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Speed Development for Masters

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John Shepherd’s insightful guide for veteran athletes who want to increase their speed and leave the competition way behind!

There are many Masters Athletes in their forties, fifties and even older who are faster and can perform better than people in their supposed prime. These are incredible performances achieved at a time in life when the body may be protesting just a little bit and when there are often many competing demands on time. You need discipline, dedication and determination to keep going.

But it is a big mistake to train like a 20-year-old at 40. Speed Development for Masters provides a guide to training for speed so you can get that extra edge against the competition. But this book is written specifically for veteran athletes! It is available as a convenient PDF download so the training secrets will be at your fingertips immediately! The recommended retail price of this book is $59.99. But through our exclusive offer, you pay only $29.99 (£18.59). That's a full 42% off!

Among the valuable knowledge you will take away from this book is:

• Learn how speed naturally declines with age and what you can do about it
• Determine the specific dietary requirements for older athletes
• Find out ways you can reduce your chances of injury through pre-conditioning techniques
• Understand the role weight-training and plyometrics play in building speed
• Learn the best ways to hone your sprinting technique for optimum performance
• Uncover the secrets of mental training for athletes who compete at Masters level

Speed Development for Masters is a rare opportunity to assess the latest speed training thinking for yourself and decide how best to integrate it into your daily and weekly routines.

Want to know more? Here is a chapter by chapter breakdown of everything you will find in this invaluable resource:

Chapter 1: How speed declines with age

Chapter 2: Preconditioning against injury

Chapter 3: Warming up and stretching for speed

Chapter 4: The role of weight training

Chapter 5: Plyometric and agiiity training

Chapter 6: Optimum sprinting technique

Chapter 7: Boost your speed with mental training

Chapter 8: The best diet for speed

Chapter 9: Your speed training plan

Speed Development for Masters will be the secret to your success in masters level sport! It is available in a convenient PDF download for only $29.99 (£18.59), a full 42% less than the recommended retail price of $59.99!

Price: $29.99
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