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Muscle Builder Training Plan

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“At last! The real ‘secrets’ of building solid muscle can be yours – no jargon, no bull-dust theories… just the scientific facts…”

This 90-day program tells you exactly what to do… how to do it… and why. And it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can’t lose.

Dear Athlete,

Most sports players – whether they’re serious athletes, or the ‘keep fit’ variety – want to gain muscle.

The trouble is, building muscle is not as easy as it sounds. Many people, particularly those with a slim physique, find it hard to gain and retain muscle mass.

What’s more, there’s so much nonsense talked about weight training nowadays that it’s easy to get confused by the variety of opinions out there. Which exercises are best? How many reps and sets should one do? How often should I train each week? How do I combine strength training with my cardio-vascular training? Should I take supplements – and if I do, which ones are safe… and which are simply a waste of money?

Everywhere you look, it seems someone’s trying to convince you that only they know the right way to do it. It’s SO confusing…

That’s why at Peak Performance we decided it was time to set the record straight – the best way we know how. To design a proper muscle building course ourselves, from scratch.

The result: The Peak Performance 3-month Muscle Builder Training Plan.

What sets this program apart from the rest? In a word: science. Or, more specifically, sports science. Because at Peak Performance we’ve been publishing the very best sports science training tips and techniques for years – via our web site and monthly newsletter, and in a host of special reports and workbooks.

So you can be sure that every word of the Muscle Builder Training Plan rests on a solid, proven scientific foundation. And that you’ll get the definitive answers to such key questions as:

  • Which exercises are best at building muscle fast? (p. 1)
  • How do you know if you’re lifting the right amount of weight for you – neither too light, nor too heavy? (p. 3)
  • Why is the speed at which you lift weights so important for gaining muscle? (p. 2)
  • What’s the right way to integrate nutrition into your weight training? (p. 6)
  • How much muscle can you expect to gain each month? (p. 1)
  • Which is the one supplement you should consider if you want to gain muscle quickly? (p. 7)
  • What’s the right mix of cardio-vascular training with weight training? (p. 10)
  • Why will women benefit from doing less cardio, and more weights? (p. 7)
  • How do ‘dynamic movements’ benefit your weight training program? (p. 11)
  • What role can mental exercises play in building strength and muscle? (p. 5)
  • How do you know if you’re targeting the ‘right’ muscle fibre in your training? (p. 3)
  • Why should you reconsider the use of fat burners when weight training? (p. 7)
  • What’s the ‘key’ to getting the maximum benefit from supplements? (p.9)
  • Why is it essential to include nutrition in both your warm-up and warm-down sessions? (p. 12)
  • How can periodisation principles help you to maximise muscle growth? (p. 16)

In short, everything you need to know about how to build muscle quickly and safely – and to keep it.

And because it’s available to you as a PDF download, you can put the ideas it contains into practice right away…


Where else can you find such cutting-edge advice in one place – and all of it based on the very latest sports science research?

As some of our recent customers put it:

I like to know that I am getting information that the average person doesn’t. This makes me feel like I’m one step ahead of my competition.”

Gary Barnes, Triathlete, Australia

“Peak Performance has meant I can outrun 25 year-olds on the basketball court for over 2 hours (I am 43!) A highly reliable source of information that can explain the science behind improving and sustaining athletic performance without unnecessary technicality. It certainly makes me sound smarter when I talk about all things related to athletics.”

Sermet Yalcinkaya, Basketball Player, Canada

“Training advice from Peak Performance has helped me to improve by using the correct exercises and strategies. I have also learned to get the maximum training effect with less time spent than in the past.”

“A must for anyone wanting to keep abreast with the latest knowledge on sports performance.”

Geoff Lienert, Distance Runner, New Zealand

“Academically rigorous, topical, 'elite' standard sports research. Translates research findings into easy to follow, practical, training and racing guidelines and tips.”

Stephen Cardiff, CEO, Masters Swimming Australia

If you’re really serious about achieving your maximum sporting potential, maybe it’s time to take advantage of the latest muscle-building science – and steal a march on your competitors!

Get your copy of the Muscle Builder Training Plan TODAY, at our special, 42% discount, price. What’s more, you’ve got 30 days in the convenience of your own home or sports club to decide whether or not you want to keep the program or return it for a full refund.

So make sure you order your copy TODAY.

Yours sincerely


Jonathan Pye
Publisher: Peak Performance

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Building muscle – what you need to know before you lift a single weight

The heart of the Muscle Builder Training Plan is a 3-month, step-by-step training programme – everything you need to know to build bigger, stronger, better balanced and more powerful muscles.

Each of the three training plan months has its designated exercises and systems, designed to lift muscle growth and fitness progressively, safely and systematically. We even provide you with a pre-designed training diary form, so you can record your progress fully and accurately.

But to get the maximum benefit out of all the time and effort you put into training, you first need to spend a little time getting to understand the fundamentals of muscle-building, nutrition, warming up (and warming down), getting the right balance between building muscle and cardio-vascular training.

So the first section of Muscle Builder Training Plan is devoted to explaining the fundamentals of how muscles work – specifically how to train for maximum muscular development. It’s essential information if you are to get the most from the plan.

Here you’ll learn how to target the right muscle fibre to build muscle; how to determine what’s the right amount of weight to lift safely for maximum gain (too much is unsafe; too little will slow your progress); how to vary the speed with which you lift a weight in order to meet your training goals; how to vary your training so as to ‘trick’ your body into increasing the speed of muscle growth; and how to harness the power of growth hormones to help you gain weight.

Then we explain the secrets of using different kinds of weight training ‘systems’, depending on the training effect you’re seeking. Most weight trainers and coaches only know 3, maybe 4 of these systems. In the Muscle Builder Training Plan we detail 7 different ones.

