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How to Improve Your Hitting and Striking

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“Want to swing a bat, golf club or racquet – or a boxing glove – more powerfully and accurately than ever?

Then you need to read this report…”

Dear Athlete,

Hitting and striking well are key components of a multitude of sports. The knock out punch supplied by a boxer is perhaps its most dynamic manifestation. Then again, a 100 mph tennis serve or 300-yard golf drive come pretty close.

And, as every cricket, squash, baseball and badminton player knows, a missed shot – or mis-hit ball – can cost you dear in competitive terms.

That’s why I’ve made hitting and striking the subject of our third Peak Performance Specific Training Series workbook.

How to Improve Your Hitting and Striking is 100% focussed on helping you hit and strike better than ever – be it with a bat, a racquet, a golf club… or boxing glove. In just 26 pages we explain just what it means for athletes to hit and strike at their best, how to go about honing this crucial sporting skill, then give you some very practical exercise programmes you can put to good use – without paying through the nose for specialist one-on-one advice.

NB: The report is concise, readable – and packed with proven sports conditioning tips. Because it’s available to you as a PDF download, you can put the ideas it contains into practice right away…

…and steal a march on your competitors!

Because hitting and striking are so fundamental to top-level sports performance across a wide range of sports, I’m sure this report will be of great interest to both athletes and coaches.

And all the more so when you find out who has written it:

  • John Shepherd is a regular contributor to our sports training reports. His lifetime involvement in sport, health and fitness makes him eminently qualified to advise other athletes on how they can achieve new levels of sporting success.
  • He was a regular member of the Great Britain and England athletic teams as a long jumper in the eighties and nineties. Indeed, he still competes at master’s level and has won National, European and World championship medals.
  • Also a sports centre manager for over 10 years, John holds numerous professional, academic, sports and leisure qualifications, including a PE and Masters degree.
  • As a journalist John has been a regular contributor to Peak Performance’s monthly newsletter and has written or edited six other special reports on: speed training, speed training for masters, horizontal and vertical jumping, cycling and improving your agility.

As a subscriber to our website , you can now profit from John’s many years of experience at a fraction of what it would cost to consult with him direct.

NB: You won't even have to wait around for the postman because you’ll get your PDF workbook within 24 hours of completing your order – so you can start profiting right away from the hitting and striking training information it contains.

John is a highly experienced sports conditioning professional who has worked with elite athletes across a range of different sports. So you can be sure his advice is informed, up-to-date – and highly pertinent to all athletes, no matter which sport they may play.

Here are just some of the fascinating facts about training for radically improved hitting and striking you’ll learn exclusively from John’s report:

  • What role do the legs play in developing an enhanced hitting response? (p. 7)
  • What are the two ‘keys’ to successfully training hitting and striking skills? (p. 7)
  • How do the 3 anaerobic energy pathways apply to different hitting sports? (p. 8)
  • What is the value of heavy resistance training to power generation? (p. 9)
  • Why is it essential to be ‘in the zone’ before starting strength training for hitting and striking? (p. 9)
  • What’s the key criterion for choosing weight-training exercises for ‘hitting sports’? (p. 14)

and much, much more…

Your copy of How to Improve Your Hitting and Striking also comes complete with tables and diagrams, where needed, to supplement the explanatory text. In short, everything you need to put an end to any confusion on the subject.

So now you can be a faster, more agile, more successful athlete – one who can train harder and longer without risking over-training or serious injury, and compete at a higher level than ever.

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. Read on and you’ll see why.

Understanding How Best to Condition Athletes for Improved Hitting and Striking

Skill is crucial to anyone involved in a hitting sport. Golfers, racquets sport players, boxers, baseball players and martial artists all require consummate mastery of their specific sports skills in order to produce winning performance.

However, your ability to execute the appropriate hitting or striking action is itself a function of strength and stamina. Skill can all too quickly deteriorate otherwise. So what we discuss in the first section of How to Improve Your Hitting and Striking is how best to develop the ‘right’ strength to have you hitting longer, harder – and with a greatly reduced risk of injury regardless of your sport.

First we examine the dependency of selected hitting sports on specific hitting conditioning – because this reflects the extent to which performing a conditioning exercise in training will directly benefit the power of a punch, forehand or golf drive (its sports application). The crucial point is this: the speed of most hitting and striking movements in sport, be they swinging a baseball bat or a golf club, renders impossible the idea of identifying a conditioning exercise that applies across more or all sports.

Instead, increasing hitting power requires (1) the development of powerful muscles and (2) the channelling of improved power potential into improved performance by the use of much more specialised exercises, specific hitting skill practice and a carefully constructed training plan. In How to Improve Your Hitting and Striking we explain how best to achieve this.

NB: without understanding all the physical components and requirements of your hitting sport and training specifically, you will not optimise your hitting power. We discuss how best to achieve this.

Along the way we discuss the fundamental role that the legs – yes, the legs! – play in improving an athlete’s ability to hit and strike, the value of heavy resistance training in this regard, and the crucial role of nutrition in achieving your training goals.

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Improving Your Hitting & Striking: what’s the right way to do it… and what’s the wrong way?

In this next section of How to Improve Your Hitting and Striking we get straight into the nitty-gritty. What’s the best way to improve your hitting and striking abilities?

And what are the training pitfalls you need to be aware of?

The discussion centres on a number of specific conditioning exercises and methods – starting from the ground up, with a number of pre-conditioning exercises.

Pre-conditioning (or pre-training) is a relatively new concept in sports training; basically it refers to the need to ‘train to train’, thus avoiding injury. During pre-conditioning workouts the emphasis is placed on protecting and strengthening body parts in order to increase their tolerance and sports readiness. Pre-conditioning should form an integral part of the hitting sports athlete’s training programme. Various drills and exercises should be performed throughout the training year and these should reflect the athlete’s sport and their physical needs – for example, a requirement to strengthen a body part that has been previously injured.

In this section of How to Improve Your Hitting and Striking we identify and explain a number of body weight, resistance and plyometric (jumping) exercises designed to pre-condition and condition hitting athletes. Sixteen in all – so you’re guaranteed to find something you can use, whatever your sport.

We also show you how to get even better results, by combining weight training with plyometrics.

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Sample Training Workouts for Improved Hitting and Striking: it’s the real deal

The final section of How to Improve Your Hitting and Striking is where the report comes together.

Having discussed hitting and striking, and how best to train for them, we complete the picture by providing several actual workouts – four in total – each of them designed with a different objective in mind:

  • Workout 1 is a general pre-conditioning torso-focused workout suitable for all hitting athletes
  • Workout 2 is an explosive power developing upper body workout which could be used by numerous athletes involved in sports that require powerful upper-body movements. With variation it will provide a foundation of power that can be channelled into sports performance.
  • Workout 3 is a tennis conditioning/pre-conditioning programme, that could be used with variation (to set and rep number) to maintain condition and reduce injury potential throughout the playing seasons.
  • Workout 4 is designed to improve punching/hitting power for boxers and martial artists and rugby players. Although similar to workout 2, it uses the power combination methodology to enhance the power output of fast twitch muscle fibre in the upper body..

So there you have it. Everything you need to take your hitting and striking to a whole new level – without having to pay hundreds of pounds or dollars to a specialist personal trainer.

In a nutshell: we tell you what to do – and how to do it right.

My Personal Guarantee of Satisfaction: Success in 30 Days… or Your Money Back

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