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Training for Cyclists

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New evidence-based research every serious cyclist should know about.

Training for Cyclists draws on the latest evidence-based thinking in sports science research – new findings that probably won’t percolate through to the general sporting press for many, many months, if they make it at all…

It’s a rare opportunity to assess the latest thinking on bike training and racing for yourself, and decide how best to integrate it into your own training and conditioning regimes.

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Read our brand new sports report today and here are some of the facts you’ll learn:

  • How to get the best ‘fit’ between your body and your bike – a position that’s optimises your power output without being uncomfortable, or opening you up to the possibility of chronic injury
  • How to build the mental strength you need to prevent yourself ‘cracking’ under the pressure of competition in the final stages of a track pursuit event or a big sprint finish on the road.
  • How to make sure you don’t overtrain – ironically amateur cyclists are at more danger of overdoing it than are pro cyclists and we explain why this is so
  • What’s the best sports drink for cyclists – and how much liquid you should take in during an event or long training ride to ensure optimal hydration and glycogen consumption
  • Are male cyclists really at risk of infertility from spending too many hours in the saddle? We put this controversy to rest once and for all.
  • How core body exercises can contribute to greater power transfer to the pedals – especially when combined with a higher-than-usual pedalling cadence
  • Why cycling is an excellent cross-training activity for athletes with a heavy training and competition workload, those recovering from injury, or those seeking a measurable increase in explosive leg speed
  • How your level of hydration impacts directly on the speed of lactate accumulation in your muscles – and what you can do about it
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    Here is a chapter by chapter break down of what’s in this amazing training guide:

    Jargon buster Fundamental concepts in physiology relevant to cycling

    Biomechanics Are you sitting comfortably? The biomechanics of safe and effective cycling performance

    Psychology Ultra-endurance psychology – training the mind to take control

    Nutrition and energy saving Physiological and nutritional mechanisms that can influence cycling performance

    Training The road to success – training secrets of the pros

    Fitness Testing Physiological assessment in cycling

    Fluid Balance Sports drinks or water: what is the best choice for your bike’s drink bottle?

    Fluid Balance How to calculate your fluid needs

    X-training Can cycling improve the performance of non-cyclists?

    What the papers say
    - Cycling specific sports science research
    - A low antioxidant intake may harm athletes
    - Getting a little too hot under the saddle –cycling and sperm count
    - Torso stabilisation increases cycling efficiency
    - Dehydration affects lactate accumulation in cyclists

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Price: $34.99
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