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Turning Back The Body Clock

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“Now You Can Regain The Strength, Speed, Stamina And Suppleness You Enjoyed As A 25 Year-Old Even If You’re Over 40”
ANNOUNCING: “Turning Back The Body Clock”, The Ideal Guide For Regaining Fitness And Health At Any Age Over 40 Which:

  • Is Safe, Pain-Free And Easy To Use
  • Proves how to go from “fat” to “fit” faster, to make you stronger and more flexible [INCLUDES: Proven, expert advice and all the latest techniques, with easy-to-follow diagrams, step-by-step guidance and plenty of structured exercises for you to add to your training programmes]
  • Shows you how to improve your overall physique regardless of your age (without steroids and other illegal drugs)
  • Gives you simple, practical and effective ways to become fitter, healthier and younger (whatever physical state you’re in right now…)

Good morning,
You won’t often find me quoting Oscar Wilde on sporting matters, but whilst he may not have been the 19th century’s greatest athlete his quotes were gold-medal standard, especially the following one:
“Youth is wasted on the young”

  • you can eat like a horse and not put on any weight
  • you have unlimited energy at all times, with no peaks and troughs
  • you can even have late nights on the town and hardly feel it the next day when you train or compete

Thanks to advances in medical science, we’re living far longer than ever before. But what about the quality of these extra years of life?
The effects of natural wear and tear as we age can result not only in a rapid decline in athletic performance, but also a reduced quality of life. In many cases it may even result in significant physical and often mental degeneration, all of which can leave you a prisoner inside your own body, even at a relatively young age in your 40s or 50s.
This is alarming enough, but even more so when you consider your later years are probably not that far away.
It’s the deep and secret unspoken terror of everyone: losing their strength, mobility and health, which is why exercise and good nutrition are so important, particularly if you’re over 40.
After all, what’s the point of living longer if you spend the latter part of your life unable to perform even the most basic tasks without assistance?
That’s the bad news: the good news is there are plenty of simple and quick ways for men and women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond to regain fitness and health – regardless of where you are right now body-wise. Or it may be you simply want to improve your physique, or get stronger for your sport.
Just one problem… There’s so much information out there from so-called ‘gurus’ making outrageous claims it’s hard to know who or what to believe.
So where can you find proven, effective over-40s nutrition and fitness training information from genuine experts? Strategies and techniques you can implement into your training programmes, and information provided in a simple to follow format ideal for all ability levels – at a price anyone can afford.
Fortunately, there’s now a reliable source of proven, practical and pain-free tips, techniques and advice you can use to get rid of those excess pounds, build muscle and develop training programmes which help you turn back your body clock, look fitter, healthier and younger – and do it at any age.
Which is why I’m writing to you today…
Your Invitation To Receive Turning Back The Body Clock
Turning Back The Body Clock is written by highly-respected sports trainers John Shepherd and Patrick Dale (who work with elite sports teams, top-level athletes and private clients), and designed with the trainer in mind.
Whether you’re a part-time sportsperson, a full-time elite athlete, or anywhere in-between, Turning Back The Body Clock highlights these core problems, what they can lead to, and how you can correct them to ensure you stay fit and healthy beyond the age of 40.

Simple To Follow Training Advice – Spectacular Results
You may be wondering whether or not Turn Back The Body Clock can help you regain your fitness and health. And if there’s one guiding principle you should remember about this guide, it’s this:
You Are NEVER Too Old
To Turn Back Your Body Clock

So where can you find practical, effective stretching information from a proven expert?
For example, on page 2 of this amazing book, you’ll discover how you can slow the degenerative effects of the ageing process, and regain lost mobility, strength and balance.
You’ll also read several remarkable case-studies of normal people who used the exercises routines in Turn Back The Body Clock and experienced amazing transformations, including:

  • Mr T.O., a 64 year-old self-confessed couch-potato who shed over 100lbs/45kg in weight, lost 8 inches/22.5 centimetres from his waist, lowered his blood pressure, and got rid of his pain medication for good.
  • Miss M who, at the age of 88, has competed in body-building competitions and has the body of a 40 year-old. Not bad when you consider that 14 years before she was struggling to carry groceries unaided.

