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Performing Under Pressure
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Performing Under Pressure

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“These ‘secret’ strategies for athletes, coaches and team managers give you the essential mental advantage you need to guarantee success…even in the most demanding sports environment”

Dear Friend,

Failing to perform under pressure can be one of the most tragic elements of sport.

Just think of Greg Norman in the 1996 US Master’s Golf, or Jana Novotna in the 1993 Wimbledon tennis final. And how many of us will forget the penalty shootout during the quarterfinals of the 2004 European Football Championships, when David Beckham bottled it under pressure and kicked the ball over the crossbar?

These episodes prove that an athlete can have all the talent in the world, spend weeks, months or even years meticulously preparing – then lose it all through anxiety or loss of confidence on one particular day.

So why is it most athletes persistently underestimate the importance of working on their mental strength? As do many coaches and team managers.

Is it perhaps because we find it easier to run or swim a bit further in training, sprint faster, or lift extra sets in the weights room, rather than work on our ‘mindset’?

I suspect many of us are a bit uncomfortable about dealing with the psychological dimension of sports training and conditioning. It’s far too mysterious for us. Mumbo-jumbo…

That’s why I asked three of our regular Peak Performance contributors – all of them specialists in the psychology of sports performance – to demystify the subject of mental preparation for competition, drawing on the very latest sports science research into the mind’s crucial role in ensuring success in sports.

Best of all, this report divulges the ‘psychological secrets’ you need to THRIVE under pressure – while other athletes around you are cracking under the strain of fierce competition.

Let me introduce you to our three sports psychology experts so you can see for yourself whose practical advice and expertise you’ll benefit from:

  • Andy Lane is professor of sport and learning at the University Of Wolverhampton and editor of the Sport and Exercise Scientist journal, published by the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES).

  • Lee Crust is a lecturer in sport psychology at North Lincolnshire College.

  • Dr Costas Karageorghis is a reader in sport psychology at Brunel University, west London where he also manages the Athletics Club. He has published extensively in the field of sport and exercise psychology and has been a BASES- accredited sport psychologist for eleven years.

All three individuals are highly experienced, sports psychologists working with elite athletes across a range of different sports. That means you can be sure their advice is informed, up-to-date – and highly pertinent to all athletes, no matter which sport they may play, as well their coaches and team managers.

In just 52 pages you’ll learn exactly how the key emotion of anxiety works, including its most common symptoms, and review some of the very latest research into competition anxiety and its impact on sports performance. Then you’ll learn practical tips and techniques you can put to work for yourself – or your athletes. So you’ll no longer lose concentration at the critical point in a game, or crack under sustained pressure from your opponent.

Indeed, you’ll be able to channel such normally-negative emotions as anxiety in such a way as to actually raise your game.

Here are just some of the fascinating facts Andy, Lee and Costas uncovered – and which you’ll learn about exclusively in Performing Under Pressure:

• Why are participants in individual sports so much more prone to anxiety – and what can you do about it? (pp. 16-17)
• How do athletes in high-contact sports need to be treated for anxiety? (p. 17)
• What’s the secret of becoming ‘psyched-up’, rather than ‘psyched-out’? (p. 17)
• What proven techniques are available to help you control competition anxiety? (We describe five of them in this report) (pp. 21-24)
• What are the six sources of self-confidence – and how can you turn this information to maximum advantage? (pp. 29-30)
• Why does one self-talk technique work so much better than the other – and are you using the wrong one? (p. 31)
• Which five exercises are proven to boost an athlete’s self-confidence – and what is the correct way to carry them out? (pp. 32-35)
• Five ‘secret’ mental techniques you can use to exploit weaknesses in your opponent (Be warned: not all of them are strictly ethical) (pp. 34-35)

NB: very little of this information is likely to make it to the pages of your typical newsstand sports or ‘healthy living’ magazine for many months – if ever. That’s because the original scientific journals we draw on to write our reports are far too technical for the average newspaper or magazine writer.

It’s also why your copy of Performing Under Pressure comes complete with tables and diagrams, where needed, to supplement the explanatory text.

In short, everything you need to put an end to any confusion on this essential aspect of sports preparation and performance.

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. Read on and you’ll see why for yourself.

My Personal Guarantee of Satisfaction

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Read it from cover to cover (it’s a concise 52 pages, so won’t take you long…), then put our expert findings to work for you for a full 30 days. At the end of that time judge for yourself how much better an athlete you are.

If at the end of 30 days you don’t feel you’re a more confident, relaxed and less easily-distracted athlete – and, crucially, that your performance has been enhanced as a result, then return the book to me for a full refund.

So get your copy of Performing Under Pressure today– and make sure your competitors are the ones who crack… not YOU.

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