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The World Sports Science Performance Workbook

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Packed with the performance secrets of world-class athletes and top coaches, now is your chance to share in these proven techniques and boost your performance to new heights.

The World Sports Science Performance Workbookis a brand new, 190-page manual available now from the Peak Performance shop. This fantastic guide brings together the latest thinking in sports science, training and conditioning techniques, all of it set out in a practical, easy-to-read format by our expert team of 21 sports science practitioners.

Previously, these insights were the preserve of a relatively small number of sports people around the world, most of them top-level competitors and their coaches. As you might imagine they didn’t exactly go out of their way to share these findings with the sports press, amateur sportsmen, or the general public…

Now, with the publication of The World Sports Science Performance Workbook you have the chance to share in the performance-enhancing benefits of these proven training, conditioning and competition techniques.

What’s more, because you’re ordering your copy through our website, you can get The World Sports Science Performance Workbook at a special discount. Order your copy today and you pay just $60.99 (£37.81), a full 42% off the original price of $104.99. What’s more postage is FREE. Every order comes with our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not delighted with the workbook, simply return it to us for a full refund. No questions asked.

The World Sports Science Performance Workbook shows you exactly how to lift your performance to a higher competitive level. It does so by setting out the latest sports science findings in the areas of training, conditioning and competition in eleven, easy-to-follow modules, as follows:







Injury Prevention


Ergogenic Aids

Evaluation Tests

Competition Preparation

Throughout the workbook’s 190 pages the emphasis is on practical advice and concrete suggestions. This is no jargon-filled, academic study!

All of this information is the result of evidence-based sports science studies conducted around the world – many millions of dollars worth of research in all. So you get cutting-edge tips and techniques designed to boost your sports performance to new heights.

Every section of The World Sports Science Performance Workbook includes easy-to-implement sports science-based workouts, training programs and tests, you’ll be able to put this information to work for you or your team right away, whatever your chosen sport.

Learn from our expert panel of sports science practitioners – and get the full benefit of their training & conditioning experience

Let’s be frank. No individual sports science practitioner, no matter how qualified and experienced they may be, can claim to have all the answers in a field as dynamic and fast-moving as ours.

Similarly, no single country has a monopoly on sporting wisdom, regardless of how many Olympic or World Cup medals their athletes win in a year. Top-level sport is far too international for that.

That’s why our editor, Brian Mackenzie, has brought together a world-wide team of experts in sports conditioning to write this book. Twenty-one top practitioners in all.

Sadly, there is not enough space here to give all of their qualifications, or indeed to list all of the contributors. But here’s a sample listing to allow you to judge for yourself the calibre of our writers – and the quality of their training & conditioning advice:

Mike Winch is currently the Vice President of UK Athletics, and was the chief coach to the England Athletics Team 2002 Commonwealth Games, Manchester. He is also the author of Strength Training for Athletes and coach to the top discus throwers Philippa Roles, Emeka Udechuku and Claire Smithson.

Phil Campbell is a personal trainer and a masters athlete who holds several USA Track and Field Masters titles. He also has a black belt in Isshinryu Karate and has competed and won titles in martial arts and weight lifting competitions.

Raphael Brandon is a sports conditioning and fitness specialist and a frequent contributor to the Peak Performance sports science research newsletter. He currently works with players on the England Netball squad, England women’s Rugby squad and international junior tennis players.

Derek Parker is a senior coach with UK Athletics and chief coach at Kilbarchan AAC, one of Scotland’s top distance running clubs.

Walt Reynolds is a strength and conditioning specialist and Director of Training at the Michigan Athletic Club, USA.

Stefanos Volianitis is a senior physiologist in the Human Performance Laboratory, University of Birmingham, UK, a centre of excellence in sports science.

Tony Palidin is a qualified personal fitness trainer, spinning instructor and rowing coach. He has represented South Africa in rowing 7 times at various World Championships and World Cups, been 12 times national rowing champion and is an under 23 World Championship silver medallist.

Each of these individuals, and the fourteen other sports science specialists we don’t have space to mention, has many years of experience in sports performance research, training and coaching. Together, they offer you the best of both worlds: decades of training & conditioning experience at the highest levels of sport, coupled with first-hand knowledge of the very latest sports science findings.

Now you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of all this accumulated expertise – and for a tiny fraction of what the information is really worth.

Would you like to demolish your Personal Best in 2007 (and your competition)?

Speed. We all want more of it, whether we’re 100m sprinters or marathon runners. After all, is it any more frustrating to lose a track event in the last two metres, or a marathon in the last two hundred yards?

The Speed & Agility Module of The World Sports Science Performance Workbook deals at some length with this subject, and sheds new light on how you can get the utmost speed out of your system. For example, did you know that there are new acceleration techniques that you can use to develop your speed? Or that many elite athletes use simple mechanical devices to aid in their speed conditioning programs?

Now, thanks to this new workbook, such insider information can be made available to every serious sports competitor.

We also detail a training session for distance runners that is designed to give them the ‘zip’ they need in the closing stages of their event. As the creator of this unique program puts it: “I love coaching this session as it enables me to coach effectively whilst training at high intensity myself. It allows athletes of differing standards to work together inclusively and to access an ability that they had not previously dreamed of.”

Sports Psychology: are you training your mind as well as your body?

At the top level of sport it is not your physical or technical expertise which separates you from the competition, but your mental toughness. To be outstanding you have to hold your nerve, perform under the most intense pressure, and consistently turn it on even when you do not feel at your best.

Given that mental strength is so vital, why is it so neglected in training routines?

If you are one of those athletes who spends all their training time on technique and fitness while paying no attention to their mental side, you are doing yourself a serious disservice. We know from countless studies that mental skills are acquirable and you can, with practice, learn to perform mentally. You can improve your confidence, concentration, motivation and anxiety levels if you chose to.

In the Sports Psychology module of The World Sports Science Performance Workbook you’ll find out how best to prepare mentally for top-level sports performance – and even how to harness the power of the mind to support your physical training efforts between competitions.

Injury Prevention: how to make sure you’re not put out of action for weeks

Like most athletes, you undoubtedly want to lower your chances of incurring an injury while participating in your favorite sport. Injuries decrease the amount of time you can spend in leisure activities, lower your fitness, downgrade competitive performance, and can lead to long-term health problems.

One of the most common sites of injury, regardless of the sport, is the lower back region. There is a whole host of causes for lower back pain, e.g. in runners weak or inflexible hamstrings can often be the culprit. Poor posture is another common cause, so conditioning of the muscles that help to maintain solid posture should form part of the schedule of anyone who exercises regularly, whatever their discipline or sporting standard.

In the Injury Prevention module of The World Sports Science Performance Workbook we describe a conditioning program designed to correct poor posture, and thereby minimize your susceptibility to lower back injury. Each of the six exercises that makes up this regime requires no special equipment, and can be performed either at home or at the sports club.

We also address the problem of recovering from another common sporting injury: the sprained ankle. You’ll learn how to speed recovery from this ailment, without putting yourself at increased risk from a future recurrence of the same injury.

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