Finally we show you how, by using some simple mental ‘tricks’, you can boost your body’s capacity for lifting weight – and gain muscle more quickly as a result.

It’s powerful stuff!

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Nutrition for Optimal Muscle Gain: you are what you eat, so be sure to provide your body with what it needs

If you want to boost muscle size, you need to do more than simply lift weights. As well as doing the right training you need to feed them and the rest of your body with the right nutrition. The information provided in this next section of Muscle Builder Training Plan provides you with the essential foundation of information you need to know.

You’ll learn how much protein and fat you need – depending on your weight and gender. You’ll also learn the crucial differences between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fats – and how to make sure you avoid the latter!

Then we discuss the important issue of so-called ‘micro-nutrients’ – the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that are so crucial to building muscle mass given the additional stresses that weight training imposes on the body. We tell you which ones to take, and which foodstuffs are the best daily source of them.

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Weight Gain Supplements: essential ingredients of a successful program… or a complete waste of time?

Few issues are more contentious in the weight lifting community than the issue of supplements. Frankly, a lot of what is said can be coloured by the commercial reality that supplements are a big industry for food manufacturers.

So in the Muscle Builder Training Plan we tackle this thorny issue head-on. But we do it the scientific way – presenting the findings of sports science research into the question.

Our conclusion? In a nutshell it’s this: yes, some supplements can enhance your muscle building – however they will be much less effective if you do not follow a healthy balanced diet. But not all supplements are worth the effort… or the money.

To find out which supplements you should consider taking – and which you can avoid – read our Muscle Builder Training Plan.

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Combining Cardio with Weight Training: a mistake… or the route to a more powerful body?

CV training improves your heart and lung efficiency, and reduces the risk of numerous diseases. However, for muscle building, too much focus could compromise muscle gain. That’s because the body ends up in a ‘confused state’ caused by trying to train two different energy systems at the same time (the aerobic and the anaerobic).

As muscle gain is the aim of the Peak Performance Muscle Builder Training Plan, your fast twitch muscle fibres need to be targeted in order to stimulate them to grow. Doing too much CV work is a bit like throwing a blanket over these attempts.

So in this section we tell you how to avoid this compromise.

The CV training tips and training suggestions provided in this section are designed to improve the way your body looks and to complement your muscle building weight training. In particular, the specific interval training workouts will develop some muscle mass, tone and power, as they involve fast movements and the need to overcome moderate to heavy resistance. In a way they are not that dissimilar to weight training. They’re also going to elevate your metabolic rate, which, when combined with all your other workouts, will up your calorie burning on a day-to-day basis.

The bottom line: training this way will contribute toward building a lean, muscled, balanced and athletic physique.

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Warm-up and Warm-down Routines That Help You Build More Muscle

The way you warm up and warm down can enhance your muscle building and improve your training consistency. The right warm-up reduces the incidence of injury and allows you to accommodate more weight.

The right warm-down clears your muscles of chemicals that build up after a tough workout, such as lactate (lactic acid). Lactate is produced at all times in the body and is used to create energy. Its levels increase with exercise. However, when you perform a very intense workout its levels accumulate to a point when it can no longer be re-absorbed and re-used to create energy.

A warm down will increase blood flow and start to flush the muscles of these body chemicals and reduce the potential for soreness and stiffness.

But that’s not all…

Warming down also assists protein growth. It speeds up the growth of new muscle building protein in your recovery periods by flushing the muscles with nutrient-rich blood supplies. Stretching can assist this process and will help to elongate muscles.

So in the Muscle Builder Training Plan we tell you how to construct a program for warm-up and warm-down that will help you get the best out of your 90-day program.

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Understanding The 3 Muscle Building Workouts

The final section of the Muscle Builder Training Plan is where the programme comes together. It’s where we get to the nitty-gritty.

Having discussed muscle building, and how best to train for it, we complete the picture by providing full details of each of the three workouts – each of them specifically designed to build on the gain of the previous month.

So each of them will lift the strength, size and fitness developed in the previous routine. However, each also has its own specific exercises. Reps, sets, speed of lifting and rest periods are also noted. Complimentary CV (cardio) sessions are also identified (as described earlier) and these reflect the content of the weights sessions. NB: These will not detract from your weight training.

  • Month 1: Developing familiarity with ‘medium weight’ weights. You will lift ‘medium weight’ weights designed to prepare your mind and muscles for the really heavy stuff to come in months two and three. Some might think that the workouts are too easy. If you do, consider the thought that your body cannot continue to adapt day in day out, month by month. It will only do so optimally in response to a progressive training plan that alters loadings and intensities gradually and safely from month to month. The Peak Performance Muscle Builder Training Plan uses the principles of periodisation to maximise muscular adaption and growth.
  • There is an emphasis on dumbbell exercises (you’ll also be doing fixed weights) this month. These are included to promote balanced body development – they will also assist the development of condition that will aid your heavier lifting. This combination will build a great foundation for when you begin to lift heavy weights next month.
  • Month 2: Lifting heavier – ‘medium’ and ‘medium/heavy’ weights. The intensity lifts this month and emphasis is placed on working to failure. The last rep/reps must be difficult to complete. This will push your muscles beyond previous boundaries. Simple sets are used.
  • Month 3: Lifting medium to heavy weights powerfully. Simple sets are still used this month, however the main difference is the increase in speed of the lift to the 1:1 method. This, as noted in the preliminary sections, will have a more significant anabolic effect than the 1:2 and the 1:5 method. However, despite the emphasis on speed, you must maintain good lifting form to get the maximum benefit out of your efforts, and do so safely.

So there you have it. Everything you need to take your muscle building efforts to a whole new level – without having to pay hundreds of pounds or dollars to a specialist personal trainer. We tell you what to do – and how to do it right.

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