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Solid Muscle Series: Build A Bigger Chest

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"Get That Bigger Chest You've
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Dear Reader,

For most of us a well-shaped, deep and muscular chest is a big part of the reason we started working out in the first place.

That's because, along with your shoulders, a well-developed chest is visible even when you are wearing your normal clothes. It's also why the most popular weight training exercise performed in gyms today is arguably the bench press.

However, there's much more to impressive chest development than simply 'benching' two to three hundred pounds each time you hit the gym – if you want a well-shaped and proportioned chest that is.

Because although genetics plays its part in chest development, both exercise selection and their order are crucial.

The bench press may be the 'king' of chest exercises, but developing an aesthetically appealing chest requires a progressive, varied and systematic approach that works your chest muscles in a number of different ways.

It's much more than simply a matter of knowing a variety of exercises – you also need to know the right way to combine them for best effect. Because success requires more than simply having the ingredients to hand – you must have the right 'recipe' for success as well.

If not, you'll probably end up like so many well-intentioned athletes – wondering why, after countless hours in the gym, your well-intentioned efforts yield such poor results.

That's why Build A Bigger Chest is the next in our Peak Performance 'Solid Muscle Series' of programmes specially designed to help you achieve the muscle development you desire, quickly, efficiently – and without injury.

What sets our muscle building programmes apart from the rest – including all the 'freebie' stuff you'll find on the internet? Simply this – our training advice is PROVEN to work, because it's based on the very latest sports scientific thinking.

Our track record of helping athletes achieve their best goes back over two decades. Since 1990 we've been taking the very latest sports science research, as soon as it is published in peer-reviewed academic journals, turning it into plain English, and sharing it with our many thousands of Peak Performance members worldwide.

Our latest weight training programme has been specially written for you by someone who knows what he's talking about – because he's put his training knowledge to work for himself. He's no amateur theorist!

Patrick Dale is a man who lives by his ideals. A qualified health and fitness professional, Patrick joined the Royal Marine Commandos – one of the most elite fighting forces in the world – for five years, during which time he saw active duty in many parts of the world including Northern Ireland. The Marines have a reputation for “training hard and fighting easy” and Patrick's high level of fitness was tested to the extreme during his service.

Patrick left the Marines to resume his Health & Fitness career and began teaching other people how to become personal trainers and gym instructors, starting up his own company, Solar Fitness Qualifications. Today, Patrick's main areas of interest include strength and conditioning for improved sports performance.

As the Series Editor of our brand new 'Solid Muscle Series' (and Editor of ultraFIT magazine), John Shepherd, put it:

"I've come across hundreds of similar programmes on the internet, but very few are as extensive and well-thought out as the Build Bigger series written by ex-Marine and fitness training course teacher, Patrick Dale.

Dale provides a balanced programme which, although concentrating on specific body parts, ensures that you won't ever over-train or over-emphasise that particular body part during the overall training plan. The result great-looking arms, chest or legs, for example – and on a balanced, robust and great looking body.

Dale's knowledge of training systems is second to none and the author realizes that in order to maximise muscle growth, you have to use a variety of training systems and loadings optimised for hypertrophy.

With easy to follow month by month workout routines and exercise descriptions these programmes are a must."

Yes, you can be sure that every word of the Build A Bigger Chest programme rests on a solid, scientific foundation – so it's a proven, highly effective way for you to achieve your weight training goals.

The programme carefully weaves together a number of advanced weight training strategies into a unique, 3-month programme which will give you chest development that makes you the envy of your friends...

The only downside? You may have to buy a load of new shirts for your wardrobe!

Build A Bigger Chest is available to you as a PDF download, so you can start putting the ideas it contains into practice within just 24 hours. So why not order your copy right away.

As you're a registered member of our website, it's available to you at an exclusive discount price – but for a LIMITED time only. (More details on how to get your copy below.)

Where else can you find such reliable, cutting-edge advice in one place –all of it based on the very latest sports science research?

Get your copy of the Build A Bigger Chest 12-week training programme TODAY, at our special, 40%-discount price. What's more, you've got 30 days in the convenience of your own home or sports club to decide whether or not you want to keep the program or return it for a full refund.

Make sure you order your copy TODAY.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Pye
Publisher: Peak Performance

Click here to go to our special, 40% discount offer. Or read on to learn more about the Peak Performance 'Build A Bigger Chest' 12-week Programme

Understanding Your Chest – So You Get The Very Best Results From Your Training

In order to build a bigger chest quickly, efficiently – and without injury – you need to use a methodical, systematic approach, comprising a variety of exercises and training methods.

