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Speed Training for All Sports

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Training for your best speed has never been easier than with John Shepherd’s special training pack, the complete tool-kit for all speed-conscious athletes!

The ability to run and move faster than your opponent is an incredible advantage in all sports. That’s why Speed Training for all sports is a must have for all athletes! This ground-breaking book is really a specially-commissioned training manual, designed specifically for those athletes and coaches who want to know the latest in training for maximum competitive speed. It is a completely original work, written by John Shepherd, one of the sporting world’s foremost authorities on speed training and conditioning, and a regular contributor to Peak Performance.

Best of all, Speed Training for all sports is being published in electronic format, as an interactive e-book. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required, which is a free download.) This great new format allows us to include not just illustrative photographs, but also dynamic video clips that you can view over and over again to get the maximum benefit for your training! There is no other training manual quite like this one and you’ll see the difference immediately!

The official price of this incredibly unique training guide is $59.99, but through our special online discount you pay only $29.99 (£18.59)! That's a full 42% off!

• Learn how to accelerate faster and increase your speed endurance
• Respond to cues more quickly and be the first out of the blocks every time
• Increase your limb speed for better performance
• Improve your overall coordination and reaction speed
• Find out the best exercises to avoid injury and speed up your game
• Determine the optimum speed for your sport

John Shepherd’s comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon that is ‘speed’ identifies no fewer that eleven different types – and tells you the best way to train for each of them. So there’s something of considerable value in this interactive workbook for every competitor and coach, regardless of your sport.

Here is a chapter by chapter breakdown of the fantastic information in this book:

Chapter One - What is speed?

Chapter Two – Your body and speed

Chapter 3 – Preconditioning - Getting ready to go fast

Chapter 4 – The sport/speed specific warm-up

Chapter 5 – Sports speed – running and sprinting technique

Chapter 6 – Conditioning greater speed

Chapter 7 - The best speed training plan

Chapter 8 - Training for out and out speed, acceleration speed, rotational speed, agility speed and over-speed

Chapter 9 – Sample speed training workouts

Don’t train the traditional way. Use John Shepherd’s ground-breaking guide and you’ll find yourself miles ahead of the competition! Order today and receive 42% off! You pay only $29.99 (£18.59) instead of the recommended retail price of $59.99! Just fill in your details at the secure WorldPay site! You'll be directed to a page where you can download your copy of Speed Training for all sports immediately!

Price: $29.99
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