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Key Elements of Fitness #8 - Strength Endurance

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Strength Endurance – a muscle’s ability to perform a maximum contraction time after time(continuous explosive rebounding through an entire basketball game)

This training workbook devoted to understanding strength endurance and strength endurance training is a part of our Essential Fitness series of nine workbooks, each dedicated to one crucial element of overall fitness and performance. These reports are available in convenient PDF format for immediate download. No waiting for delivery! The official price of this workbook is $15, but through our special offer, you'll pay only $8.99 (£5.57)!

Strength Endurance

Can you sustain your power output right up to the finish line?

Strength endurance is the specific form of strength displayed in activities that require a relatively long duration of muscle tension with minimal decrease in efficiency. Sports that involve strength endurance are numerous in nature, from the rower to the swimmer to the wrestler on the mat.

It is not always the strongest athlete who wins in all cases, rather the one that can sustain the most power over the full term of the activity. Therefore, development of all the various types of muscle fibres benefits the athlete.

While it’s predominantly the fast twitch muscle fibres that create maximum power output in the explosive sports such as sprinting and weightlifting, slow twitch fibres are the prime fibre cells used in long distance aerobic events.

Combining and training these two types of fibres at all speeds and angles produces strength endurance.

With this objective in mind, the Strength Endurance report identifies and explains the best training methods for fast twitch motor units. Our analysis deals with the differing requirements of ‘power athletes’ and ‘endurance athletes’ alike. We also explain the techniques of continuous, interval and resistance training.

Throughout the report, the emphasis is on practical, easy-to-implement exercises with illustrative diagrams and tables.

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