So in Build A Bigger Chest we start out by giving you all the contextual information you need before you start throwing any weight around.

Originating from your clavicle, sternum and middle ribs and inserting into the front of your humerus, your chest muscles - pectoralis major or 'pecs' for short - cover the whole of your upper torso. Pectoralis major literally means 'large chest muscle'. Although the pecs are a large, single muscle that is divided into two halves by your sternum, it is responsible for a range of shoulder movements.

The actions of the pectoralis major results in the following shoulder joint movements:

  • Horizontal Flexion - drawing your arms forwards at shoulder level.
  • Medial Rotation - turning your arms inwards.
  • Adduction - drawing your arms downwards and inwards from shoulder height.
  • Flexion - raising your arm forwards up to shoulder level from your side.

The wide variety of chest exercises used in this programme ensures that the upper, middle and lower regions of your pecs will all be developed equally to maximise the strength, size and appearance of your pectoralis major.

Although the pectoralis major is a single muscle, it can be divided into three regions. All three regions of the pecs are involved in every chest exercise but it is possible to place an emphasis on a particular region, by performing specific exercises or altering the angle of stress being placed through the muscle.

In Build A Bigger Chest we provide the detailed workout programmes you need to ensure even development of your chest across these three regions:

  • The upper pecs - commonly referred to as the 'clavicular region'
  • The lower pecs – often called the 'costal region'
  • The middle pecs - the 'sternal region'

We then go on to explain the six principles that underlie successful training programmes – so you can be sure you're not violating any of them.

And, crucially, we tell you everything you need to get right when you're NOT working out – in order to get the very best results from all that effort you expend in lifting weight.

Because as every experienced weight-training athlete knows: working out is only a THIRD of the muscle building equation. You gain muscle, believe it or not, in between your training sessions – not during them.

So you need to eat right, get sufficient rest and supplement your diet wisely. It's certainly not necessary to take all the supplements that are on the market. In fact, you may be surprised to learn what works... and what doesn't...

Finally, we detail each of the 45 different exercises that, together, make up this complete, 12-week training programme. You'll find out exactly how to do each exercise correctly – and avoid injury.

Each exercise description has an accompanying illustration, so you can see for yourself exactly how to perform it the right way.

The bottom line: by the end of this section, you'll have all the underlying knowledge you need to get the very best out of the exercise programme itself, whether you're new to muscle building or an experienced weight trainer.

Click here to go to our special, 40% discount offer. Or read on to learn more about the Peak Performance 'Build A Bigger Chest' 12-week Programme

What the 'Build A Bigger Chest' Programme Gives You

Now we get to the nitty-gritty. The 12-week step-by-step training routine that contains everything you need to know to get the bigger chest you want quickly – and without injury.

The plan consists of three 4-week phases with two specialist chest workouts per week and one whole body maintenance workout.

You don't necessarily have to do the workouts on the designated days, but try to avoid changing the order of the workouts. You should also make sure you don't work out on consecutive days as this may mean you are unable to recover from one session to the next.

While explanations for all of the exercises and training techniques are included, if you are still unsure as to how to perform a particular exercise get expert advice from a qualified personal trainer or gym instructor, as poor technique may result in injury.

NB: this programme is designed for intermediate and advanced exercisers who have plenty of experience and are already training regularly with weights. If you are a beginner, these workouts may be too challenging for you right now. If you are new to exercise or are coming back after a long break, we suggest a few months of regular training before you try this specialisation plan.

It's pretty advanced stuff!

Phase 1 – Weeks 1 to 4

Workout 1 uses two specialist volume-oriented training systems not often found elsewhere. The first is an effective mass building training system originally used by weight lifters to increase their bodyweight during the off-season. Both are designed to prepare and condition your muscles for the weeks ahead.

Don't worry if you can't do all the reps designated in the training programme. Just do as many as you can until you literally cannot continue.

Workout 2 uses just one training system, but what this workout lacks in complexity it more than makes up for in brevity and intensity! At the heart of this training system is the performance of three exercises performed back to back - designated 1a, 1b and 1c. Perform each exercise in turn and only rest when you have finished the third exercise. The system is designed in such a way that you should be able to use the same weight dumbbells for each of the three exercises as they are ordered from the weakest to the strongest pushing angle.

This workout is short but intense and will work your upper, middle and lower chest muscles equally.

