and jerks, high pulls, snatches and two bonus ‘X Factor’ routines perfect for CrossFit insiders – pictures, descriptions, variations – you get them all on pages 24-28)

Only have a few minutes to train? Want to get maximum workout benefit in minimum time? (Then go straight to pages 28-30 for this ‘warp-speed whole body workout’ programme…)

How to crank up your body’s natural energies to make you ‘ready for anything’ (PLUS: training systems sets, drop sets, and the reps and exercise combinations that are designed to increase the intensity of your workouts – pages 31-34)

Simple exercise templates you can incorporate into your routines (these include compound workouts which use more than one joint, and boost your workout progress – see what they are on pages 35-36)

Advanced Functional Workouts for Intermediate and Top-Level CrossFit training gains (these workouts are based on four key workout tools and give you the ultimate workout and a great all-round challenge – full disclosure, reps, descriptions and pictures, on pages 37-46)

The super-fast ‘mixed-bag’ circuit training workout, which gets easier the more you get tired! (This one requires a few pieces of exercise equipment, but it’s well worth the effort – pictures, reps and walk-throughs on pages 47-49)

The 5/10/15/20 x 2 circuit-training workout which uses two different sequences to challenge your muscles from a variety of angles (this is mainly a bodyweight training sessions – but with an unusual and unique ‘twist’ – pages 49-52)

How to increase your power output – and maintain it during crucial moments (there are three keys to these exercises – one which is obvious, and the other two are, well, unusual… See what else is crucial to this workout on pages 52-54)

Back-to-back exercises and complexes which allow you to get lots of work done in a short time (and the key component to add to the training and workout mix – pages 54-56)

ATTENTION: Fighters and Mixed Martial Artists – here’s the perfect workout to help you become a functionally-fit fighter FAST (this will make you strong, powerful, athletic, lean AND have sky-high VO2 max scores, AND… you don’t have to get punched, kicked or hit to achieve these gains! See how to benefit from this workout on pages 56-58)

• And much, much more…

The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit Try It For Yourself Risk-Free…

Your investment to receive The Functional Fitness Training Toolkit is available to you for only $29.99. At that incredible price, one thing is certain. If you follow the functional training and fitness plan, you will get the all-round fitness you want without breaking the bank.

Price: $29.99
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