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Key Elements of Fitness #6 - Local Muscle Endurance

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Local Muscle Endurance – a single muscle’s ability to perform sustained work (eg rowing or cycling)

This training workbook devoted to understanding local muscle endurance and training for increased local muscle endurance is a part of our Essential Fitness series of nine workbooks, each dedicated to one crucial element of overall fitness and performance. These reports are available in convenient PDF format for immediate download. No waiting for delivery! The official price of this workbook is $15, but through our special offer, you'll pay only $8.99 (£5.57)!

Local Muscle Endurance

Do your muscles have what it takes to last the course?

In Local Muscular Endurance report we provide a wealth of practical advice on how your can build greater levels of local muscle endurance.

For cyclists and other endurance athletes we explain how best to plan one’s training for year-round success. Then there’s a special section on hill training that explains the benefits of this specialised form of conditioning, complete with practical examples of sessions you can do for long, medium and short hills.

In our circuit training section, we explain how to go about designing a circuit training session to meet your individual needs, including the specifics of which exercises to do and in what order.

In our final section we give full details of a test swimmers can use to determine the appropriate target time for each repetition of a swimmer’s aerobic training session.

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