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Shoulder Injuries - Prevention & Treatment

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When it comes to injuries, prevention is better than cure. Keep your shoulders in peak condition with the training tips in this fantastic guide.

There is perhaps no joint in the human body as complex, fascinating, or baffling as the shoulder. It can leave clinicians scratching their heads, wondering why a problem they have solved many times before is so stubborn.

And shoulder problems can certainly be stubborn! That's why, in every case, prevention is so much better than cure. Rarely is a pain that has surfaced a simple matter of applying some ice; it is more likely to be the tip of an iceberg.

That's why Peak Performance has published Shoulder Injuries - Prevention and Treatment. The recommended retail price of this book is $59.99, but with our special online discount, you pay only $34.99 (£21.69). That's a saving of 42%!

This is a groundbreaking book in more ways than one. You may be surprised to discover so many shoulder problems are due not only to bad habits of technique, but to the unbalanced upper-body workouts many athletes undertake in the mistaken belief they are doing themselves good.

For these poor souls, injury and pain lie just around the corner. Read on to find if you are among them!

This new workbook from Peak Performance is for all athletes who rely on their shoulders. Prepared by the combined experts of Peak Performance and Sports Injury Bulletin, it looks at every aspect of shoulder care and injury prevention:

Shoulder overview: the five main ingredients for keeping shoulders injury-free

Rotator-cuff protection: a specialist in treating sports injuries explains how overhead athletes can prevent chronic shoulder pain

Preventing injuries: a sports fitness expert suggests further exercises to help you avoid shoulder pain

A surgical view: an orthopaedic surgeon explains why shoulders go wrong and what can be done to repair them

Case study: how a keen club golfer was cured of a nagging shoulder pain

Technical review: two surgeons discuss the diagnosis and treatment of acromioclavicular injuries in athletes

Prehab guide: an assessment of the latest research into shoulder problems and with practical advice on achieving balanced upper-body development

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Price: $34.99
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