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Key Elements of Fitness #7 - Cardiovascular Endurance

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Cardiovascular Endurance – the heart’s ability to deliver blood to working muscles and their ability to use it. (eg running long distances)

This training workbook devoted to understanding cardiovascular endurance and how you can train for it is a part of our Essential Fitness series of nine workbooks, each dedicated to one crucial element of overall fitness and performance. These reports are available in convenient PDF format for immediate download. No waiting for delivery! The official price of this workbook is $15, but through our special offer, you'll pay only $8.99 (£5.57)!

Cardiovascular Endurance

Do you have what it takes to last the course?

Ask any committed runner what’s the biggest challenge you face in chasing your weekly mileage target, and you’ll probably get the same answer: boredom. So in Cardiovascular Endurance we show you how to go about using changes in pace and running environment to weave more interest into your long runs – and how such tricks of the trade can lead to rapid improvements in performance.

We also explain how you can improve your stride length and frequency, and how to breathe more effectively when running. This section on running economy includes specific exercises and routines.

Then our focus switches to maximal intermittent exercise sports like football. We look at the energy demands such sports place on competitors, how energy is supplied to the cardiovascular system and how best to train for these demands.

Finally, we share details of a handy test for predicting your VO2max. Use it to find out how much better you’ll be able to perform with some specific training targeted at eliminating any fitness weaknesses you might have.

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