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The World Sports Science Training Workbook

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World-class modules specifically created for you to get the most bang for your training buck, no matter what your sport or event.

An athlete spends most of his or her time training rather than competing. So a quicker way to train holds real value. By combining

(1) Time-saving exercises, with

(2) Science-based techniques

you have the key to an exponential leap in speed, power and endurance.

This double-action approach is the foundation on which The World Sports Science Training Workbook is built. The recommended retail price of this world-class training manual is $104.99, but with our special 42% discount, you pay only $60.99 (£37.81)! Keep reading for more detailed information about this incredible workbook.

Our exercise programmes are displayed in modular format so you can speedily utilise the relevant workout for your sport.

Modules are targeted at seven major areas of fitness:

1. Planning

2. Mobility and Flexibility

3. Endurance - Aerobic conditioning

4. Strength training

5. Speed - anaerobic conditioning

6. Injury Prevention

7. Psychology

How the wrong kind of training holds you back
The World Sports Science Training Workbook explains that most athletes do the wrong kind of training. This is what holds them back, as shown in our case study on power workouts.

Be the first to benefit from these proven techniques
Until now the insights contained in The World Sports Science Training Workbook have been the province of international competitors and their coaches. As you’d suspect, their training techniques are highly prized and jealously guarded. That’s why they have not yet percolated down to the average athlete.

Education is a strong motivator and you’ll find the more you learn the faster you progress. Here are some of the benefits you’ll accumulate from the various workbook modules:

• Improve the strength and power of movements by optimising the functioning of your nervous system

• Experience a leap in power and stamina as you change your exercises to mimic the intensities of your sport or event

• Nullify weaknesses by applying specific strengthening and mobility exercises -- a crucial technique all athletes should master
• Transform your circuit training to improve strength, power, economy and VO2 max
• Improve ‘lactate threshold’ – the best predictor of endurance performance – by using intense workouts close to maximum velocity

• Utilise ‘Neural Training’ to fine-tune the nervous system to sustain fast intensity for the full duration of your competitive event

• Build endurance (rather than strength) for your common ‘at-risk’ muscles such as your back and trunk
• Maintain constant speed and power right through to the final stretch (just when the rest of the field slows), using one of the world’s most effective but forgotten training methods

• Reduce your heart rate and deliver more oxygen to hard-working muscles by increasing blood volume to exceptional levels before competition

• Improve flexibility and avoid injury using the ‘dynamic strength workout’, as developed by the strength-and-conditioning specialist Walt Reynolds

• Quickly carve away body fat and replace it with lean muscle

Each module contained in the workbook will move you towards a new competitive level.

To receive the level of advice contained in The World Sports Science Training Workbook you would need to hire a top coach. Unless you compete at an international level, with prize money and sponsorships, it’s highly unlikely you would be able to afford one.

A leading trainer can charge a weekly retainer of around $600 and a cut of winnings ranging from four to six percent. On a more modest budget, the advice of a personal trainer will cost between $38 and $75 an hour. At this level, however, you are unlikely to receive the kind of guidance we are offering.

We have launched The World Sports Science Training Workbook to reduce the high cost of advice. You pay just $60.99 (£37.81) for the most effective and affordable coaching available today. That is 42% off the recommended retail price of $104.99! Plus, delivery is free!

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Price: $60.99
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