On page 4, you’ll see that although ageing is unavoidable you can slow the process down considerably, simply by making some small but important changes in your daily diet and exercise programmes.
There are also comprehensive descriptions of ‘the four horsemen of the ageing apocalypse’ (pages 5-7, including a 7-point ‘how to’ guide to overcoming perhaps the most painful and debilitating of the four – page 6 for full details - and how it could prolong your sporting career by 20-30 years or more…).
Page 7 of the book tackles the age-related changes in anatomy and physiology, with the little-known strategies you can use to maintain the biggest range of joint movement you can possibly enjoy.
You’ll also find out about the essential secrets for stopping the decline in muscle mass and peak strength, together with the five main reasons this occurs (and the exercises to perform which can lessen its effect – all this on pages 7-9).
Then you’ll see how to avoid the two deadly by-products of ageing (these can make or break your sports career and health, so pay close attention to page 11 to see what they are and how to inhibit their progress. INCLUDES: the ‘magnificent seven’ postural relief exercise designed to undo the effects of spending a long time sitting.)
MUSCULAR STRENGTH: your ability to perform physically demanding tasks is largely based on muscular strength, so it’s vital you maintain and develop it wherever possible.
In this section, you’ll uncover 8 different types of exercise to develop this aspect of your fitness, which improves your ability to perform physically demanding tasks, regardless of your age (pages 12-17)
There are also full details of the five different levels of squatting exercises you can use to ensure that, irrespective of your current fitness level, you can maintain both functional flexibility and muscular strength (full details on pages 16-18).

  • Pushed for time? Then why not try these quick and easy sample strength training workouts on pages 28-29 [the exercises routines detailed in full INCLUDING: the number of repetitions, the combination of exercises you should use for maximum benefit in minimum time, and more… Ideal for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and… special forces fitness levels!]

As well as the commonly-viewed forms of muscular fitness appropriate for sport, there’s probably THE most important sporting ‘muscle’ to safeguard – your heart, the engine of all athletic achievement.
But it’s not just the heart which is crucial for all-round fitness. On page 30, you’ll find out about the ‘infamous five’ modern-day killers, and how the right form of exercise can keep them at bay for much longer than for people who never practice any sport.
You’ll also see on pages 26-31 how to enjoy increased levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, decreased levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol, improved mental and psychological wellbeing , increased lung efficiency and health and maintenance of a healthy body weight respective of your age.
In this section you’ll also discover:

  • How to work out your age-adjusted maximum heart rate (so you don’t endanger your health with more aerobic exercise than you need - page 31)
  • The best, most effective amount of cardiovascular exercise you should perform each week (you get the frequency, intensity and duration in detail… BUT… it’s NOT what you might expect – prepare to be shocked on pages 32-33…), and much more…

The 10 perfect strategies for keeping the ravages of time at bay from your joints (pages 34-35)
Simple joint mobility exercises you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day programmes to lubricate and nourish your joints (pages 32-33) PLUS… Your joint mobility prescription – The Daily Dozen (with full details of how many repetitions of each movement you should perform for maximum benefits in minimum time…)
Why you should make the two health items mentioned on page 36 your number one priority (especially when it comes to protecting your muscles against the ravages of time – they’re the most UNDERRATED exercises but definitely the most important…)
What the Animal Kingdom can teach you about maintaining the suppleness and elasticity of your muscles (this is a shocking ‘must-read’ and all is revealed on pages 38-39…)
10 quick and painless stretching opportunities you can use (and the two times of days you should NEVER stretch, under any circumstances – some of these are VERY surprising, and you can see what they are on page 40…)
INCLUDES: more details of ‘best practice’ stretching techniques – with step-by-step instructions for working your:

  • Calf muscles
  • Quadriceps
  • Groin/hip muscles
  • Inner thighs
  • Hamstrings
  • Waist and abdominals
  • Lower and upper back
  • Neck and shoulders
  • Forearms and wrists, and much more…

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT – FACT: you can perform the right exercises, you can sleep the right amount, but if you don’t nourish your body with the right food then your training programme is guaranteed to fail.
So if you’re serious about improving your health, lifespan and life quality, attention to nutrition is essential and that’s because of the fundamental nutritional principle: you are what you eat.
Something you’ll discover on pages 46-51 when Patrick and John discuss:

  • What constitutes a ‘good diet’ for an active sportsperson? (the answer may surprise you and flies in the face of conventional wisdom: page 46-47)
  • The truth about the Caveman Diet (Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Find out on pages 46-47)
  • An in-depth analysis of the key macronutrient food groups (what they are, why they’re important for your overall health and wellbeing, and how they affect your training routines – pages 47-59)
  • How vitamins and minerals can work in tandem to produce optimum results for your health and fitness (and the ONE key aspect of micro-nutrition ignored even by elite level trainers that can make or break your sporting success – all is revealed on page 57-59)
  • What quantities of vitamins and minerals do you actually need? (Are you getting enough? Implement the top 10 simple to use food preparation guidelines outlined on pages 57-59 and watch your PBs soar…)
  • The cold, hard facts about drinking WATER and effective sports performance (these days you can’t move for joggers carrying bottles of water, with the mantra “drink more water! Drink more water! Drink more water!” ringing in their ears. But do you really need to ‘gulp down gallons’ or try another approach?

