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Resistance Training - The Next Level

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Packed with new, evidence-based research into the impact of resistance training on strength, speed, and endurance. A must-have for any athlete!

Serious athletes don’t need reminding of the importance of integrating resistance training into their year-round conditioning regimes. They know there’s no quicker way to significantly boost their levels of strength, speed – and even their endurance. There's nothing more damaging for an athlete than getting their resistance training sessions wrong. Not can only it lead to a dramatic deterioration in performance, it can also make you more susceptible to injury.

What athletes need is reliable, unbiased and up-to-date information on resistance training Best Practice – particularly the central issue of how you increase strength and power without adding unnecessary bulk, a subject on which it’s rare to find independent, evidence-based advice.

Resistance Training - The Next Level dissects the major current debates in resistance training, analyses the very latest scientific findings – then spells out in plain English their significance for the serious athlete. Every page of this brand new report draws on the latest evidence-based thinking in sports science research.

It’s a rare opportunity to assess the latest thinking on resistance training for yourself, and decide how best to integrate it into your training and conditioning. What's more, if you order today, you will save 42% off the original price. You pay only $34.99 (£21.69) instead of the full price of $59.99.

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Here's what you'll find in each chapter of Resistance Training - The Next Level:

Strength Training Variety This introductory chapter looks at how simple changes can improve general gym sessions.

Plyometrics We know it is effective for lower body strength, but how much can it improve the upper body?

Power Combination This chapter looks at the potentiation effect, how one training mode can enhance another.

Endurance How strength and plyometric training can boost endurance running performance.

Triathlon A complete strength and conditioning programme for the swimming, cycling and running event.

Women and Young Athletes A guide to strength training for apprehensive women and youths.

Nutrition High protein-low fat diets and creatine use for strength training are brought into question in two intriguing articles.

Shoulder injuries Prehab and rehab guide to the frequent and frustrating injuries that inhibit strength training.

Training Guide A gym-free strength training guide, focused on rehab, but appropriate for everyone looking to stay in top shape.

Here is a more detailed look at what you'll learn:

  • How much rest do you need to take between individual sets, and between exercises?
  • Which resistance training exercises are the most appropriate for your sport?
  • Why does the sequencing of exercises matter so much – and how do you work out what’s right for you?
  • How can you integrate plyometrics into your strength training regime, and thereby get the best of both worlds – more strength and more speed?
  • How can distance runners use strength training to enhance their performance on the road or track?
  • Triathletes – how can you boost your performance both in the water and on land?
  • What resistance training programmes are most suitable for women and young athletes?
  • How healthy is it for weight trainers to take creatine over a long period of time?
  • How do you design a weights-free resistance training programme for athletes who lack regular access to a gym?

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