The maintenance workouts that complete each phase of the programme are designed to preserve the rest of your muscle mass while you focus on developing your chest. Don't let the brevity or simplicity of these workouts fool you – they are challenging and effective.

NB: The exercises selected are the most effective for working the areas of your body not worked during the chest specialisation sessions.

Maintenance workout 1, for example, uses three training systems designed to ensure that you get a thorough, all-round workout – but achieved in such a fashion as to not detract from your overall primary objective: building a much bigger chest!

NB: when you get your programme, you'll notice that every chest workout ends with a protracted chest stretch. This is designed to:

a) stretch the fascia or outer lining of the chest muscles to facilitate muscle growth
b) to minimise adaptive shortening which may result in developing poor posture and
c) to minimise DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

Don't skip this vital part of each workout - it's important both for your shoulder health and the development of your chest muscles.

It's yet another feature of our weight training programmes that you won't find elsewhere.

Phase 2 – Weeks 5 to 8

Workout 3: uses two hypertrophy (muscle building) specific training systems to 'shock' the body into muscle growth. Here's how we do it:

  • Often, when performing a resistance training exercise, a set will come to an end not when the target muscle is fatigued but when smaller, helper muscles become exhausted. For example, when performing the bench press for the chest muscles (pectoralis major) the triceps muscles at the back of the arm (which extend the elbow) can fail first. This means that the pecs don't necessarily get the workout they deserve.

Using our method, however, it is possible to bypass the 'weak link' (smaller synergist) muscle and make it temporarily stronger than the agonist (major) muscle – which allows greater work to be performed by the target muscle.

  • Our second 'secret' method is used to extend a set beyond its usual termination point. It takes advantage of the fact that, just because you can no longer lift a weight, it doesn't mean that your muscles are completely exhausted! So you're able to continue working the muscle – and increasing the overall volume lifted during the session.

Workout 4: uses a special routine that has been used by bodybuilders since the 1950s to pack on muscle and develop prodigious strength. Need I say more...

Maintenance Workout 2 uses the same principles established in Maintenance Workout 1 but the exercises have been changed to target your muscles in a slightly different way and to provide you with some variety. The exercises selected still provide plenty of whole body 'bang for your buck' to stimulate the muscles of your body that are not being trained during the chest specialisation workouts.

Phase 3 – Weeks 9 to 12

Workout 5 uses a combination of three different training systems to work your pectorals in a variety of ways within the same workout. The first relies on slowing the weight lifting momentum virtually to a halt – thereby putting maximum tension on the muscle; the second quickly switches the emphasis to a high volume of reps; the third stretches out your pecs in a direction hitherto not done.

Workout 6 is a medley of six exercises performed as a 'lazy giant set' to work your chest from all angles to ensure maximum development. This means that instead of performing the exercises in the traditional simple set fashion, you are going to move from one exercise to another as quickly as possible and perform one set of each the exercises in order. When you complete the 6th exercise, rest for the designated time period and then repeat the giant set twice more.

Developmental Stretch - as before, this workout ends with a protracted chest stretch to a) stretch the fascia or outer lining of the chest muscles to facilitate muscle growth, b) to minimise adaptive shortening which may result in developing poor posture and c) to minimise DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Don't skip this vital part of each's both important for your shoulder health and the development of your chest muscles. Note: Only perform the chest stretch on completion of the last set of press ups.

The final of the three maintenance workouts uses the same systems employed in maintenance workouts one and two but with a different selection of exercises. As with the preceding maintenance workouts, this session is designed to target the muscles not directly targeted by the chest specialisation programmes.

So there you have it. Everything you need to build a massively bigger chest – and in just 12 weeks too. Guaranteed!

Click here to go to our special, 40% discount offer. Or read on to learn more about the Peak Performance 'Build A Bigger Chest' 12-week Programme

Details of your special discount offer

As a registered member of our Peak Performance web site, you qualify for a copy of Build A Bigger Chest at a special 40% discount. Place your order today and you pay just $29.99 (£18.59) instead of the full price of $50.00 (£30).

You save 40%.

And because it's a PDF report, you'll receive it within 24 hours of completing your order.

Build A Bigger Chest is one of a brand new series of weight training programmes from Peak Performance, the sports science newsletter. You won't find this information available anywhere else.

Order your copy today and receive the following additional benefits:

  • A $25.01 saving: the special price of Build A Bigger Chest is a full US$25.01 (£15) less than the official cover price. You pay just $29.99 (£18.59), instead of the normal price of $50.00/£30.00
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