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How to Improve Your Agility

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“Want to swing a bat, golf club or racquet – or a boxing glove – more powerfully and accurately than ever?

Then you need to read this report…”

Dear Athlete,

I’m pleased to introduce the first in a series of brand new sports training reports, available for you today in PDF format.

How to Improve Your Agility: training methods and programmes, deals with an aspect of sports performance that is (1) highly trainable, yet (2) neglected by many athletes and their coaches.

That’s because agility is so often taken for granted – and under-estimated in terms of its central importance to sports performance.

OK, some examples are obvious:

  • the agility required by a boxer to avoid his opponent’s blows and land effective punches of his own
  • a racket sports player’s ability to reach and hit winning shots from anywhere on the court
  • a rugby player’s ability to side-step an opponent, turn in a second, and to make try-scoring opportunities – or try-saving tackles

In actual fact, agility is important in many other competitive situations… even in sports where you might think it wasn’t...

Take marathon runners, for instance. You might think that specific agility work is not necessary for them. But you’d be mistaken.

Because marathoners and other endurance athletes can benefit considerably from agility training. This is because everything else being equal, the more agile the marathon runner the faster they will be. Specifically they will be ‘lighter’ on their feet, more propulsive, quicker and more dynamic.

Done the right way, agility training can even make you less prone to injury.

That’s because agility training drills will ‘pre-condition’ you – i.e. prepare your body for the rigors of playing and training – thus making soft tissue (ligaments, muscles and tendons) more injury resilient. They also do this by improving balance, proprioception, kinesthetic awareness, and specific strength.

Because improved agility is so fundamental to top-level sports performance across so many sports, I’m sure this report will be of great interest to athletes and coaches.

And all the more so when you find out who has written it:

John Shepherd, a regular contributor to our sports training reports has had a lifetime involvement in sport, health and fitness:

  • He was a regular member of the Great Britain and England athletic teams as a long jumper in the eighties and nineties. Indeed, he still competes at master’s level and has won National, European and World championship medals.
  • Also a sports centre manager for over 10 years, John holds numerous professional, academic, sports and leisure qualifications, including a PE and Masters degree.
  • As a journalist John has been a regular contributor to Peak Performance’s monthly newsletter and has written or edited six other special reports on: speed training, speed training for masters, horizontal and vertical jumping, cycling and boosting your acceleration.

As a subscriber to our website, you can now profit from John’s many years of experience at a fraction of what it would cost to consult with him direct.

NB: You won't even have to wait around for the postman because you’ll get your PDF workbook within 24 hours of completing your order – so you can start profiting right away from the agility training information it contains.

John is a highly experienced, sports conditioning professional who has worked with elite athletes across a range of different sports. So you can be sure his advice is informed, up-to-date – and highly pertinent to all athletes, no matter which sport they may play.

Here are just some of the fascinating facts about agility training you’ll learn exclusively from John’s report:

  • Why should marathon runners also do agility training? (p. 1)
  • How can poor agility hold back your sports performance? (p. 7)
  • How can mental training improve our levels of agility? (p. 7)
  • Why is good agility the key to injury avoidance in so many sports? (p. 18)
  • What does agility consist of – and how can you use this knowledge to enhance sports performance? (p. 5)
  • Which weight training exercises are most effective in improving agility? (p. 15)
  • Which agility exercises are best for developing ‘fast feet’ in footballers and other field sport players? (p. 22)

and much, much more…

Your copy of How to Improve Your Agility: training methods and programmes also comes complete with tables and diagrams, where needed, to supplement the explanatory text. In short, everything you need to put an end to any confusion on the subject.

So now you can be a faster, more agile, more successful athlete – one who can train harder and longer without risking over-training or serious injury, and compete at a higher level than ever.

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. Read on and you’ll see why.

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Comprehending Agility – how much do you understand what lies underneath this core performance skill?

Agility can be trained like any other component of sports performance -- but first one needs to understand precisely what agility is.

Because there’s more to this core performance skill than one might think…

So in the first section of How to Improve Your Agility: training methods and programmes we break agility down into each of its principal constituent parts., and show how each of these can be trained. Our discussion pays particular attention to the following three factors:

  • proprioception
  • kinaesthetic awareness
  • neural factors

It’s essential stuff for anyone wanting to improve agility – and lift their sporting performance.

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Improving Agility – do you know how to do it the right way?

Agility training often dissects a specific sports skill. For example, the fast stepping ability required of a rugby player, and breaks it down into its constituent parts. These are then specifically trained. Doing this will pattern and condition a heightened physical, neural, sports-specific response.

In the second section of How to Improve Your Agility: training methods and programmes we tell you exactly how to do this, focusing on three key aspects of agility:

  • whole body agility
  • lower body agility
  • visual acuity agility

The discussion is illustrated throughout with reference to specific agility exercises that can be performed by footballers, sprinters and in a number of other competitive arenas.

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Turning Strength into Agility – the secrets of weight training for sporting success

Weight training alone will provide only a minimal contribution to improving agility. Stronger muscles created, for example, by squatting will not necessarily lead to quicker turns. Rather, the strength gained in the weights room needs to be channelled into actual sports skill.

However, some weight training exercises have a greater agility relevance than others in that they are more sport specific.

So in How to Improve Your Agility: training methods and programmes we identify two exercises that produce great foundation strength for developing explosive torso power.

We also provide a number of other sports conditioning tips, using speed balls, Tornado balls, bungees and plyometrics. In each case we provide all the details you need to perform the exercises correctly, right down to the optimal number of reps and sets.

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Sample Agility-Boosting Workouts – getting down to the nitty-gritty

The final section of How to Improve Your Agility: training methods and programmes is where the report comes together. Having discussed what agility is, and how best to train for it, we complete the picture by providing the actual workouts.

In all, 3 programmes are detailed – each of them designed with a different objective in mind:

  • Agility Workout 1 aims to develop agility (and strength) in runners of all speeds (also great as a specific warm up for all agility, power and speed training workouts)
  • Agility Workout 2 is designed to develop fast feet and agility in field sport players
  • Agility workout 3 is intended to condition and enhance lower body agility potential in most sports players

Yes! Everything you need to take your agility to a whole new level – without having to pay hundreds of pounds or dollars to a specialist personal trainer. We tell you what to do – and how to do it right.

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My Personal Guarantee of Satisfaction: Success in 30 Days… or Your Money Back

Order your copy of How to Improve Your Agility: training methods and programmes TODAY at the special early bird price of $24.99 (£15.49) (RRP: US$44.99/£28). You save US$20 by being quick off the mark.

Remember, because it’s a PDF report, you are guaranteed to receive it within 1 working day of completing your order.

Then read it from cover to cover (it’s a concise 24 pages, so won’t take you long…), and put our expert findings to work for you for a full 30 days.

At the end of that time judge for yourself how much better an athlete you are. If you don’t feel you’re fitter and faster in a month, then return the book to me for a full refund.

I’ll return every penny you’ve paid promptly – and without question. It’s the least I can do in return, given you showed such commitment to your sport.

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Yours sincerely

Sylvester Stein

Chairman: Peak Performance

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