On pages 59-60 you’ll discover:

  • How much water you really need each day (fact and fiction separated on page 59)
  • What’s the best kind of water to drink? (and it’s not what you might think – page 59)
  • The important thing you must not do before drinking water (it could have serious implications for your health – page 60), and much more

Eating a nutritionally sound diet, exercising regularly, avoiding unnecessary risks, environmental factors, genetics and luck all play a part in the rate at which we age but there are some nutritional approaches and supplements that may help slow the inevitable physical and mental decline associated with advancing age.
On pages 61-68 of Turning Back the Body Clock, John and Patrick reveal how to make anti-ageing foods and supplements a key part of your diet (and see your sporting performance soar), including details of:

  • Are anti-inflammatories as bad as they’re cracked up to be? (Find out for yourself on page 61)
  • Mother Nature’s magic bullet anti-inflammatory, ideal for all sporting disciplines (it’s been used for thousands of years all over the world, and the best part is… you can buy it at your local supermarket for next to nothing! See what this miracle food is on page 62…)
  • The best ways to protect yourself against the modern-day scourge of anti-oxidants (they can ravage every part of your body and speed up the ageing process – but it doesn’t have to happen to you. See how to defend yourself against anti-oxidants on pages 62-64 – the foods to eat, the doses to take, the ORAC scale explained and much more)
  • Is RED WINE a ‘dietary taboo’ for athletes? Or an essential training aid? (The results of a recent scientific study make for very interesting reading. Drink in the results on page 66)
  • How to avoid long-term wear and tear on your joints (avoid the vicious circle of pain it causes by taking these ‘famous five’ safe supplements as outlined on pages 66-68…)

CASE STUDY #1: 40+ Fitness by Darren Wheeler

“After 10 years of training to get as big and powerful as possible, I was searching for the next challenge and one day, I just woke up, felt heavy and for the first time felt old. That was 2 years ago……”

Turning 40 often brings with it thoughts of physical decline rather than improvement. Darren Wheeler is one man who decided to ignore conventional wisdom and embark on a training routine that would get him into to the best shape he has ever been in.
Darren also shares his workout tips and thoughts, some simple and others a bit more advanced including, on page 64, a book which helped him turn his pot-belly into a six pack.
On pages 72-73 he also gives you his proven tips, techniques and strategies for avoiding a mid-life (or any time) fitness crisis, and much more.
CASE STUDY #2: Chris Zaremba: over-50s fitness
Chris Zaremba is 55 and a relative latecomer to exercise. By his own admission, Chris sacrificed his health for wealth by working long hours and focusing on his career. Chris’s diet and lifestyle were a ‘disaster’ and as a result he saw his weight balloon up to a high of 245lbs/111kg.
When Chris reached the age of 50, he decided to take his health and fitness in hand and employed the services of a well-known personal trainer. With time, effort and dedication, Chris lost a third of his bodyweight in fat, put on some muscle and is in better shape now at 55 than he was at 25.
Chris Zaremba is living embodiment that it’s never too late to start exercising. Now 55, he’s in the best shape of his life and has even won fitness modelling competitions!
His ground-breaking PPC workout programme (full details of which are on pages 74-83) is designed to suit older exercisers, save time, uses minimal equipment yet gives all your muscle groups a thorough workout.
It’s the workout system Chris uses every day to maintain and develop his body,and includes:

  • What PPC is, how it works and why it can boost your fitness and get rid of fat fast (full details on pages 76-78)
  • The 4 specific body parts Chris trains in each workout, and what you can do to copy Chris’s success (pages 78-80)
  • The body-part which reacts well to more frequent training than other body-parts. (and it’s NOT the one you might thing – details on pages 80-82)
  • Chris’s detailed step-by-step cardio workout programme revealed (INCLUDES: the timings, the exercises, the intervals and the reps you need to measure and boost your fitness faster than you thought possible pages 82-83)

And much, much more…
Turning Back The Body Clock
Try It For Yourself Risk-Free…

How much would you invest to regain the 25-year old energy – and body – you once enjoyed? One which helps you look and feel great, makes your friends jealous and turns weight problems, lack of energy and overall poor health into a lean, fit ‘new’ you bursting with youthful zest?
If you’ve tried looking for proven, practical information on over-40s fitness training and nutrition techniques, you know how difficult it is to find. What’s more, when you do find something which may be valuable, it costs a small fortune.
That’s just for ONE of the elements. You hardly ever find a guide, any guide, which combines the two key elements essential for a lean over-40s body – practical, integrated nutrition and exercise advice.
Turning Back The Body Clock provides you with both nutrition AND workout advice, and a lot more besides, specific to the unique requirements of the over-40s athlete.
So how much would you expect to pay for this programme? $250? $500? Even $1,000? That’s what a lot of people pay over a year for gym fees or personal trainers. The good news for you is you won’t have to invest anything like that for this programme.
Think about this for a moment: where else will you find so much proven, practical and surprisingly easy to apply nutrition and training information for 14 cents a day? Peanuts when you compare it to what you’ll get. Only 14 cents a day for a programme specifically tailored to your age and body’s fitness and nutritional needs?
No Hidden Extra Charges – EVER…
Think of it as an investment in your future. Not only can you transform your body, health and all-round well-being by using it, you’ll also save money by avoiding other, less good products and advice. So you come out ahead both ways.
But wait…. There’s more…
Looking For An Even BETTER Deal?
Get Turn Back The Clock Today
And You Save An Extra 40.02%...

I’m keen for you to at least try Turning Back The Body Clock. So much so, that when you respond today, right now, I’ll activate your special Charter Membership Rate, which gives you a $20.01 discount from the normal rate (40.02% off), bringing your investment way down to only $29.99.
One thing is certain. If you follow the plan, you will get hard abs. In fact, I'm so certain that you'll get the body you want with Turning Back The Body Clock, that I'm happy to make you the following risk-free money-back guarantee... Yes…
You’re Also Covered By Our Cast-Iron 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…
Simply use the step-by-step plan in Turning Back The Body Clock and if by the end of the 30 days, you have followed the programme as outlined, and you haven't got the body and fitness-levels you are craving, just let us know and we'll send you a full, unconditional and swift refund of your money. No questions asked.
Respond Today And Receive TWO Extra Bonus Gift – BONUS GIFT #1: The Free Wheeler Workout

One of the questions I often get asked is: “do you have a simple step-by-step weekly workout programme I can follow?”
The good news is that when you reserve Turning Back the Body Clock today, you’ll also receive a free copy of Darren Wheeler’s Free Wheeler Workout Guide.
Inside this breakthrough guide you’ll discover:

  • The right (and wrong) ways to strengthen your calves, backs, cardio and abs (and that’s just on Monday!)
  • The ‘IP workout’ ideal for toning your chest and abs (all by Tuesday evening)
  • Want to avoid hamstring and calf injuries? (Then pay close attention to the unusual workouts you’ll discover on Wednesdays)
  • The presses, raises and crunches you need to tone up this often-neglected body-areas (all is revealed on Thursday)
  • The CACA full-body workout (no taking it easy just because it’s Friday! But these easy-to-follow reps are well worth the effort…)
  • Why this ‘ET cardio’ is out of this world for boosting stamina (full details in your Saturday workout)
  • And last but not least…fighting hyperglycemia (the all-over light reps and all-important stretching to end your week on a more relaxing note), and much, much more…

The Free Wheeler Workout Guide is usually $20, but it’s yours free with our compliments when you reserve your copy of Turning Back The Body Clock today.
BONUS GIFT #2: The PPC Companion Workout Guide
You’ve already seen Chris Zaremba’s photos, and already read about his PPC workout programme (which you’ll find inside the Turning Back The Body Clock)
The good news is that when you reserve Turning Back the Body Clock today, you’ll also receive a free copy Chris’s PPC Companion Workout Guide.
Designed in an easy to follow spreadsheet format, this guide provides you with full details of each crucial workout phase, including:

  • The all-important warm-up phase (and the facts on what your heart-rate should be once you complete it)
  • How many sets of exercises you should use during each gym visit (should you rotate them? Find out here…)
  • The right – and wrong – number of sets you must use for weight-training (and when to use them during your workout)
  • When and how to breathe during each rep (this is particularly effective with weight-training programmes, so pay attention)
  • Chris’s optimum warm-down techniques (and how long it should last)
  • The seven types of stretches you must include during your workouts (PLUS: timings and reps revealed)
  • And much, much more…

The PPC Companion Workout Guide is usually $20, but it’s yours free with our compliments when you reserve your copy of Turning Back The Body Clock today.

Once we receive your details, you’ll be able to access your copy of ‘Turning Back the Body Clock’ with these free items in an easily downloadable PDF format.

Price: $29.99
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